Why Should Airports Embrace Renewable Energy?

Large airports have large areas. They operate on a 24/7 basis. Running these airports requires a lot of energy. To remain competitive and sustainable, they should implement energy cost-cutting measures. Besides comparing utility rates at Utility Bidder, embracing renewable energy can help you save energy. Here are the top benefits of investing in renewable energy in airports.


In 2017, there was a power outage at Hartfield Atlanta Airport. During the blackout, more than 1,00 delays and cancellations were experienced. Consequently, the management decided to have a backup plan to avoid these instances. They turned their attention to renewable energy.

Renewable energy offers a reliable source of energy. You can rely on it to operationalize the airport at any time. Thus, your airport needs an alternative source of energy in renewable energy.


Installing renewable energy costs a lot of money. But don’t let the initial cost scare you. As an airport facility, you stand to gain from this venture. First, you will cut down the cost of energy. Second, you can sell the excess energy to other companies. This will be a source of revenue for your facility.

Improve Your Brand

Investing in renewable energy sends positive signals to the customers. Modern customers like associating themselves with environmentally conscious businesses. Thus, your brand will stand out, which can attract more travelers.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Investing in renewable energy means reducing carbon footprint. As a business, it’s important to join the green movement and make the world a better place. Bring solar panels into your airport. Invest in wind energy.

Renewable Energy Options For Airports


Renewable energy can help an airport become sustainable. First, the initial cost of renewable energy can be high. However, this long-term investment will reap good returns. Airports can try implementing the following renewable energy solutions:

Solar Energy

Energy from the sun is free. All you need is to install solar panels. Sun rays will be converted to electrical energy, which can be used to power computers and provide lighting.

Geothermal Energy

If your airport is located near a volcano, think about getting energy from heat. Geothermal energy is used when the earth produces heat. The heart is then converted to other forms of energy for use in airports.

Wind Energy

If you are located in windy places, consider installing equipment that converts the wind into wind energy. This energy can be converted to electrical energy and help you save a lot of energy around the airport.


If there is a river near your airport, install turbines to convert water energy into electrical energy. You only need free-flowing water or a waterfall. The best thing with this option is that you can sell the excess energy for more revenue.

The Bottom-Line

Renewable energy can help airports generate extra revenues by selling the energy to other parties. Still more, it helps cut down the cost of energy in airports. The above are the top reasons why airports are turning to renewable energy solutions.