There is no “secret formula” to make a company successful, each founder has his own values procedures according to his knowledge, values and principles. But the question here is: is there something in common between those procedures? The answer is yes, there are some common elements that, in general, are the ones that motivate the founders and allow the growth and the maintenance over time.

Esteban Jimenez is the founder and CEO of Luxtires and ForceMotorsport. Here, he tells us what he needed to create two companies, being a foreign in the USA, and what he would describe as his “secret formula” to keep it over time and still growing.

First, according to Esteban, there always has to be the motivation that pushes you to start, keep going and finish a project. “The first thing I did when I wanted to start my own business was looking for my motivation and find it, something farther than money, something that made me feel alive and full of gratefulness. In my case, that motivation was my family. I owe them everything I am, they mean everything to me and for them, I decided to start my business at a very young age. They pushed me to keep going and developing my passion that is also my best gift. The money is not a motivation, if you think that, you will fail. Money is just a result of hard work.”

Second, you have to decide if you ant to share ideas and visions with someone else or if you prefer to work by yourself. “It is necessary to clarify the ideas you have and decide what is the best for your business, if sharing your ideas or working by yourself following your own ideas, and that depends on what you want for the future of your business. I decided that I wanted to work alone, regarding to the idea I had for my company. Teamwork is always important to success, but the vision is still one and the same.”

In third place, having clear goals that allow you to create an action plan focused on it. “My principal goals always were creating something new that calls the attention in different markets, innovating and keep creating new products. Those have always been my final goals, but of course, during the process some other goals are added, but always to complete those final and principal goals. The approach may vary, but the goal must always seek the end that gave rise to it.”

He also adds that now in this time, it is necessary to know and learn more about social media and use them correctly in order to have longer range. “I have always used Instagram, that is the main social media of my two companies, but I have also used Facebook and the websites of the companies, since they are, in general, more used in countries like the United States. Also, social media are necessary tools in our current times, because they offer more tools to approach to your leads in a natural and dynamic way.”

As the last element, being loyal to your values. “In my case, going on beyond the fear and taking risks taught me that there are some risks needed to grow both in personal and in professional life. You always learn from risks, and than can be useful in the future. The fear exists, but you have to be able to control it and make your desires bigger than it.”