Authentic Surging News Prince Horse, USA Smart Alec And Monkeypox Cheers

America Stands up to the Nonsensical Gun law

President Biden still has no way of getting his Titanic out of the bloody waters of America. He made a joke of the day by quoting the law will be stricter regarding guns for people under 21. Where Biden left the given tribe sensed challenge? They went ahead in sharing their photos on Biden’s email ID, which gave him another near-death experience in the form of endless nightmares.

Artwork by DiyaSaini

Prince Harry Slipped From London to California

Prince Harry still can’t get over the Queens Platinum Jubilee. After getting home, he regrets every moment of wasting his precious time. In their, Mansion, Meghan has been avoiding Harry from sitting adjacent to the fireplace as he invariably goes seated in the form of a cocoon screaming flame it, flame it, flame it.

Artwork by DiyaSaini

The USA stamps Maritime to Merrytime

In saving his bum after the backfire of his Gun law, President Biden decided to make his people happy by passing a Maritime law which would benefit the country’s exporters significantly. Foremost, Biden needs to realize that tomato & potato is not similar as he feeds on the soups thinking the same.

Artwork by DiyaSaini

LGBTQ+ celebrate Monkeypox

It’s their month they were put under the radar for no sex in fear of Monkeypox cases found maximum in their tribe. Their commitment to sabotaging the Monkeys and asking for a ransom from the government made the Scientists dig into their forgotten records revealing a happy outcome for all, giving freedom to Monkeys.

Artwork by DiyaSaini

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