Customer engagement analytics startup nabs $23M

Customer engagement analytics startup nabs $23M

With participation from Baseline Ventures, Upside Partnership, and Afore Capital,, a platform that offers businesses a perspective of customer engagement across teams, processes, and apps, has raised $23 million in a funding round led by Emergence Capital. By the end of 2021, headcount would have more than doubled thanks to the fresh funding, according to co-founder and CEO Eric Chernoff. The company has now raised more than $27 million in total, thanks to this round.

It can be challenging for businesses to comprehend how each of their divisions is providing customer service as they expand. This may result in expending excessive effort on the incorrect clients while underinvesting in the appropriate ones. Customers who aren’t paying their bills, for instance, may consume the most time from the product, engineering, marketing, and other teams. Sadly, compiling the data required for customer interaction research frequently necessitates lengthy, account-specific timesheets, process and time studies, or analyses employing data from many sources of record.

The Prospects for AI-based By giving a breakdown of client data, Customer Service attempts to automate the process. The platform uses browser-based applications to build an image of customer engagement and gives managers and customer-facing teams measurements of internal process effectiveness.

The engine behind, which Chernoff and Vlad Shulman cofounded in 2020, “delivers a trusted, adaptable system for discovering and sharing the habits that drive client retention and income,” Chernoff, a former LiveRamp employee, said in an email to VentureBeat. Every employee across the client lifecycle deserves a copilot, driven by billions of data points each month, who can make suggestions such, “Relative to accounts that increase three times, we saw you should be doing more of the things that work for other accounts. Organizations may spread the best practises throughout whole teams and processes using Retain as their copilot, improving everyone’s performance at work.

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Retain admins create a “allow list” of applications, websites, and attributes during setup in order to capture data and execute workflows. Retain is a browser extension that users can download, and it gathers comprehensive session information such as page URLs, start and end times, page properties, process categories, and more. The platform uses visualizations and summaries to transform this data into usable information, acting as a single source of truth for all team, customer, and app interactions within an organisation.

The Retain platform, according to Chernoff, may respond to inquiries about return on investment in relation to customer expenditure, which can be utilised to develop new revenue sources for customer success. According to Chernoff, firms can use Retain to capture engagement time on certain accounts outside of the period allotted for it to do so.

In addition to providing visibility into client connections, retention serves as an early churn indicator. With the help of these “relationship scorecards,” brands can track consumer interactions and make any necessary course corrections.

Through information on the efforts [and] activities that go into servicing customers throughout their lifecycle, [Retain] helps firms understand overall cost-to-serve clients, according to Chernoff. “[Most] leaders struggle to concentrate on the highest value customers and processes and are unsure on how to fix the problem,” Our background is in data networking, therefore we recognized a chance to use adtech-related methods. to assist businesses in determining whether or not their financial commitment in a certain customer’s growth was profitable., a company with 20 workers based in San Francisco, California, claims that thousands of people at more than a dozen Fortune 500 firms, including Google, Nielsen, and Salesforce, are currently using its software. According to reports, annual recurring revenue has increased by 8 times in the past year, while growth among Retain’s current clients has increased by 36 times on average.

“My vision is for Retain to be the next generation of customer experience data, replacing all the time-consuming consultancy and spliced-together self-reporting data,” the author says. In order to maximise customer-facing interaction and increase revenue by 25% by raising engagement with high-value customers and strengthening retention, [for our clients] we are returning the 23,000 hours per year spent on time-consuming internal processes, Chernoff stated. The adoption of work-from-anywhere and hybrid models by businesses has led us to the conclusion that every employee at a company has a remote interaction with their team and customers. Enterprises now more than ever require visibility and to make sure nothing slips between the gaps.