Google's 25th Anniversary

“Google’s 25th Anniversary: A Quarter-Century of Innovation and Influence Unveiled!”

Google’s 25th Anniversary: Celebrating Google’s 25th anniversary is a great opportunity to look back on the company’s groundbreaking work and significant impact over the past quarter-century, which has changed the face of the internet. A monument to Google’s dedication to improving technology and influencing people, its journey from modest origins to becoming a worldwide tech…

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grip 13m series kennet partners

Grip Raises $13M in Series A Funding

Grip, a platform for market participation based in London, United Kingdom, raised $13M in Series A funding. Kennet Partners led the round, which increased the total amount raised to $14.5m. The company plans to utilise the money to broaden its digital product and geographic reach. Grip, a 2016 startup founded by CEO Tim Groot, offers…

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