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20 French women the world envies us



When it comes to fashion, France is a role model. Our celebrities are scrutinized the world over for their sharp and sophisticated looks. Focus on the 20 French women who reign over the fashion planet.

If French women are so fascinating, in France and abroad, is it thanks to their real sense of style and this unclassifiable way of being chic without making it too much of their secret? Intelligent and harmonious associations, worn with a natural and elegant allure.

Never in excess, the Frenchwoman is inspired by trends without copying them. Overview of these women who captivate the whole world.

1 / 20 Lily-Rose Depp

Actress, singer, model. Lily-Rose Depp is on all fronts. The 20-year-old top recently starred in the historic film Le Roi , alongside Timothée Chalamet, whom she has been seeing since 2018. Chanel muse since she was 16, Vanessa Paradis’ daughter has made her mark in the world of fashion.

Karl Lagarfeld’s muse lights up the red carpet with her feminine and sophisticated looks. Graphic print shirt, little black dress, or tweed ensemble are among her favorite pieces. Admired for her daring makeup and polished hairstyles, Lily-Rose Depp is the new fashion icon to follow.

2 / 20 Charlotte Gainsbourg

CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 18: Charlotte Gainsbourg attends the “Melancholia” photocall at the Palais des Festivals during the 64th Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2011 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

The daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin is just like her parents: the allure of cool and bewitching charm. Face for Saint Laurent , the actress and singer with the slender silhouette is a follower of the feminine-masculine, graphic cuts and leather blazers A look with a hyper-pointed rock spirit that inspires fashion-addicts around the world.

3 / 20 Cindy Bruna

From the top of her 25 years, Cindy Bruna has conquered the fashion world. Model and muse of Majestic Filatures , the young woman of Congolese and Italian origin creates a sensation at every Fashion Week. The one who parades regularly for Gaultier , Elie Saab or Balmain fascinates the foreign press during her appearances.

Ultra feminine, she likes to play with volumes and flaunt herself in looks as daring as they are elegant. Committed, Cindy Bruna uses her notoriety to fight against violence against women by being the spokesperson for the association “Solidarité Femme”.

4 / 20 Caroline de Maigret

Model, author and music producer, Caroline de Maigret is the Parisian par excellence. Messy hair topped with bangs and a relaxed masculine-feminine rock look, neutral colors, pieces that blend the classic and the daring with harmony, this is in summary the style that defines Caroline de Maigret. A mixture of influences whose association gives its silhouette a resolutely cool and modern attitude. A look that she describes in her bestseller How to be parisian wherever you are .

5 / 20 Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou is the first French actress of her generation to conquer the world of cinema with her mischievous gaze in the film that made her known, Amélie Poulain.

Former face of Chanel perfume N ° 5 after Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kindman , the star with the androgynous silhouette has a style that reflects her personality.

Simple and refined, it adopts a feminine and BCBG allure which continues to seduce France and abroad.

6 / 20 Carla Bruni

The former first lady, Carla Bruni , was adored for her Jackie Kennedy look during the tenure of Nicolas Sarkozy . Actress, singer, model, she was also chosen to represent the jewelry brand Bvlgari in 2013 and 2015.

Elegant and feminine, the former President’s wife prefers simple and refined pieces such as a fitted three-hole dress, a heather gray skirt suit or a sixties-style trapeze coat.

7 / 20 Léa Seydoux

After 007 Specter, the French actress with a retro and casual look has been chosen to be the new James Bond girl in the next opus No Time To Die .

Oscillating between a so-called boyish look and assumed femininity, Léa Seydoux is a true queen of French style.

8 / 20 Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard conquered the big screen by winning an Oscar for her role of Edith Piaf. The actress and companion of Guillaume Canet loves daring silhouettes and dares to color. The one who has been the face of Christian Dior for 9 years constantly draws attention on the red carpet for her ultra-sophisticated retro-chic outfits.

9 / 20 Carine Roitfeld

Former model and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld is a big name in the fashion world. Charismatic, the muse and friend of Tom Ford has been running his magazine CR Fashion Book for 7 years .

The fashion pope has also launched her new perfume line, called 7 Lovers. Its irreverent bourgeois style fascinates in France and abroad. Always rock, her wardrobe consists mainly of a sophisticated pencil skirt, a fitted blouse and worked pumps.

10 / 20 Tina kunakey

Bright smile, fresh, sharp and daring look. Tina Kunakey fascinates the foreign press and social networks. From the top of her 22 years, the it-girl is at the top of the list of these “Parisiennes whose style must be copied”.

The French model with Togolese and Silician origins has already paraded for Gaultier Paris and is at the forefront of all Fashion Weeks, alongside her husband Vincent Cassel .

11 / 20 Ines de la Fressange

The essential muse of Chanel in the 80s is the standard of French chic. Model, stylist but also businesswoman, Inès de la Fressange is above all a woman of taste. Between a casual and preppy look, she handles refinement with subtlety. His favorite pieces: Roger Vivier ballerinas, fitted ¾ pants, a fitted shirt and a sophisticated jacket. Simple and efficient, she has an eye for detail which makes all the difference.

12 / 20 Jane birkin
Although this undisputed style icon is English, Jane Birkin lives in France and her love story with Serge Gainsbourg has registered her among the mythical couples. Like Princess Grace Kelly , she was fortunate enough to be the inspiration for a bag created for her and in her name by the supreme luxury house: Hermès .

Androgynous silhouette , bangs and a singing accent, so many traits that characterize her Franco-British charm. The timeless pieces of his youth such as the sailor top, the mini-shorts or the little lace dress have become wardrobe essentials.

13 / 20 Farida Khelfa

Actress, documentary maker and former Franco-Algerian model, Farida Khelfa embodies French elegance. Léa Seydoux’s mother-in-law is also an ambassador for the prestigious Schiaparelli house .

Muse of Jean-Paul Gaultier , she devoted a documentary to him in 2010 before making one on Christian Louboutin two years later. The ex-top seduces the fashion world with her minimalist outfits borrowed from the female-male wardrobe. Her favorite color? Black, which she often marries with a white shirt. Simple and efficient.

14 / 20 Isabel funny

Isabel Marant is the stylist adored by the press and stars around the world. Her inspirations are diverse: bohemian, rock, ethnic, vintage, baby doll, Californian. The result is a cool and relaxed silhouette that uses and abuses the French art of being well dressed without looking like it. This gives rise to unexpected mixes that have become cult, like an oversize sweater over mini shorts.

15 / 20 Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel , the interplanetary icon crosses the decades without ever aging. The one who dictated the trends and liberated the female body is etched forever in the history of fashion. Her tweed suits, pearl necklaces and quilted bag are still the ultimate luxury around the world today. His watchword, clean. She expresses it in one of her essential quotes: “With the accessories, the most important thing is to always remove the last one that you added.”, Understandably.

16 / 20 Garance Doré

After years of photographing street styles at the end of fashion weeks in France and internationally, Garance Doré has won over with her taste for trendy and practical looks. His ability to mix sportswear pieces with glamorous pieces has won the admiration of the fashion sphere.

17 / 20 Camille Charriere

A peerless influencer with a sharp Parisian style, Camille Charrière reigns as the undisputed mistress of the fashion world.

Six years after launching her blog Camille Over the Rainbow in 2010, the Mango ambassador launched a fashion podcast Fashion: No Filter in 2016 with her friend Monica Ainley to show off the underwear of the fashion industry.

Between Paris and London, the blogger inspires women around the world with her chic and studied looks.

18 / 20 Catherine Deneuve

Icon of French cinema since the sixties, Catherine Deneuve is an undisputed fashion figure around the world. His presence and his timeless style cross time with elegance, in particular thanks to his cult films.

We will remember the famous little black dress with a Peter Pan collar in Belle de Jour or her trench coat in Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. Muse of Yves Saint Laurent , she is fond of satin dresses, imposing furs, leopard prints and wise pumps. The one who celebrated her 76th birthday last October continues to seduce the world with her Parisian allure.

19 / 20 Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis has fascinated entire generations with her bohemian chic and vintage style. Her wardrobe consists of 1930s-style dresses and feminine-masculine clothing. No wonder this atypically beautiful woman was one of Karl Lagerfeld’s muses. Actress, muse, but also singer, nothing can resist her. His daughter Lily-Rose Depp , undisputed fashion icon, follows suit brilliantly.

20 / 20 Lou Doillon

Messy hair, little fitted dress, pumps and vintage bag, Lou Doillon sports both rock and casual looks. Without artifice, the actress, singer and model cultivates a style that evokes a lot the silhouette created by Hedi Slimane , former artistic director of the house of Saint Laurent who now works at Céline .


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Breaking Barriers: How Marianna Orlovsky is Making Waves in her Field



Marianna Orlovsky

Introduction to Marianna Orlovsky and her achievements

Meet Marianna Orlovsky, the trailblazing visionary who is shattering glass ceilings and breaking barriers in the tech world. With a passion for innovation and a drive to succeed, Marianna’s story is one of resilience, determination, and groundbreaking achievements. Join us as we delve into the life of this remarkable entrepreneur and discover how she is making waves in her field like never before.

Early Life and Education

Marianna Orlovsky’s journey towards becoming a trailblazer in her field started in her early years. Growing up with a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge, she excelled academically from a young age. With unwavering determination, Marianna delved into the world of technology, fueled by her passion for innovation and problem-solving.

During her formative years, Marianna pursued higher education in computer science at a prestigious university. Immersed in cutting-edge research and surrounded by like-minded individuals, she honed her skills and expanded her horizons. Through late nights of studying and countless hours spent coding, Marianna laid the foundation for her future success.

Despite facing challenges along the way, including gender biases in the male-dominated tech industry, Marianna remained steadfast in pursuing her dreams. Her resilience and perseverance propelled her forward, shaping her into the inspiring leader she is today.

Overcoming Challenges in a Male-Dominated Field

Navigating a male-dominated field is like charting uncharted waters. For Marianna Orlovsky, it has been a journey filled with obstacles and triumphs. From facing scepticism to proving her worth, she has shattered glass ceilings along the way.

In boardrooms where men outnumber women, Marianna stands tall, armed with determination and expertise. She doesn’t let gender stereotypes deter her; instead, she uses them as fuel to propel herself forward.

The road less travelled can be daunting, but for Marianna, it’s where growth lies. By embracing challenges head-on and refusing to back down, she paves the way for future generations of women in tech.

Breaking barriers isn’t easy; it requires resilience and unwavering self-belief. Despite facing setbacks and naysayers, Marianna remains steadfast in her mission to make a mark in a field traditionally dominated by men.

Pioneering Innovations in Technology

Marianna Orlovsky is a trailblazer in the tech world, known for her pioneering innovations that are reshaping industries. She doesn’t just follow trends; she sets them by pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box.

One of Marianna’s standout contributions is her development of cutting-edge AI algorithms that have revolutionized data analysis processes. By harnessing the power of machine learning, she has enabled businesses to make strategic decisions with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Moreover, Marianna’s work in blockchain technology has disrupted traditional systems, introducing new levels of security and transparency to transactions across various sectors. Her forward-thinking approach continues to inspire other innovators to explore the endless possibilities of emerging technologies.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Marianna remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking ways to leverage technology for positive change. She epitomizes what it means to be a visionary in an ever-changing tech ecosystem.

Impact on Society and Future Goals

Marianna Orlovsky’s impact on society is undeniable. Through her pioneering work in technology, she has revolutionized how businesses operate and how people interact with cutting-edge innovations. By breaking barriers in a male-dominated field, Marianna has not only inspired young women to pursue their dreams but has also paved the way for a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.

Her future goals are ambitious yet rooted in creating positive societal change. With a strong focus on sustainability and ethical practices, Marianna aims to continue developing technologies that not only drive business growth but also benefit communities worldwide. Whether it’s through implementing eco-friendly solutions or promoting equality in the workplace, her vision for the future is one of progress and empowerment.

As she continues to push boundaries and challenge norms, Marianna sets an example for aspiring entrepreneurs to dream big and make a lasting impact on society. Her dedication to driving meaningful change serves as a beacon of inspiration for those looking to make a difference in the world through innovation and perseverance.

Advice for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

For aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to follow in the footsteps of trailblazers like Marianna Orlovsky, there are key pieces of advice that can pave the way for success. Believe in yourself and your vision wholeheartedly. Confidence is a powerful tool that can help you navigate through challenges with grace and determination.

Seek out mentors or peers who can offer guidance and support along the journey. Building a strong network of individuals who share your passion can provide invaluable insights and connections.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take risks and embrace failure as part of the learning process. Every setback is an opportunity to grow stronger and smarter in pursuit of your goals.

Stay true to your values and never compromise on what truly matters to you. Authenticity resonates with others and helps build a loyal following for your business ventures. Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a journey filled with ups and downs, but staying committed to your dreams will ultimately lead you towards fulfillment and achievement in the entrepreneurial world.


As we wrap up this journey delving into the remarkable achievements of Marianna Orlovsky, it’s evident that her impact is far-reaching and inspiring. From overcoming challenges in a male-dominated field to pioneering innovations in technology, Marianna has truly carved out a path for herself that sets her apart as a trailblazer.

Her dedication to breaking barriers and pushing boundaries serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the tech industry. By staying true to her vision and embracing challenges head-on, Marianna continues to pave the way for future generations of innovators.

As we reflect on the incredible strides made by Marianna Orlovsky, it becomes clear that her influence extends beyond just her own success – it resonates with those who dare to dream big and defy expectations. Keep following her journey as she continues to shape the landscape of technology and inspire others along the way.


1. Who is Marianna Orlovsky?
Marianna Orlovsky is a trailblazing female entrepreneur who has made significant contributions in the field of technology and innovation.

2. What are some of Marianna Orlovsky’s achievements?
Marianna Orlovsky has pioneered innovations in technology, founded successful companies, and inspired aspiring entrepreneurs to break barriers and strive for excellence.

3. How did Marianna overcome challenges in a male-dominated field?
Through determination, resilience, and unwavering passion for her work, Marianna navigated through obstacles to establish herself as a respected figure in the industry.

4. What impact has Marianna had on society?
Marianna’s groundbreaking work has not only pushed the boundaries of technological advancements but also paved the way for more women to enter and excel in traditionally male-dominated fields.

5. What are some future goals of Marianna Orlovsky?
Marianna continues to focus on driving innovation, supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives, and empowering the next generation of female leaders in tech.

6. How can aspiring female entrepreneurs follow in Marianna’s footsteps?
By believing in themselves, seeking mentorship opportunities, continuously learning and adapting to new trends, aspiring female entrepreneurs can chart their own path towards success like Marianna Orlovsky.

7. What advice does Marianna have for women entering male-dominated industries?
Embrace your unique perspective as a woman; let it be your strength rather than a limitation. Stay true to yourself while challenging stereotypes with confidence and competence.

8. How can individuals support gender equality efforts within their workplaces or communities?
By advocating for equal opportunities, providing mentorship to underrepresented groups, promoting inclusive policies that foster diversity at all levels – individuals can contribute towards creating more equitable environments where everyone thrives regardless of gender.

9. Where can one learn more about Marianna Orlovsky’s work?
Stay updated on news articles featuring her achievements or follow her social media profiles where she shares insights into entrepreneurship.



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Morissette Amon Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend




Morissette Amon Biography

 Morissette took birth on 2nd June,1996 at Minglanilla. She is 23 years old. The name of her father is Amay Amon and her mother name is Analie Daug and brother name is Jeremy Mattheu Amon. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini. She belongs to Asian race. She is having nationality of Filipino. She is also known as Mowie and Morissette. Her Zodiac animal is Cat.

Physical Appearance

Morissestte is having 5’1’’ height and 48 kg weight. Her body measurements are 33-23-363 which make her physically more beautiful. Blue unique colour of her eyes are increasing the glamour of her personality. Her white milky skin and dark brown hairs make her more pretty. Her dress size is 4 US and shoe size is 6.5 US.


She was interested in music from childhood. She studied from Education College of Technology.


Full Name Johanne Morissette Daug Amon
Nick Name Morissette, Mowie
Profession R & B Singer and Actress

Physical State And Body Measurements

Height (approx) 5’1’’
Weight (approx) 48 kg 


Eye Colour  Blue
Hair Colour Dark  Brown
Skin Colour White
Body Measurements / Kriti Sanon Figure 33-23-33
Shoe Size 6.5 US
Dress Size 4 US
Sexual Orientation Straight


Debut Repertory Philippines Production of Disney Camp Rock.
Famous Songs Akin Ka na Lang 

Di Mapaliwanag

What About Love

Ikaw Ay Ako

Awards 7th PMPC Star Awards as The New Female Recording Artist for Morrissette (2015). 

 Pinoy Music Award (August, 2016).

Female Artist Of the Year (2016).

34th Seal of Excellence Awards By National Consumer Affairs Foundation (NCAF).

1st Wish 107.5 FM Music Awards,

M.O.R Pinoy Music Awards (2016).

2nd Wish 107.5 FM Music Awards (2017).

3rd Wish 107.5 FM Music Awards (2018).

People Asia Award (2018).

31st Awit Awards.(2018).

10 PMPC Awards.(2018).

Edukcircle Awards.(2018) .

4th Wish 107.5 FM Music Awards (2019).

Comguild Academe’s Choice Awards(2019)

5th Wish 107.5 FM Music Award (2020)


Net Worth Between 1 and 5 Million

 Personal Life

Date of Birth 2nd June,1996
Age 24 years old.
Birth Place Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Address Manila Philippines
Martial Status Single
Boy Friends/Affairs No One
Nationality Filipino
Race Asian


 Name of Educational Institute Education College of Technology

 Names Of Parents & Siblings

Mother Analie Daug
Father Amay Amon
Siblings Jeremy Mattheu Amon (Brother)


At the age of 14  she appeared on TV5’s Star Factor as a finished runner up and became prominent.  In the production of Disney’s Camp Rock Amon got fame  by making the debut of professional stage through Repertory Philippines. In 2013, she took part in the competition in the Voice Of Philippines, the first season of AbS-CBN’s and in that competition she was the part of the team named as Sarah Geronimo. In 2014 she joined the star music as its recording artist.  On March, 2014 for the first time she releases her firsts studio album and gave her the title of Morissette. In January, 2014 she became the part of the show ASAP officially for the first time  This programme take place by the afternoon of Sunday on ABC-CBN’s because of her whistle prowerss they introduced her as homegrown divas. At the present time she is one of the Birit Queen of  ASAP’s. She is running her own V-Line channel and she is the first Filipino artist who is having her own channel. On 13th August  she performed at the Music Museum in her very first and important concert and in her this concert she sung her old and new songs. Before this concert Morissette told that she wanted to prove  that she is versatile artist she also did the dance to broke the stereotypic thoughts. In 2018, Morissetta performed in her biggest concert. In her concert she introduced Regine Velasquez (her idol) who come with her for Morissette hit (duet) Akin Ka Na Lang and while sharing this all, she was unable to control the flow of her tears.

 Affairs Of Johanne Morissette

As most of the Celebrity tries to keep their personal life hidden so Morissette has also not shared anything about her love life and boyfriend and yet she is not engaged or married.

 Interesting Facts of Morissette Daug Amon

  1. She placed sound on TV5’s Star Factor at the age of fourteen.
  2. She won the Female Artist of the Year on M.O.R Pinoy Music Awards in August, 2016.
  3. She visited several countries for different concerts.
  4. She interviewed the Jessie for the music channel and she also got  an opportunity to sing a song with Jessie known as an international singer.
  5. Morissette is her stage name and she is also known as Asias Phoenix.
  6. Pop OPM R&B are her genres.
  7. She usually used Vocals, Guitars and Piano as musical instruments.

Status Of Jasmine Thompson On Social Media

She is having 6K followers on twitter and she post different pictures with her Instagram followers. She is also having many followers on you tube who are appreciating her music and provide her great support which increases her confidence and helping her to improve her skills.

Morissette Amon Social Media

Morissette Amon Instagram  Instagram

Morissette Amon Twitter        Twitter

Morissette Amon Facebook    Facebook

Morissette Amon YouTube      YouTube

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Nuria Roca needs to conquer the world




The television presenter Nuria Roca has a hashtag that never fails and she surely uses it on her Instagram feed for this reason: #I hope you serve the information. More subtle and innovative than the hackneyed “You are asking me a lot”, the talk show host from El Hormiguero reveals her look before anyone asks her where this or that is from because she knows in the end she would have to do it anyway. Thank you Nuria.

Last night she played a television talk show on the Pablo Motos program with her husband Juan del Val, Tamara Falcó and Cristina Pardo and for the occasion she chose the look that we would all wear from Monday to Sunday because, like the hashtag, it is unbeatable: jeans, shirt and surely comfortable high-heeled ankle boots or sneakers.

What was Nuria Roca wearing last night to conquer the world? Only two garments, but so universal and powerful that they did not require anything else:

1. A white shirt from Uterqüe with a V-neck and XL lapels. From this collection (sold out on the web) or from any previous one, as they have been a trend for several years, it is naive, romantic due to its mini-frills and trend. The sleeves with volume on the shoulder are always a hit and of course how good it looks with jeans…

2. Levi’s jeans , high-waisted and flared or straight. Light in color, they could undoubtedly be a pair of Ribcage , the model that suits him best and whose button even exceeds the navel line. Basic in appearance, they are irresistible, as they are the perfect wild card every time we think we are out of look. Pairing them with a white poplin shirt is always a 10.

Her Instagram

This interests you

Nuria Roca’s halftime look contains the three perfect trends: straight jeans, blazer and tocha sandals
Nuria Roca’s culotte pants accept any shirt
Your cowboy boots are going to be VERY jealous of these trending country boots by Nuria Roca
If checkered trousers are autumn, Nuria Roca’s wide trousers are a TREND

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