MTG Arena Codes 101

It is no surprise that MTG Arena is one of today’s most played online card games. The game offers more than the standard card game experience. Imagine a horde of monstrous creatures that will trample the enemy forces at your will. Or how about manipulating your opponent’s arsenal and units against them? MTG Arena has a ton of possibilities. 

While you can still enjoy the actual cards, there is something about playing online that makes it better. But like most games you can find nowadays, you can find all sorts of things that give you an upper hand against the competition. You can get some of them through MTG Arena Codes. But what are these codes and how can you get them? Keep reading to find out more about them! 

What Are These Codes?

MTG Arena codes are one of the best ways for any player to get awesome in-game stuff. These include booster packs, single cards, and numerous cosmetic accessories. 

How Can You Get These Codes?

It is paramount that you keep an open eye for these codes. Take note that they do not come easily. Some of them are only available through in-game events. You will also have to check the official site to find if any are available for a specific time.

Here are some other ways for you to get them:

  • Opening MTGA booster packs
  • Purchasing Planeswalker decks
  • Purchasing starter kits
  • Twitch prime promotional codes
  • Promotional codes during FNM or Friday Night Magic
  • Obtaining them via email
  • Directly purchasing them from the store

How About Unique Codes?

You will also have the chance to get your hands on a unique code. You can only use this code once for every account that you might have. You can only get it through a promotion or purchasing a tabletop product. But you can also get them by looking through trusted selling websites. They will not cost you a lot of bucks.

How Do You Use These Codes?

It is a walk in the park to use these in-game codes. Here is how you can do so:

  1. The first thing you have to do is log in to the game’s desktop version. 
  2. Go to the top menu bar. There you will find the game store page. Enter it.
  3. You will notice a small oval icon on the top right corner of your screen. It says, “Redeem code.” You can click on it.
  4. Enter one of the numerous codes that you might have. Take note that these codes are case-sensitive. That means you cannot make an error as you input them. 
  5. Press enter afterward. You now have successfully redeemed a code! Do you not think it is that easy?

    Going to the website

  1. Another way for you to redeem is to head over to the Wizards of the Coast site. You will have to log in there.
  2. Look for the code redemption option. It is there that you can input your codes. You will receive the items once you log in back to the game.

Now you know what to do to redeem some codes for the game. The only thing left is to have codes that you can actually obtain. Do not worry, for we got you covered. Here is a list of codes you can redeem:


You can use this code to obtain three free Kamigawa Neon Dynasty booster packs.

  • Alchemy

This code will unlock three booster packs, individual reward cards, and a mythic rare special card.

  • RestorativeBurst

You can utilize this code to get a quick splash of experience. You will level up twice with it.

  • LevelUp

This code instantly gives you over 2,000 experience points.

The game also offers several cards styles that allow your cards to stand out like no other. Keep in mind that they are only for cosmetic effects. They do not give any in-game bonuses at all. Check them out below:

  • EnlightenMe
  • WrittenInStone
  • InnerDemon
  • FoilFungus
  • SparkelDruid
  • SuperScry
  • OverTheMoon
  • ShieldsUp

There is also the option to visit other websites to obtain other codes. It is like an ordinary online shopping experience. You will peruse a site and see what you wish to add to your cart. Several platforms offer different rates for codes. So it is a must that you look for one that has discounts and other deals. Some sites you can visit include the following:


Grayvikinggames is no doubt the best place you can get your Magic The Gathering Arena codes. They have competitive rates and will deliver the goodies via email. The site also boasts excellent customer service.


MTGAcodes may not be the best, but the site offers a lot of goodies. They double-check the codes before sending them off to a customer. They offer pre-release codes, deck pack codes, and so much more.

Keep in mind that you still have the option to play the game without using a code or two. But that may be a challenging thing to do. Since the codes can give you an extra boost as you play more games. Using the codes will make sure that you have more chances at winning casual games and events. But, by all means go ahead and avoid using any code at all if you want to give yourself a challenge. This is definitely the trickier, albeit more interesting, option for those more experienced individuals who are looking for more thrill. 

As A Conclusion

MTGA makes sure that there are thousands of codes for any and all players to redeem. You can make your decks stronger with cards from these codes. Or you can make things fancy and aesthetically pleasing as you play around. So you better prepare a couple of hours if you want to get them all for your account. You can visit this site for additional information on MTG arena codes. You can also be on the lookout for new ones each day. Good luck out there, and most importantly, have fun!