Top 30 Rarest Animals in the World 2023

Here is the list of Top 30 Rarest Animals In The World, which are listed endangered and are going to extinct shortly. We should all save them from extinction, by taking preventive measures as well as by taking care of their habitats and environment.

List Of 30 Rarest Animals In The World

According to some researches, there are almost 8.7 different kinds of species that exist on this planet, Earth. Among them, the Animal Kingdom is the prominent kingdom having a huge variety of colorful species who can walk, swim, fly, creep as well as roam freely all around the Earth by different techniques in search of food and necessities of life. All of them live in a specific habitat that matches their living standards and need, but with the growing era and developmental world, most of their habitats are leading to destruction which is ultimately leading to the decline of their population causing them to become extinct from this world.

  1. Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat

Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat species is one of the rarest species that is going to be extinct soon from Earth. These rare species animals could be found in Queensland, Australia. Most specifically in the area of Epping Forest National Park. Currently from a rough estimation, just 115 members of this species are left on the Earth. Its unique feature is that its sight sense is very poor and little eyes. So, for this disability, it has a very special nose which it uses to search for food as well as smell all the things around it to help in locomotion, especially in darkness.

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  1. Angel Shark

Angel shark is another wildly rare species which is also known as Squatina. It is usually found in Black Seas, Northern Atlantic Seas as well as in the Mediterranean Sea. The unique feature of this shark is that it usually hides under the sand to wait for its predator fish, as soon as the fish come along swimming nearby, it lunges upward, opens its big mouth and swallows it intact completely. In this way, it gets its food to eat and live. The mean reason for its becoming extinct is commercial fishing which is depleting its source of food and it is starving to death.

  1. Red Crested Tree Rat

Red- Crested Tree rat is one of the most endangered species leftovers on Earth, which is just found in Columbia. The members of this species have a length of just 18 inches and they have a very similar size of Guinea pigs. According to El Dorado Nature Reserve, which keeps a check on endangered species, these red-crested tree rats were earlier sighted in 1989 and after that lastly in 2011 when the last survey was conducted. Their natural habitats are being destroyed by human beings due to which they will soon become extinct.

  1. Javan Rhino

Javan Rhino is the rarest species among all kinds of rhinos found all over the world. They are usually present in the wild forests of Southeast Asia. The unique feature of them is that they have very valuable horns. People usually kill them to get their horns or wither cut off their horns brutally just to sell and become rich giving them extreme pain by snatching their beautiful horns. Their horn has a market value of approximately $30,000 each. The latest researches tell that there are 60 Rhinos just leftover in Java living at the famous Ujung Kulon National Park.

  1. Hainan Gibbon

Hainan Gibbon is considered as one of the world’s rarest animals residing in South China, with just a leftover number of just 23 members. It is a very beautiful creature who is becoming a victim of hunting. Hunting and habitat loss are the main reasons for its declining population. The last place where they are found today is the Bawangling National Nature Reserve which is on China’s Hainan Island. This is the last home to them where they are restricted to a small confined spot in a forest of South China.

  1. Cuban Greater Funnel Eared Bat

Cuban Greater Funnel Eared Bats are the rarest kind of bats that are just 100 creatures leftover this world. These bats have large ears and a very long tail and a round head all combined. They usually live in a cave located in Cueva de la Barca found on Cuba’s westernmost tip. Because of the natural degradation of the caves all over the world, they are suffering habitat loss and becoming extinct. There are further 10 kinds of this species including Trinidadians, Mexican as well as Bahamian varieties.

  1. Gooty Tarantula

Gooty Tarantula which is also regarded as Metallic Tarantula is a species of spiders that are becoming rare in the world. They are called metallic due to their hard-structured legs. They are most commonly found in Southeastern India as well as Sri Lanka. The population of this species mainly declined because of the loss of its habitat due to civil unrest, deforestation as well as firewood collection.

  1. Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth

Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth is another rare and endangered species on Earth. It is mostly found at a very little island in Panama Coast which is referred to as Isla Escudo De Veraguas. After some years, a survey is conducted to find out the count of rare species, so from the last study which was conducted in the year 2011, it was found out that only 79 members of this species are left over the Earth, most of which are wild.

  1. Plougshare Tortoise

Ploughshare Tortoise which is also known as Angonoka is another rare species among all the varieties of tortoises found on Earth. The rough estimation of its total count leftover is 440-770 members throughout the world. The most common habitat of them is in Madagascar which is located in the region of Baly Bay. It is a very beautiful kind of tortoise. Most commonly it is used in an international pet trade by people despite been it illegal and prohibited, which s leading it to extinction.

  1. Elephant Shrew

The elephant shrew which is also known as Boni Giant Sengi in many regions of the world is another species that is going near extinction. They reside in the Boni-Dodori forest which is in Kenya. As with the changing world, the forests are been cut down by human beings for the sake of land and wood. This leads to deforestation and the destruction of this rare specie’s habitat and ultimately it is leading elephant shrew species towards extinction.

  1. Durrell’s Vontsira

Durrell’s Vontsira which is also known as Salanoia Durrell is a Madagascan mammal that is related to the family Eupleridea and comes from an order of Carnivora. These mammals are closely related to another species of Brown-tailed Mongoose. Most members of this species reside in the Lake of Alaotra, which is said to be one of the highly-threatened areas in Madagascar.

  1. Northern Bald Ibis

Northern Bald Ibis are very endangered species on Earth, which were originally located in Syria, Turkey as well as in Morocco. Due to hunting, degradation as well as habitat destruction caused by human beings, its number is declining day by day and will become extinct soon.

  1. Geometric Tortoise

Africans geometric tortoise is another kind of species declining day by day from this world. They are called geometric tortoise because they have extremely beautiful geometric patterns on their shells. The most commonly reside in South Africa. However, just a few of them are leftover as their existence is threatened by human beings because of predation as well as their natural habitat destruction.

  1. Araripe Manakin

Rare Araripe Manakin is a beautiful kind of bird that is going to be extinct soon. They usually reside in Brazil, where their existence is threatened now due to loss in their habitat. The main cause of their habitat destruction there includes expansion of recreational agriculture and developmental facilities and constructions which lead to pollution in the air and caused a decline in its population. Currently, just 79 birds of this species are left overall around the globe.

  1. Roloway Monkey

Roloway Monkey is another kind of rare species among all monkey types all over the world. This species originally came from the forests of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. Their main habitat is forest as monkeys used to live on the branches of trees. Due to the revolution of this globalized world, human beings started cutting trees for wood and land and destructed its habitat which led to its declining population. It is going soon to be extinct.

  1. Tarzan Chameleon

Tarzan’s Chameleon from Madagascar is named after Tarzan because it lives in forests and moves from one tree to the other along with its branches. It was first discovered in Madagascar in the year 2009. The population of this threatened creature is declined due to rampant deforestation and the destruction of their habitats.

  1. Saola

Saola is a rare breed of mammals that were discovered originally in the mountains of Vietnam and Laos in the year 1992. The unique feature of this creature is 2 long parallel horns, due to which it is also referred to as “Asian unicorn”. Structurally they resemble antelope but they are technically related to cattle background. The decline in their population occurred when many hunters pursued their destructive activities in their habitat and killed them to get their valuable horns

  1. Freshwater Crab

There are many kinds of freshwater crabs with a variety of distinguishing features all around the world. However, Singapore freshwater crabs are the rarest among all. The leading cause of its depleting population includes insufficiency of freshwater, reduction of their habitats as well as poor quality of nutritional qualities of freshwater ponds and rivers.

  1. Sumatran Rhino

Sumatran Rhinos are the wild rhinos f Malaysia and Indonesia, which have a unique feature of having two valuable horns on their head. They usually live in small pockets and the mountainous forests of them. It is the species of rhinos that are most endangered among all rhino species. People hunt it to get its valuable horns or wither hurt it by cutting their horns for their greedy needs. Their horns are usually used for formulating medication traditionally as well as sold in markets to become rich. Their population is declining very rapidly leading them to extinction. Successfully today 2 Sumatran Rhinos females have been reproduced by sexual breeding.

  1. Dusky Gopher Frog

Dusky Gopher Frog is a very rare species of frog found all over the world. They usually exist in the ponds which are located in Mississippi. Their number has been declining due to loss in their habitat as well as dirty pond water due to water pollution. Their main habitats included wetlands and longleaf pine whose destruction led this species to extinction. Currently, just 100 members of this species are left overall around the world.

  1. Madagascar Pochard

Madagascar Pochard is a very rare kind of species that is usually found on the head of hippos. Naturally, they were found in the volcanic lakes of Bealanana, present in Madagascar. The main reasons for the decline of this almost extinct animal include hunting, fishing, the prevalence of burning and slashing in agriculture. Just a few members of this species are left overall around the world.

  1. Hirola

Hirola which is also commonly known as Hunter’s Hartebeest is another endangered species which is found along the border of Kenya and Somalia, in its grassy plains. Currently, only 1200 species of this species are leftover all over the globe. Its population is decreasing day by day leading it to extinction.

  1. Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkey

Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey is a wild monkey type that is originally found in Northeastern Vietnam. Their main habits are forest as monkeys live on tress and move here and there along the branches of consecutive trees. The two main reasons for its decline in its population include intense poaching as well as obliteration of its habitat due to deforestation.

  1. Franklin’s Bumblebee

Franklin’s bumblebee is a very unique species seen in Oregon and California. It is also an endangered species; whose population is declining day by day leading it to extinction. The major cause of it becoming rare is a disease that affected the commercial breeding of its species as well as the loss of its habitat due to deforestation and decreased flowers on which they feed.

  1. Bamboo Lemur

Bamboo Lemur is another kind of rare species found in the world which is most commonly found in the rainforests of Madagascar. Their basic diet consists of long juicy bamboos on which they feed. The three basic reasons for its declining population include illegal logging, mining as well as expanded agricultural development by human beings leading to its habitat destruction as well as depleted bamboos which are the main source of their food.

  1. Spoon Billed Sandpiper

Spoon Billed Sandpiper is a very species of small wader’s group. Most commonly the members of these species are found in the northeastern side of mainland Russia. According to the latest researches, less than 1000 members of this species are left overall around the world. The main cause of the depletion in its population is its wintering and migratory locations along with the loss of its breeding grounds. They are soon going to extinct.

  1. Common Sawfish

Common sawfish is a rare species of marine wildlife creatures. With the increasing water pollution, many marine creature’s populations are decreasing day by day leading to extinction, common sawfish is one among them. Most members of this species are found in coastal as well as subtropical waters of Indo-Pacific as well as Atlantic oceans. In northern Australia, their captivity is strictly restricted.

  1. Small Eared Shrew

Nelson’s small-eared shrew is one of the endangered species who are going to become extinct soon. Shrews like this are widely dispersed in many regions of this world, but Nelson’s small-eared shrew are just found out in Eastern Mexico. The main reason for the decline in their population is the loss of their habitat by activities of human beings including logging, cattle grazing as well as clearing lands for farming and agriculture.

  1. Luristan Newt

Luristan Newt which is also known as Kaiser’s spotted Newt is one of the types of Salamander. Most members of this species are found in the Zagros Mountains of Iran. This species is very popular for being used as a pet for has a worth market value of $300 estimated from Ukrainian websites. Its population is declining very quickly from the world.

  1. Vaquita

Vaquita is included in the list of top 30 rarest animals in the world. It originated from California and Mexico and is regarded to be one of the world’s smallest dolphin. It belongs to the family of crustaceans. They are just 5 feet long. The basic reason for their becoming extinct include change in climate, being caught in the nets of fishermen as well as illegal fishing operations. Just 60 members of this species are left all around the world.