30 Most Beautiful Russian Women 2022

No doubt, Russia is the homeland of beauty, glamour, incredible charm as well as most admirable beautiful women throughout the world. it is included in the list of top 10 countries having natural beauty on this globe. The part about Russia is the most graceful ladies having well-structured faces, shining eyes, perfect physique bodies, intelligent brains, acting talents, fair skin complexions, attractive features and many more which make them included in the list of Top 30 Most Beautiful Russian Women as well as also most beautiful ladies on the Earth. These pretty ladies hail from different fields of life and are famous not for their beauty just but also for their outstanding skills. They are said to be a complete package of beauty in themselves.

List of 30 Most Beautiful Russian Women

Below is the list of Top 30 Most Beautiful Russian Women which are admired not only for their beauty but also for their talents with which they have gained much success, fame, and wealth through different fields of their lives.

  1. Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk is the most charming lady who is on 1st position in the list of top 30 Most Beautiful Russian Women. She is a well-known model who took part in the “Miss Chelyabinsk 2004” beauty contest and became very famous. She is well known around the world because of her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, Kanye West’s power video as well as Armani spring/summer 2010 collections. She is regarded as one of the hottest models in the world who has beautiful wicked curves, the tanned dead gorgeous body as well as blue knock-out which make her look astonishing. Earlier she dated the world’s best football layer Ronaldo, later she came into a relationship with the world’s hottest man named Bradley Cooper but recently broke up with him too. She is very good at piano and singing too. She has a huge fan following on her social media accounts. Her net worth is approximately $25 million. She is in short titles as “Industry Icon”.

  1. Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova is also in a list of Top 30 Most Beautiful Russian Women. who is professionally a tennis player. This former charming lady gained much success in the worldwide tennis because of its doubles and attractive beauty. She was said to be the world’s number 1 player of tennis, however, her career ended at an early age of just 21 years due to some severe back injuries which lead to spinal critical problems. She has been the winner of the award for being the youngest participants in the Russian Olympic history. She is also titled one of the most searched athletes on google due to its hot figure which attracts towards her millions of people. She now lives in Miami along with his husband named Enrique Iglesias as well as her two twin children named Lucy and Nicholas. Apart from being a tennis star she also appeared on tv screens from her remarkable acting in many tv shows and movies. Till now she has gained a net worth of $60 million with which she is living a lavish life along with her family.

  1. Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is an inspirational model who used to be very poor at early times and sued to sell fruits along with her mother but rose to huge fame because of her tremendous beauty as well as hard work in acting. She is a popular fashion model too who has worked from a variety of international fashion brands including YSL, Calvin Klein as well as Chanel. Apart from being a model, she is also a philanthropist as well as an occasional film star. she is also the founder of the “Naked Heart Foundation” and has also launched an app named “Elba app”, whose purpose is a donation with a single mobile click. She became on 3rd position in the Forbes top-earning models in the year 2012, as she earned $8.6 billion in a single year. Her current net worth is approximately $50 million which is a huge count from being a very poor girl in childhood. She is an inspirational model for all of us.

  1. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is one of the most glamorous and most searched tennis stars who started playing tennis at a very early age of just 4 years and is well-known for her beauty as well as sportsmanship throughout the world. this very famous Russian tennis player is ranked in the 9th position according to Women’s Tennis Association. She has also won many tennis championships successfully with her hard work. She is also entitled to the “Hottest athlete of the world”. apart from that she also does many brand endorsements. She is an inspiration to have a beautiful body with good health. Currently, she owns a net worth of $195 million with which she is living a lavish life.

  1. Alina Kabaeva

Московский академический музыкальный театр имени К.С.Станиславского и Вл.И.Немировича-Данченко. Церемония вручения премии журнала Glamour `Женщина года – 2006`. На снимке: Олимпийская чемпионка по художественной гимнастике Алина Кабаева с мамой.

Alina Kabaeva is an extremely beautiful yet very flexible world champion rhythmic gymnast and is widely known for her flexible body with which she has won many models and millions of hearts. She has perfect body physique. In the year 2007, she retired from competitive sports and joined the Russian parliament by becoming a politician. It is rumored that she ha secretly married Putin in the year 2008. She has a very elegant body, very pretty smile and shining eyes that give a magical performance when working in synchronization for any symbol.

  1. Glukoza

Glukoza is a very popular Russian singer as well as a solo artist by profession. She is also in a list of Top 30 Most Beautiful Russian Women, whose original name is Natalia Chistyakova. She was born in the Volga region on 7th June in the year 1986. She luckily got a chance to make her career in the music industry when she was first recognized by the famous producer Maxim Fadeev in the year 2002 and then later recorded her many music albums which were mostly computer-animated and took her to huge fame and success. Apart from being a remarkable singer she also acted on TV screens by playing roles in many TV series as well as famous movies. She has both a very beautiful face with a very melodious voice.

  1. AllaPugacheva

AllaPugacheva is one of the prettiest ladies in Russian olden times. She is famous for being the mother of a very famous actress as well as a pop singer named Kristina Orbakaite. She was a musical performer for Russia as well as the Soviet Union. She initiated her career in early 1965 and is still demanded and cherished till yet. Her songs depict the level of confidence in her attractive personality. She was awarded the title of one of the top 30 most beautiful Russian women on her 60th birthday from the president of Russia. She is truly a legend as well as an inspiration that tells us how to maintain your success gracefully with the growing age.

  1. Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya is also included in the list of Russian most beautiful women. She is well-known for being the TV host of the most popular program named “Cosmopolitan” that initiated in the year 2007 and aired on the TNT channel. She had also been one of the participants of the famous reality show named “Dom-2” that too aired on TNT channel and remained in demand for a very long period of approximately 11 months. Apart from that, she has also been entitled “Sexiest Star of domestic show business”.

  1. Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko is another very pretty professional tennis player that belongs to Russia. She became popular in the year 2008, by getting several votes from the readers of “The Sun” named British newspaper. She was also regarded as one of the “Sexiest tennis players” in her time. She is also one of the youngest winners of the open US tournaments as well as Canadian opens. She also did brand endorsements of “Adidas”. Currently, she is a mother to a very young baby boy, but still, her beauty is up to the mark, retaining her stunning beauty.

  1. Anna Semenowich

Anna Semenowich is said to be plus-sized beauty who is a former professional ice dancer, and an excellent athlete, a remarkable actress, a model in olden times as well as a sweet singer who has a combination of beauty with an intelligent brain. She left ice skating due to a very serious injury after which she started her career in the field of singing and acting. She is famous for her outstanding acting in many movies and tv series. This diva has also been a former soloist of the very famous group named “Blestyashie” from the year 2003 till 2007. Apart from that, she has also been a bronze medalist who competed at the 2000 world championship as well as the 2000 European championship gaining huge fame and success.

  1. Nyusha

Nyusha is also included in the list of top 30 most beautiful Russian Women in the world. her original name is Anna Valdimirovna Shurochkina, but she is usually nicknamed Nyusha. She was born in Moscow, which is the capital of Russia on 15th August in the year 1990. Although she is very young an age, still she is a very popular singer in Russia who started her singing career at a very early age of just 3 years and fulfilled her dream to become a musical star. when she was just 5 years of age, she recorded her song and while being of just 12 years her first concert took place. She is regarded as the youngest most beautiful singer throughout the world.

  1. Kseniya Sobchak

Kseniya Sobchak is one of the prettiest Russian TV host as well as a “Socialite” who is the daughter of the first mayor of Russia named St. Petersburg and Lyudmila Narusove who is a member of the federation council. She is also a very fine actress who appeared in many tv shows as well as movies. Her most remarkable work includes the character she played in the reality tv show named Dom-2 which aired in the year 2004 on TNT named TV channel.

  1. Natalie Glebova

Natalie Glebova is also one of the glamorous Russian ladies famous all around the world, who is well-known for being the titleholder of many Miss Universe Titles. Apart from being famous for her beauty and perfect physique she is also a Russian Canadian tv host, dancer, writer as well as a beauty pageant. She has also been the winner of the crown of Miss Universe Canada which she won in the year 2005.

  1. Daria Strokous


Daria Strokous is an exceptionally gorgeous lady who well defined the definition of charm and glamour. She is a well-known Russian model, actress as well as photographer. She made her debut in the modeling career with Prada at Paris Fashion Week and Milan in the year 2007 and gained much fame and success form it. Subsequently, after getting recognition worldwide she appeared on the front cover of V magazines and was included in the list of top 10 models in the year 2008. And later she promoted many leading fashion brands and did their brand endorsements as a model.

  1. Kristina Asmus

Kristina Asmus was entitled to be the sexiest woman in Russia by Maxim magazine in the year 2010, who belongs to an athletic background so she is famous for her flexible body as well as gymnastic techniques. She is also very good at sports because of her flexible and athletic body. She is also popular as a film actress from Russian theater who played the character of Varya in a very famous tv series named “Interns” and then appeared in many other famous movies and tv shows. She is happily married to GarlikKharamow who is also a famous actor. Both of them are blessed with a beautiful daughter.

  1. Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Xenia Tchoumitcheva is a drop-dead gorgeous super stunning Russian beauty who is a multi-talented lady and famous for all the different fields of life in which she had ever worked. She is a very famous Russian actress, model, blogger, entrepreneur as well as a businesswoman who is professionally nicknamed as Xenia Tchoumi. In short, we can say that she is omniscient. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and has been actively engaged in many issues. She is in short titles as “Beauty with brains”.

  1. Tamara Gverdtsiteli

Tamara is a well-known known Soviet, Russian music composer, singer a well as an actress how is said to be a complete package of talent and beauty. Throughout her career, she has gained much fame and success from both her music and beauty and has also achieved many awards including People’s Artist of Ingushetia, Honored artist of Georgia (1989), People’s Artist of Georgia (1991) as well as People’s Artist of Russia (2004).  She has the extreme talent of singing songs in more than 10 different languages.

  1. Valentina Zelyaeva

Valentina Zelyaeva is most of the most beautiful as well as a successful Russian model who has been featured on many tv advertisements of many famous producers. She has also appeared on a variety of high-profile campaigns. Apart from being appeared on many Vogue covers, she is also featured on the front cover of many magazines. She has also done brand endorsements for many brands. She has a hot figure with a skinny fair tones body. Her net worth s approximately $5 million with which she is living a lavish life.

  1. Dana Borisova

Dana Borisova is also a popular name in the Russian industry who is a famous tv host well-known for her remarkable beauty. For her outstanding achievements in patriotic propaganda, she got awarded with the Ministry of Russian Defense’s diploma. She is famous for both her remarkable beauty and a wise mind.

  1. Alsou

Alsou is a very famous Russian pop singer who is well-known for both her beauty and awesome voice. Throughout her career, she has been very successful by gaining many awards and achievements including Honored artist of Republic of Tatarstan in the years 2000 and 2010 as well as UNESCO artist of Peace which she attained in the year 2011.

  1. Zoya Berber

Zoya Berber was born in Permi on 1st September in the year 1987. She is a very pretty star who is well-known from her remarkable acting in TV series named “RealiniePatsani”. After getting huge fame and success from that TV series, she appeared in several other films too. Later in the year 2011, Maxim Magazine nominated her in the list of “100 Sexiest women in the country” and she also got 5th position on that Russian edition.

  1. Alina Artz

Alina Artz is an ex-soloist of he famous band named “Sirius” as well as also has been the winner of the competition named “Miss Russian Night”. She was also the first representative of the “M1-fighter” named Russian sports reality show. apart from that, she is also a famous radio host as well as an actress who made her debut on TV from “Dasist Fanatastisch” named program which aired on NTV channel, in which each new episode was considered to be a theoretical miniature. She did act along with her musical career while being part of “Sirius” named musical project.

  1. Lisa Boyarskaya

Lisa Boyarskaya is a very popular name in the Russian film and theater industry who is well-known for her remarkable beauty as well as tremendous acting skills. She is the daughter of a very famous name of the Russian industry, Mikhail Boyarsky. She gained huge stardom as well as celebrity status from her famous films named “Timur Bekmambetov”, “Continued (2007) as well as “Irony of Fate”. She is still working hard to make her future bright with her astonishing beauty.

  1. Darya Klishina

Dara Klishina is a model as well as an athlete long jumper, who has very attractive and beautiful features along with perfect face cuts. Her sexy and flexible body makes her look very stunning and has helped her gain much attention and success. In the year 2010, she became a record jump breaker by making a long way jump of 7.03m. She did this with the help of her long legs that gave her an intensity to jump with such strength. She is a true beauty lady.

  1. Sofia Rudieva

Sofia Rudieva is a famous Russian beauty pageant who is included in the list of top 30 most beautiful Russian women all around the world. in the year 2009, she has been crowned the title of Miss Russia. She also got a handsome amount of $100,000 which she donated in charity for the help and feeding of homeless animals. This shows that despite being externally very beautiful, she also has a very beautiful heart.

  1. Kseniya Sukhinova

Kseniya Sukhinova is famous for her perfect figure, blue shining eyes, and a charming face with which she won the titles of Miss Russia 2007 as well as Miss World 2008. After that, she has also entitled Miss World Pageant as was the 2nd Russian woman to win this title. Later on, she became a judge of finding Miss Russia in the years 2010, 2011, 2015, and 2016. Apart from modeling, she is also famous for her acting in reality tv show named Dom-2 from which she got the name Russia’s Paris Hilton. Apart from this glamorous world, she is also a politician as well as a member of the coordination council in the Russian opposition as her background in politics.

  1. Anne Vyalitsyna

Anne Vyalitsyna is a famous Russian – American model who is well known for her attractive features and beautiful body. she is usually nicknamed Anne V. She is famous for her appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue which continues for over 10 consecutive years from the year 2005 till 2014. Apart from being popular from that issue, she also appeared in many music videos including “Misery”, “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” as well as “Out is Through” which rose her to huge fame and success.

  1. Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly is a very famous Russian model with a perfect body physique who does brand endorsements for many famous brands, some of which include Nina Ricci, Loreal, Juicy Couture, Balmain, Nine West, Calvin Klein, Prada and many more such. She has supermodel looks which make her very enchanting. She is happily living a married life with a Dutch businessman named Peter Bakker. Both of them are blessed with a beautiful daughter.

  1. Oksana Akinshina

30 Most Beautiful Russian Women
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Oksana Akinshina is a very popular Russian actress who is famous for her gorgeous, fascinating as well as stunning body figure. Since childhood she wished to become an actress, so she started her career in the field of acting at a very young age of just 12 years. She is well-known for playing a role in very famous Bourne Supremacy. Throughout her career, she has gained much fame, wealth, and success as well as awards for being the best actress too. She is a very talented and beautiful lady.

  1. Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko is included in the list of top 30 most beautiful Russian women, who worked as the theater as a janitor who later gave an audition and got associated with the vocal opera. She has a very beautiful and sweet voice which has a true soul. When she sings with her expressive voice it seems like her whole body is singing. She was entitled to the “Sexiest Babes of Classical Music” by Playboy magazine. In the year 2008, she was named as best musician and superstar of the year.