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Head Studios: Nurturing the Sonic Landscape of Electronic Music



Head Studios

Nestled in a serene corner of the musical landscape, Head Studios emerges as a sanctuary for sonic exploration and creative expression. Since its inception, this recording haven has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of electronic music, providing an environment where innovation and imagination coalesce seamlessly.

A Sonic Atmosphere of Innovation

What sets Head Studios apart is its commitment to fostering an atmosphere of innovation. The studio’s walls reverberate with the echoes of experimentation, fueled by a diverse array of cutting-edge equipment. From state-of-the-art mixing consoles to intricately designed synthesizers, the studio offers artists the tools to embark on sonic journeys, pushing the boundaries of what electronic music can achieve.

The variety of instruments available serves as a playground for artists, encouraging them to delve into uncharted territories of sound. This commitment to pushing sonic boundaries has established Head Studios as a hub for those seeking to redefine the landscape of electronic music.

Dynamic Collaborations and Creative Crossroads

Head Studios transcends its role as a mere recording space; it is a nexus of artistic talents, a crossroads where emerging and established artists converge. The collaborative spirit within the studio’s walls fosters a continuous flow of creativity. Regular collaboration sessions and curated musical events contribute to a vibrant environment where ideas flourish, propelling the evolution of electronic music.

The synergy between artists, both seasoned and emerging, creates a melting pot of influences and styles. This dynamic exchange of ideas not only enriches the sonic tapestry of individual artists but also contributes to the collective growth of electronic music as an art form.

The Community’s Sonic Laboratory

Head Studios is not confined to being a private haven for artists; it extends its influence into the broader community. The studio actively engages with the community through educational programs and workshops, opening its doors to young, aspiring musicians, and producers. These initiatives serve as a gateway for individuals to immerse themselves in the captivating world of electronic music production.

By nurturing local talent and providing educational opportunities, Head Studios becomes a catalyst for the cultural growth of the community. The studio’s impact extends beyond its four walls, contributing to a more profound appreciation of electronic music within the local cultural landscape.

Constant Sonic Exploration

Positioning itself as a perpetual laboratory of musical exploration, Head Studios encourages artists to break free from conventional constraints and embrace new sonic frontiers. The flexibility of the studio space allows for a spectrum of musical works, ranging from audacious experimentation to more refined and polished compositions.

Artists are not just encouraged to push their creative boundaries; they are given the tools and support to do so. The result is a catalog of music that reflects the ever-evolving nature of electronic music—a testament to the studio’s commitment to staying at the forefront of sonic innovation.

Concluding Echoes

In conclusion, Head Studios stands as an anchor of innovation within the expansive realm of electronic music. Its unique fusion of technology, creativity, and community engagement has etched an indelible mark on the musical landscape. As electronic music continues to evolve, Head Studios remains a guiding light, illuminating the path for artists eager to explore new sonic horizons. The studio’s legacy is not merely in the recordings it produces but in the artists it inspires and the sonic landscapes it helps navigate. Head Studios is more than a recording space; it is a living testament to the limitless possibilities within the ever-expanding universe of electronic music.

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Khushi Kapoor Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Boyfriend & More




Khushi Kapoor Biography

Khushi Kapoor Is A Daughter Of Bollywood Star Actress Sridevi (Late) And Famous Film Producer Boney Kapoor. Khushi Was Born On 5 November 2000 In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Khushi Kapoor Age Is 20 years old. Years. She Belongs To The Famous Kapoor Family Of Indian Film Industry. Khushi Lives At Her Parents House In Mumbai With Her Father And Sister.

Khushi Kapoor Went To Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai For School Studies And To Learn About Acting, She Went To The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Los Angeles, USA. Sridevi(Late) Who Lost Her Life On 24 February 2018, Always Wanted Her Both Daughters To Stay Away From Bollywood And First Complete Their Studies, As She Thought This Job Needs So Much Hard work And Attention. Khushi Belongs To A Family Of Bollywood Stars; Career Choice Seems Obvious.

Khushi Have One Elder Sister Jhanvi Who Is Also An Actress By Profession And Debut With The Movie “Dhadak” on 20 July 2018. Jhanvi And Khushi Share A Pure Sister Bond And They Seen Together At Many Events. Khushi Kapoor Is The Cousin Of Bollywood Heroines Rhea Kapoor, And Sonam Kapoor And Anil Kapoor Is Her Uncle.  Boney Kapoor Father Of Khushi & Jhanvi Had Two Marriages One With Sridevi (Late) And Other With Mona Shourie Kapoor. Jhanvi And Khushi Are The Daughters Of Sridevi And Arjun Kapoor, And Anshula Kapoor Are Mona Shourie Kapoor Children. Arjun Kapoor Who Is Also An Actor In Bollywood.

Khushi Kapoor Social Media

Khushi Kapoor Already Have Huge Amount Of Fan Following On All Social Media Platforms And She Is Very Active To Put Her Views About Different Issues On Social Media.

Khushi Kapoor Twitter          Twitter

Khushi Kapoor Instagram    Instagram

Khushi Kapoor Facebook      Facebook

Khushi Kapoor Fun Facts

  • Khushi Kapoor Also Have A Tattoo On Her Left Rib Side Of The Body, That Reads, Usually, This Kind Of Number Tattoos Indicates Towards The Date Of Some Special Event Or Happening.
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Vikings Season 6 Part 2 | Release Date | Cast | Trailer




‘Vikings’ season 6 part debuted on December 4, 2019, on Background, and Wrapped on February 5, 2020, using its successive installment. Fans will be delighted to know that the series will reunite with 10 more episodes that will tie all the loose ends left by its predecessor. On the other hand, the system is yet to place an official launch date to the next half of year .

The series is launch history suggests that the second element ought to premiere by Late 2020 since the next portion of the two seasons 5 and 4 began in November and operate over to the following calendar year. Ahead of the season’s premiere at 2019, the next element was slated to broadcast by October 2020 at the latest.

Since the filming of ’Vikings’ year 6 wrapped long prior to the COVID-19 tragedy struck the planet and closed down the global manufacturing, we could anticipate ‘Vikings’ season 6 part 2 to launch sometime prior to the end of 2020. Season 5 finale left a great deal of possibilities in the atmosphere, but we are obviously in for a change of leadership.

Although Ivar remains living, he’ll probably find it hard to construct an army big enough to retake Kattegat and oust his half brother Bjorn in the throne. Recognizing that Bjorn’s words are true, the folks of Kattegat have left Ivar and his tyrannical rule to encourage Bjorn, who like his dad Ragnar, is a person of the people.

However, what about others? In Vikings season , will Ubbe and Torvi, whose look in Kattegat abandoned Wessex with their direction, reunite and farm the property together with other Vikings and the English, or will their lack leave a void that may result in conflict? And will the new season bring a settlement to the destiny of Floki, who as much as we understand remains trapped and possibly dead from that cave?

Who Is From The Cast?

All these There will Be a couple new faces joining the throw. These include Daniela Kozlovsky, who’s Coming into play Oleg of Novgorod, Kristy Dawn Dinsmore, who’ll play Amma, And Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, who’ll play with Alfred the Great.

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Ashleigh Cummings Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend




Ashleigh Cummings Biography

Ashleigh Cummings who was born on 11th November in the year 1992, is a well-known actress. She was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia but later was shifted to Australia along with her family. She is best known and famous for her role in the movie “Tomorrow when the war began” as Robyn Mathers. For her excellent performance, she also achieved Best Young Actor nomination in the year 2010 in the Australian Film Institute Awards. That was the turning point of her life from which further she did many superhits films. Another remarkable work of her includes her acting as Dorothy Williams in the Australian drama series named “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysterious”

Birth And Family

Ashleigh Cummings was born on 11th November in the year 1992 to an Australian family. She was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia but later was shifted to Australia along with her family. her father is a radiographer who works on radio channels, while her mother is a sonographer. Both of them were employed by the Saudi Royal family at the time of her birth. She has no brothers. However, has a younger sister named Hannah. She belongs to white ethnicity background and has Australian nationality.


Ashleigh Cummings was born in Saudi Arabia but her family shifted to Australia, due to her parent’s work, when she was just 12 years old. She started learning ballet dancing at a very young age when she was just 2 years old. After that, when she became 14 years old, she got admission in Brent Street School Of Performing Arts. After that, she shifted to Wenona School situated in North Sydney for higher studies and did her graduation in philosophy from there in the year 2010.


Full Name Ashleigh Cummings
Nickname Asleigh
Profession Actress

Physical Stats & More

Height (approx.) 5 feet 5 inches (1.63 m)
Weight (approx.) 54 kg (119 lbs)
Figure Measurements 35-24-34 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Light Brown


Debut Film: Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance
Television: Dream Life
Known for Tomorrow, When the War Began

Personal Life

Date of Birth November 11, 1992
Birthplace Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Nationality Australian
Hometown Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
School Wenona School in North Sydney
College/University Not known
Educational Qualification Studied Philosophy
Religion Christianity

Relationships & Affairs

Marital Status in Relation

Boy friends

Aaron Jakubenko


Parents Father: Not known

Mother: Not known

Siblings Brother(s): Not known

Sister(s): Not known

Wife / husband None
Children None

Net Worth

Salary Not known
Net worth USD $5 million approx.

Ashleigh Cummings Career

Ashleigh Cumming’s first debut performance was as a ballet dancer in 2007. Later she starred in Green Fire Envy. After that, she did many superhit movies and television series acting In 2009, she acted in the movie “Tomorrow, when the war began” which was a turning point for her career and brought her huge fame.  She also achieved Best Young Actor nomination in the year 2010 in the Australian Film Institute Awards. During 2012-2014 she worked in a comedy-drama series named Puberty Blues, as Dubbie. In the same year, she worked as Dorothy Willaims in the Australian drama series named “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysterious”. Both these roles earned her a nomination for the most popular actress award in Logie awards. Besides acting, she also sang a song in 2014 for an album named Dan Webb’s album Standorm. Then she acted as Pippa in the film Goldfinch as well as acted in the main role of Vic McQueen in 2019 in NOS4A2.

Personal Life

Ashleigh cummings is currently unmarried, but she is in a relationship with an Australian actor named Aaron Jakuben. Both of them haven’t announced or expressed their relationship in media, however, they have been rumored to be concerning their Instagram pics.

Ashleigh Cummings Net Worth

For over a decade, Ashleigh Cummings has been working as an outstanding actress. She has appeared in a dozen movies as well as television series. With her hard work, she had achieved much fame and wealth. This award-winning actress has a net worth of approximately $5million earned from her remarkable acting skills.

Awards And Achievements

Ashleigh cummings is a remarkable Australian actress, who has gained many awards for her outstanding acting roles in many super hit films. Some of her awards include

  • Ozflix Independent Film Awards
  • Fedeora Award
  • FCCA Award
  • AFI Young Actor Award
  • AFCA Award
  • AACTA Award

Ashleigh Cummings Social Media

Ashleigh Cummings Instagram  Instagram

Ashleigh Cummings Twitter        Twitter

Ashleigh Cummings Interesting Facts

  1. Ashleigh Cummings was born in Saudi Arabia and later shifted to Australia with her family.
  2. She started learning ballet dancing at a very early age
  3. She made her mark in the Australian film industry by her acting skills
  4. She enrolled in a course of Film Academy, where she was trained on how to deliver a brilliant feature film in 2017
  5. She was starred in Green Fire Envy.
  6. She took online classes by Dustin Hoffman of philosophy
  7. She completed a voice workshop of NIDA.
  8. She was one of the finalists competing for the Heath Ledger Scholarship, which promoted her to study further acting in Los Angeles.
  9. She won the best actress award in the year 2014 for her role in drama film Galore as Billie
  10. Her net worth is almost $5million.


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