Micropsi Industries Raises $30M in Series B Funding

Micropsi Industries Raises series b funding

Robotics software startup Micropsi Industries, with offices in Berlin, Germany, and New York City, has completed its $30M Series B fundraising round.

The investment round was co-led by new investors Metaplanet, VSquared, and Ahren Innovation Capital. Project A Ventures and M Ventures, two previous investors, also took part.

The additional cash will be used to increase sales efforts, extend to more robot platforms, and expand operations in the US.

Micropsi Industries is a software firm at the forefront of innovation in robotic automation for manufacturing, with a focus on assembly jobs, and is led by Ronnie Vuine, CEO and co-founder. Robots can be taught by humans to do hand-eye coordinated activities in industrial settings by using cameras and sensors to react in real-time to dynamic situations in a workspace. MIRAI is used in a variety of sectors for applications including as assembly, material handling, and quality control. MIRAI is already being used in production halls by businesses like Siemens Energy, ZF Group, one of the biggest automotive suppliers in the world, and BSH, the biggest producer of home appliances in Europe.

Prof. Dominik Bรถsl, a leading expert in robotics, was recently engaged by the business as managing director to oversee its ambitious technology plan. Prior to joining Microsoft, Prof. Bรถsl worked for Festo, Kuka, and other companies.