6 Reasons Why You Should Never Trust an Insurance Adjuster

Most people have been involved in at least one motor vehicle accident. After the accident, you will receive a phone call from the at-fault insurance adjuster. They will offer to settle your accident claim as quickly as possible. It may seem like a wise resolution to the problem, especially if you want to avoid the troubles and unpleasant consequences of the accident. In reality, it is not at all a good decision.

Insurance adjusters are usually highly trained to steer the conversation and look innovative and responsible. Their job, though, is to lead the discussion in a way that benefits the insurance company, not you. If you have been skeptical of what the adjuster said or feel that they will not value your injury claim in the way you want, you have the right to get help from an attorney to help you file a claim with an insurance company.

Why you should not trust the insurance adjuster

An experienced lawyer knows the insurance industry’s tactics and obtains fair compensation for your injuries and damages to your vehicle and property. If you have already filed a lousy faith insurance claim, they will help resolve it. They are trained in using legal strategies to make a fair settlement and recognize situations when insurance companies refuse to process your claim promptly. There are a lot of reasons not to trust an insurance adjuster.

  1. They are loyal to the insurance company

Workers in insurance companies are trained to look friendly and supportive, so the client can assume that they are not looking out for the company’s best interest. However, they intend to protect the company’s bottom line and get the agreement to the smallest settlement possible. They even do not understand the total value of your claim, and if you accept their offer, you will not be able to negotiate for more later.

      2. They are not honest

The insurance adjuster will not make an offer to confirm the worth of your claim. More likely, an at-fault insurance company will only gather some of the information needed to understand the actual value of your claim. They are not obligated to do it, as they are not motivated. They will make assumptions and benefit the company, avoiding your needs.

     3. They will manipulate

As it is evident that adjusters do not have reason to estimate the actual value of the accident, they will do their best to convince you to accept their offer without negotiating. In that case, they will manipulate you to convince you that their offer is the best one. They know that you are stressed and vulnerable and have high medical bills after the accident, and they will use it to deceive you.

     4. They will use anything you say to lower your claim

It would help if you were highly careful when talking with the insurance adjuster since they use every piece of information against you and your claim. Do not share anything about the accident or your social media account with them, and never admit any wrongdoing on your part.

      5. They will not offer you fair payment for your vehicle

Even though they will claim the opposite, the insurance adjuster cannot offer you compensation for the value of your vehicle. Most clients assume that a company uses the value of similar used cars in their area when selling these cars, but this is rarely true. Always ask to see comparable vehicles and make your list of prices.

     6. They have tactics that you will not like

These insurance adjusters usually file the paperwork as soon as possible. However, there are situations when they will try to run out of the clock on the statute of limitations. Their goal is to wait three years, which is the time limit, to file a personal injury claim. So, if the adjuster suddenly stops answering your calls or you lose your paperwork, you should be careful.