Why Sebastian Beja Sacrificed 80% of His Income for a New Path

What’s your company?

Elevate, whose mission is to help people eradicate poverty from their minds. This means helping people transform their mindset in regard to money and to develop the skills necessary to increase their income.

We now operate in both US and LATAM markets, in less than 18 months it went from zero to more than 3,000 students doing 6 figures a month.

What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made to get to this point?

I gave up about 80% of my income to refocus on work I actually believed in and care about.

Had to clearly say, “This is not where I want to spend my energy, time, and focus.” Then I had to have the guts to give up work that paid a lot of money because it didn’t align with where I wanted to go.

It was tough to give that up, but now in retrospect, it was  totally worth it as I will have never been able to build what is building, make what I’m making money-wise and serve how we are serving –  if I didn’t let that go

What is your motto that you live by?

Imperfect action makes you rich

Sometimes we don’t have a clear picture of where we’re going and what we want, and we fall prey to analysis paralysis.

The goal isn’t perfect action — it’s to take imperfect action that gets you one step closer to where you want to be.

Imperfect action will lead to more opportunities and wealth than no action.

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