Top 10 trends to arrogate in the kitchen for 2022

Mixtures, contrasts and paradoxes, kitchens are asserting themselves in 2022 with solutions inspired by the times.

We read everywhere that in 2020 the French had reinvested their stoves. We must admit that between repeated confinements , the desire to eat healthily and a huge desire to have fun, there were plenty of reasons to dive into the kitchen. A particular context which is reflected very concretely in the 2022 catalogs of the biggest kitchen designer brands, through proposals that stick to the zeitgeist. First, there are sanitary or sustainable innovations, ergonomic findings and layout solutions that directly respond to current concerns. And in terms of style too, the offer reflects a very contrasting state of mind, just like the company. Brutalism of materials or soft and felted nuances, laboratory kitchens where everything is displayed in display cases or monolithic models where everything is hidden, the atmospheres multiply paradoxes and dare mixtures, most often happy. Because in 2022 more than ever before, it is above all the desire for a serene and reassuring atmosphere that prevails. Also Visit here regarding plumbing Beehive Plumbing is a best option for you.

20 new kitchens with a tantalizing design!

1 / 10 Japanese kitchens

By combining the best of Scandinavian and Japanese styles , you can’t go wrong. With clean lines without being minimal, a warm atmosphere but not overloaded, the kitchens adopt the japandi trend . Here the Scandinavian Feng Shui model by Nordiska Kök which harmoniously blends oak and Jura stone and reinterprets the codes of teppanyaki grills where Japanese chefs stage the preparation of dishes in front of the guests.

2 / 10 Terrazzo coverings.

Omnipresent in most 2022 kitchen catalogs , terrazzo is one of the most trendy coverings of the year. Made up of fragments of marble agglomerated with concrete, this speckled-looking material was very fashionable in the 1920s and then at the end of the 1980s. Fashion being an eternal restart, here it is found today. in kitchen backsplash , but especially in the work plan, as in the customization of a Metod IKEA kitchen by Bocklip, also dressed with facades painted Satin Blue and White Night.

3 / 10 Monolithic lines in the kitchen

In recent years, integrated solutions and invisible handles have considerably refined the lines of kitchen furniture . And if in 2022 many brands are declining built-in drawers or retractable tops hidden behind built-in cupboards with flush doors, central islands are the most affected by this trend of monolithic shapes. Here the sublime model from the K6 collection by Boffi whose worktop slides across its width to reveal the hob and sink. Once closed, the islet turns into a narrow block, the use of which cannot be suspected.

4 / 10 Dark wood kitchens

Impossible not to notice it, wood has become a superstar in kitchens, which come in all colors and in all forms. But while many appreciate the luminosity of light-hued essences, the emerging trend is darker tones and full of character. This is the case with the new Wood ash collection from Superfront, whose naturally dark Umber shade is reminiscent of walnut or smoked oak. Adapted to the Metod kitchens from IKEA , this façade cladding and here coordinated with Bar handles and a terrazzo worktop .

5 / 10 Storage ramps

If the shape of their furniture tends to be refined, kitchens should not become linear and sanitized rooms. In response to the trend for uniform and unobstructed horizontal planes, another emerges which proposes to invest vertical space with kitchen shelves and suspended racks . For Dada, designer Francisco Meda, for example, designed Sistema XY, a modular and functional structure compatible with several of the brand’s models. Composed of extruded profiles to assemble and accessorize as you wish, it puts the utensils on stage and within easy reach.

6 / 10 The marriage of pink and brass

Here are two trends that were made to meet. And leafing through the 2022 catalogs love at first sight between pink and brass has indeed taken place. In light touches on the handles or in total look up to the taps and the lighting, it must be admitted that the brass mixes wonderfully with all the shades of pink, from the lightest to the darkest. Here a custom-made kitchen by KBH Kitchens whose contrast between the pink-cream tones of the walls and lava-pink of the worktop, is underlined by the gold of the brass elements.

7 / 10 Scalable kitchens

Sustainability is an aspect that touches many facets of a kitchen, starting of course with the origin of the food we eat. It also concerns furniture in many respects, whether in terms of its manufacturing and transport conditions, but above all its longevity. It is to respond to this last concern that IKEA has developed its new Enhet range . Very flexible, it can evolve over time and needs by adding new combinable elements, but can also – and this is a first – be dismantled to follow you in the event of a move.

8 / 10 Slow life kitchens

Another consequence of a growing concern for sustainability , kitchens are going into slow life mode . After the waste sorting systems have become commonplace, we now find options all specially designed to satisfy this lifestyle which invites us to slow down our consumption. Many growing solutions are, for example, directly integrated into the layout, such as Cuisinella, whose Pearl model is fitted with PEFC-certified birch shelves where plants can be grown, but also silos for bulk foodstuffs that avoid the accumulation of packaging.

9 / 10 Hygienic kitchens

Health crisis requires, hygiene has become a daily obsession that some brands seek to improve. While some models reduce the angles and joints where grime naturally tends to accumulate, others are innovating with materials with amazing properties. This is the case with the Caranto Ker countertop range by Veneta Cucine which now includes a revolutionary model: ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial CeramicTM. Behind this barbaric name, a ceramic material that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria that come into contact with it and rids the air of dangerous pollutants.

10 / 10 Show kitchens

Here is a last rather paradoxical trend: while they gladly hide certain functions such as sinks, hoods and other unsightly equipment, kitchens seek at the same time to show themselves and to stage culinary activities. The Shape model by Polyform thus opts for opaque and monobloc storage in the background to better highlight the central island. Designed as a fluid and evolving space, its layout dramatizes the slightest preparation thanks to intermediate surfaces, asymmetries and transparent storage suspended above the worktop.