Teagan Croft Few Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Teagan Croft is an Australian actress who is best known for her appearance in the movie ‘The Osiris Child’ in 2016. She played the role of Indi Sommerville in the movie. Croft is a newcomer to the entertainment industry and is in the process of building her own fan base. So far, she has been well received by the public, but we still don’t know enough about her. You probably don’t know much about her yet, but we think this rising young star is going to make a big career out of it. Here are few things you probably didn’t know about her.

1. Teagan Croft doesn’t look his age

Teagan Croft is new to acting, and at first glance, you might think she’s sixteen. Surprisingly, she is only thirteen years old. This will be something that will serve you well in acting. She will open up more roles for her to play as she progresses in her acting career.

2. Teagan Croft started his career in Australia

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 05: Teagan Croft and Ryan Potter of ‘Titans’ attend IMDb at New York Comic Con – Day 1 at Javits Center on October 6, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for IMDb)

Teagan first came to the attention of industry professionals in her brilliant role as Scout in ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird.’ She later landed the lead role of Indi Sommerville in the feature film ‘The Osiris Child‘, it was her first role in a movie. Croft later appeared in a guest role on the Australian television series ‘Home and Away’. The series focuses on the residents of a small seaside town called Summer Bay. That place located in New South Wales, Australia. The program focuses on the life of the townspeople, narrating their ups and downs, their loves, joys, sorrows, and lives in general. Her character’s name on the show is Bella Longergan and she appeared for five concurrent episodes.

3. He gained more ground in ‘The Osiris Child

While Teagan didn’t get an initial placement for her work on ‘In and Out,’ she was given higher billing in ‘The Osiris Child.’ This helped put her foot a little firmer in the door for more TV and movie gigs. She played the role of Indi Sommerville in the popular Australian movie that was released in 2016. She has gotten off to a good start and is gaining momentum.

4. She is making her American film debut

This is a huge step forward for the young Australian. The teenager was cast in a role in the upcoming television series ‘Titans‘. Croft will play the role of Raven, which is a highly requested role. She’s the lucky girl and it’s kind of surprising, because Teagan is so new to movies that most people thought she would go with a more well-known actress. Well, this is Teagan’s chance to shine and show the world exactly what she’s capable of.

5. Teagan Croft has achieved a true first

Croft has earned the distinction of being the first actress to portray the DC Raven comics. the live action production is currently in the pre-production stage of development. So far, we know that Croft is scheduled to appear in 2018, in episodes 1.11.2 and 1.3. They’re not leaking any more information than this, but for her new and growing fan base, this is great news. We think you can expect to see and hear a lot more from Teagan Croft in the near future.