League of Legends’ new music gives streamers lo-fi beats to game to

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An animated film featuring Vi from League of Legends is about unwinding.

The newest music release from Riot Games is an album of peaceful lo-fi tracks for gamers and relaxation. The new project was unveiled and launched on Friday along with an animated YouTube video that spans the full album and fits nicely in with the lo-fi style of the League of Legends and Valorant creator.

The title of the album, Sessions: Vi, is a reference to the League of Legends champion who appears in the music video and is the subject of the album’s theme.

Riot Music CEO Toa Dunn discussed the loose plot of the album and animation in an interview with Polygon. It begins with music to aid Vi in unwinding and relaxing as soon as she arrives home from work. The music then changes to something she may listen to while working on a project or fixing machinery. As she reads and gets ready for bed, the episode comes to a close with some additional relaxing music. Although it is not a rigid story, Dunn claims that it served as a guide for Riot and its musical and visual colleagues as they searched for the ideal mood for each track and scene.

Riot worked with 20 different musicians to create the album’s 37 songs. Each of the artists, according to Dunn, will have a representation on the streaming pages for the songs they contributed to the album, and all proceeds from streams will go to them.

While Sessions: Vi will give Riot fans plenty of mellow music to unwind to, Dunn is also hopeful that streamers would take an interest in the album. The entire project is streamer-friendly, allowing anyone to stream it without worrying about DMCA copyright violations.

One of the team’s objectives, according to Dunn, was to create a bridge between musicians and content producers so that both parties could be satisfied with the final product.

According to Dunn, “We believe this is yet another approach to assist foster community.” With how the internet functions, how music works, and all that things. How can we simplify the process of streaming music, producing lo-fi jazz, or simply enjoying it? I.e., how can we make those simple and enjoyable. And this is a truly enjoyable and original method to solve all those issues.

Sessions: Vi is currently accessible on the Riot Games Music YouTube channel in its entirety animated form. Along with other streaming services, Spotify offers the album for listening.