Wigs of WigFever: Ensure your scalp breathe and hair grow under the wig

Wigs of WigFever

Hair loss is common for women, and losing a small amount is normal, at the same time the hair is growing. However, if the hair loses more than the hair grows, or the scalp can not breathe sufficiently, the hair becomes thinning, or baldness.

Wearing a wig for women is common to cover thin hair, however, wig choices are essential to keep hair growing. Discomfort wigs may cause tension to your hair, unsuitable glue or materials may lead to irritation, the wigs that are not breathable enough may lead to hair loss. So it is essential to select the right wigs to ensure the hair grows under the wig.

Which wig is more breathable and lightweight in WigFever?

*Hd lace wigs

As we all know the hd lace belongs to high-quality lace materials, which are breathable and lightweight to wear. This makes the hd lace wigs more suitable to wear in summer. Some hd lace wigs in WigFever come with breathable caps, and some are glueless installations, which not only ensure lightweight and breathable but also reduce the trouble of wearing and styling, and are more natural and convenient.

*13×4 lace front wig

Lace materials provide a natural look and breathable feel for wearers, Combined with other breathable cap materials, 13×4 lace front wigs allow the scalp to breathe. Also called lace frontal wigs, they can be made of glueless wigs, and also come with lightweight and breathable materials.

*Wear and go wig

Wear and go wigs in WigFever through the weft of coarse mesh, are useful to keep scalp breath. Besides, apply the adjustable strap with double bands instead of three combs, the wear and go wigs are more breathable at the same time keeping lightweight.

*V part wigs

Through clips to blend the wigs in your natural hair, they avoid the feel of wrapping your head, are provide a more breathable feel for wearers. What’s more, the V part wigs in WigFever can be removed quickly if you feel discomfort.

Of course, the human hair weave in WigFever is also more suitable for thin hair. Through clip-in or weaving in your natural hair, the human hair weave can blend in your natural hair to create a voluminous look.

Which hairstyle is more suitable for thin hair?

*Kinky curly

Whether for bundles or human hair wigs, the kinky curly is more suit for black women with thin hair. For instance, curly wigs create the looks fluffy, cute, and playful, can modify the face shape, and add volume to vision.

*Deep wave

The deep wave hairstyle for thin hair creates the feel of glamorous, through the natural wave, the wigs or hair look voluminous and bouncy. The wavy hair with layers can show a more charming look.

*Bob with bangs

The hairstyles for thin hair like the French bob, choppy bob, or Blunt bob, cut with bangs or not, the bob show unique beauty for thin hair.

Besides selecting the wigs to ensure the hair grows under a wig and maintain the beauty of girls, try to change your habit, diet, some hair products, or medicine to stimulate the hair growth. It is common that hair loss, they are influenced by individual lifestyle.