Data Vault Holdings Raises $30.5M in Series A Funding

Data Vault Holdings Raises $30.5M in Series A Funding

A cloud-based platform for the distribution of branded data-backed cryptocurrencies, provided by New York-based Data Vault Holdings, has raised $30.5M in Series A funding.

The funders were kept a secret.

The company Data Vault Holdings plans to use the money to scale its product across a variety of markets, including healthcare, banking, e-commerce, entertainment, collegiate and professional sports, arts & antiquities, collectibles, faith-based & non-profit organizations, and corporations, as well as to further accelerate growth.

Businesses can utilise Data Vault’s Information Data Exchange to safely monetize their data assets (IDE). Data Donate Technologies, Inc., ADIO LLC, and Datavault Inc., three of the company’s affiliates, are currently being fully consolidated into one corporate structure.

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