Social Media Girls

“1 Social Media Girls: Navigating the Digital Landscape of Influence and Connection”

These days, “Social Media Girls” is a byword for anyone who uses social media to build their own name and following online. Delving into the ever-changing realm of social media, this study examines how these digital influencers traverse the always shifting terrain of connection and influence. How Social Media Girls Have Changed Through the Years…

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Protests Myanmar netblocksfingasengadget

Myanmar shuts down internet to stifle anti-coup protests

In an effort to reduce demonstrations against their coup, Myanmar’s military authorities are tightening its internet restrictions. Protests Myanmar netblocksfingasengadget,  Myanmar enforced a “near-total internet shutdown,” according to BBC News, as of the morning of February 6. This information was found by NetBlocks. According to NetBlocks, connectivity was only 16 percent of usual levels. Residents…

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