Where Can I Anonymously Swap BTC to XMR with the Best Rates?


Read the article to discover the top 3 resources for exchanging BTC for XMR. You can also find out what awaits these cryptocurrencies in the future.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it’s often traded for other successful coins, including XMR, a privacy-oriented digital currency. Monero is also considered a popular crypto, so it’s no wonder that many exchanges list the BTC/XMR crypto pair. 

If you’re interested in converting XMR to BTC or vice versa, you’ve come to the right page. In this article, we’ll briefly speculate on the future of the two coins and review three popular exchanges where you can trade BTC to XMR.  

Things You Need to Know About the Future of BTC and XMR Coins

Even though it’s not possible to predict the future, we have referred to several reputable sources to get a general idea of how the price might change. Let’s take a look.

BTC Future Price

All predictions for Bitcoin are positive, claiming that the price of digital gold is bound to be up. Even though it’s now only around $20,000 (as of June 2022), the price will return to its former glory by 2023. More importantly, BTC will have an average price of around $81,600 by 2024, and it will continue to increase to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Around 2030, Bitcoin will surpass the $1 million threshold for the first time.


Of course, many would say it’s wishful thinking, and that’s why we reviewed several other sources that all agree BTC will rise, but it definitely won’t reach a million by 2030. Instead, several predictions claim it will be around $100,000 and $160,000 in a decade.

XMR Future Price

The same source that predicted BTC would reach a million in less than a decade claims that Monero will have a successful future as well. The price of XMR has been ranging from $120 to $300 for the past year, and some experts claim that it will grow tenfold by 2030.

Some sites do not share this enthusiasm. Digital Coin Price predicts that the average price of XMR by 2031 will be around $662.25, and it could reach up to $701. Of course, this is still a positive outcome for XMR, although not as positive as some would like it to be.

Top 3 BTC to XMR Exchanges That Guarantee Your Anonymity 

We came up with a list of three online cryptocurrency exchanges that were built with security and anonymity in mind. Therefore, let’s see what they offer to crypto traders. 


Godex is an anonymous crypto exchange that accepts a wide array of crypto trading pairs, including BTC/XMR. The thing that makes Godex stand out from the pack is that it uses fixed-rate technology, meaning cryptos will trade at the indicated rate even if the prices change during the exchange process. On top of that, Godex features an extremely beginner-friendly interface, making it suitable for both newcomers and experienced traders. Since it’s a decentralized exchange, there’s no need to open an account or leave any sensitive information on the site when swapping coins.


With more than a million satisfied clients and an average exchange time of five minutes, Changenow makes the cryptocurrency exchange process fast and convenient. It accepts a wide spectrum of cryptocurrencies and even lets you use fiat money to purchase digital coins.

Just like Godex, Changenow doesn’t have an upper limit on how much money you can exchange, which makes it suitable for those who enjoy swapping a huge amount of crypto.


SimpleSwap is another good service that lets you convert BTC to XMR in 5-60 minutes. Although you can create an account, only your email, username, and password are required. Still, account creation is not obligatory to use the platform. The service doesn’t have minimum or maximum limits for transactions with floating rates. You can also buy crypto with fiat. There is an affiliate program with three levels, and you can get 0.4% for each transaction. 

Time to Make Your Exchanges Come True

Bitcoin’s price is likely to increase in the future, as well as XMR’s, so it’s up to you to make the right trade at the right time and even hold the two cryptos to make a long-term profit. To do that, it’s best to use crypto exchanges that offer great service and let you trade anonymously. Currently, the best option for swapping BTC to XMR is Godex.