What Is The Correct Wedding Guest Dress Code?

Wedding Guest Dresses

What to wear for white and black tie events

White tie events are the most formal type of wedding attire, the poshest and most elegant of them all. Women are usually informed to wear a long ball gown and nothing less, this should then be paired with some expensive jewelry, high heels, and a glamorous clutch bag to hold your lipstick. Men on the other hand are required to wear a tuxedo with a formal, perfectly pressed white shirt no other color is accepted. They are also required to wear a bow tie to complete the look possibly with some white gloves and formal pointed shoes. A black tie event is the second most formal type of wedding attire and is usually an evening event. Again, women have to wear a formal ball gown that goes down to their feet, or if the wedding is not very formal an elegant cocktail dress will be appropriate. It is a must for men to wear black tuxedos and a black bow tie with leather shoes however in the summer they may be allowed to wear a white waistcoat and back trousers.

 What to wear for cocktail events

This wedding attire is slightly formal for cocktail events, there is an elegant side but also comfort as it is not as formal as an evening black tie celebration. Women do not have to wear long ball gowns to their feet and instead can wear a mid-length or to-the-knee dress. Men are still required to wear a suit and tie but not as formal as a tuxedo. It is important for these events to not look too dressy as you do not want to take any of the attention off the married couple.

 What to wear to a casual wedding

Casual weddings usually occur in a beach setting or in the outdoors therefore the dress code is not formal and comfy clothes are a necessity. However, you cannot just wear any casual clothes as there does need to be some element of effort put into your looks. A sundress for a summer outdoor wedding may be appropriate, paired with some wedges or dressy sandals as sneakers would just look sloppy. Males can wear some nice jeans or trousers paired with a colored shirt with a collar or buttons and you could add a tie and jumper to make it a little more formal. T-shirts and sneakers are a definite no as they are too casual for a wedding and will definitely ruin the classy look of your outfit.

 How do you include the dress code on an invitation?

Invites are possibly the most important thing your wedding guests will receive as it is the first type of information they have about the wedding and so it must be very clearly written how you would like your guests to dress. If you intend on hosting a black tie wedding you should probably address your guests formally in the invite and tell them to not stray from the traditional guidelines. However, if you’re hosting a more casual wedding you should address them less formally and state that there are no outfit guidelines for your wedding. The attire information should be written on the reception card and here is where you state the type of wedding tour having. You should keep in mind that if your wedding is after 6 guests will come more dressed up, however, if it’s a daytime wedding they will be more casual, this is why you should state the dress code before the day of your wedding.

 What to wear for a dressy casual event

If it is more of a formal wedding darker colors should be worn especially for an evening wedding but lighter colors should be worn for day events. A below-the-knee dress is always a staple for a dressy casual event as it is easy and comfy but also a little formal. For this type of occasion, a floor-length ball gown would not be appropriate but a dressy skirt and top would be perfect for this type of event. This paired with some nice heels or flats or wedges will make the outfit complete, giving an effortless but classy look perfect for a dressy casual event.

What do you wear to a wedding with no dress code?

If no dress code is stated by the couple on the invite you should use any clues you can find, from looking at the invite you can see the formality of the wedding from the reception or time of day. Usually, a daytime wedding is less formal than a nighttime wedding but for a woman, a knee-length cocktail dress will always be an appropriate outfit no matter the occasion and for a man, a black suit is a simple but classy outfit. You can buy your wedding outfit from department stores or even online to make your life much easier. Some of the main stores that sell appropriate wedding clothes at a reasonable price are Macy’s and Dillards but if you want to spend even less Amazon or Asos sell dresses and suits for cheaper prices. Getting an outfit for a wedding is not that difficult if you stick to a few rules, the main one being that you never wear a white dress to someone else’s wedding unless they tell you to. Also matching with the colors of the wedding theme may look a little odd so make sure you choose a different color. It is important to dress appropriately and also look classy so no sexy or flashy outfits that are too revealing and put all the attention on you but also don’t dress too casually as wearing jeans and trainers is not acceptable. If you’re getting married soon and want your guests to dress a certain way, see dresses for your wedding guests to choose an appropriate outfit that you like.