30 Best Stock Market Movies Of All Time

If you are really interested to know about how to make money by the stock markets. For that, you may find some novels based on the stock market or finance and college textbooks. Is it you feel boring? if so! you don’t need to be worried. everything have some other ways like entertainment and fun, so here is the way through which without getting bore you may learn about the stock market and finance so without all these things enter in the stock market through Stock Market Movies.


Yes, you should watch movies if you are not that much enthusiastic about books reading, some interesting and amazing movies or some interesting documents or research papers also help you out to understand about the stock market. Moreover, this is very easiest way to learn about the stock market within your comfort zone by sitting on your couch or in your bed with a laptop by watching these movies. We are helping out you in searching the stock market movies which you may watch on your weekends to learn about finance.

1. Inside Job (2011) Finance Documentary

This is in top of list of 30 Best Stock Market Movies Of All Time. This is the ever best movie about Wall Street which wins one Academy award and also best documentary this is not it. Furthermore, 8 other awards are also wins and about 26 nominations up till now. As this is an academy award-winning movies also best movie ever watch on the stock market about financial crises.in this movie there are interviews of the high profile also narration by Matt Damon, this movie all about the financial crisis, greed and fear what happens if these things leading up. this movie is based on true story which covers high profiles interviews with a great cinematography .

2. The Corporation (2003) Finance Documentary

This movie wins 11 film awards in the category of the documentary. This movie about a person who rises the corporation in an excellent way. This movie based on when a corporation’s status become equal to a person after the laws declared the rise of the corporation accelerated. Which means a corporation is also a legal entity which can buy properties on its name and has its legal ownership. if happens so, is it good for the society and what’s the psychological status that kind of person if deals corporation like a person. This is a good movie even if watch it again and again.

3. The China Hustle (2018) Finance

This movie 2 times nominated in (New Release) Capitalism rewards this award for those who work hard and the story is about those persons who have the ability to take advantage from others. There are numerous reason why you should watch this movie as it discloses about a real-time scam which is in the USA in 2018 in the stock market. it tells what happens after the 2007 financial crisis, also about investing in china stock market. This movie unfolds the china story of the stock market even everyone wants to take part in it.

4. The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)

This movie is in 4th of list of 30 Best Stock Market Movies Of All Time, wins 1 award and nominated for 3 other awards. This movie based on story about corruption, arrogance and greed. not about the board of Enron. Disclose the scam of the 21st century how it will be created and what its circumstances are. If you are facing financial crime and hiring a layer so this movie will help you out to overcome many situations regularity authorities and investigators. this movie expose deep inside candles which are lied barely all you can watch in this movie. a movie which tells you high-level scandals.

5. Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) Finance Documentary

This movie nominated more than 12 times and wins 4 awards which is remarkable. Michael Moore is the one who makes this movie fantastic and award-winning because as his previous movies he has a cause he tries his best face difficulties to achieve what he thought to do. he fights for his cause no one can stop him to fulfil hi cause he never shirks away from the challenges. Michael Moore again back into action to entertain ultimately I must say this is a great movie.

6. The Big Short (2015) Finance True Story

this is again a finance-based true story which wins one Oscar award and 37 other awards this is a big achievement for any movie by its awards we can images how strong story it has. This movie has been nominated about 79 times. This movie is based on finance there are few people who don’t want to invest money into banks because of 2007 crises. The amazing thing of this movie is the way Lewis elaborates on the after-effects of the credit crunch. This movie is all about investments when banks think to achieve more investments and profit. A great lesson of the failure of investments by the banks rather than to gain new profits by new projects loses investments.

7. Barbarians at the Gate (1993) True Story

This is another true story who wins two golden globes awards and 6 other awards also,And more than 16 times nominated. This movie is all about the R.J.R. Nabisco how the leveraged buy-out. All about a bottle who want to gain this conglomerate. In the buyout competition the Wall Street hiring new professions. it is all about Greed who think greed is everything to grab the rich peoples this is the thing which makes anything worst. This movie is all about mergers and acquisitions and about the deals. This is the success of Wall Street firms.

8. The Ascent of Money (2008) Finance Documentary

This movie won one International Emmy award. Niall Ferguson is the person who,find out the history of money when and how it comes. Find out the causes of how it makes things easier to buy and exchange who we can easily evaluate things value, and what are the dominating factors in our society. In which way money transformed thing in this real world where we live? Might be you are having a coffee while watching or reading this information but sometimes things not easy. Anyhow, still, this movie is a reward which helps us to understand how this society works what is its structure and how it helps us in our lives as it is.

9. Chasing Madoff (2010) Stock Market True Story

This movie is based on a book named “No one would listen” which is written by Harry Markopolos a great writer. This is a thrilling story about the fall and rise of Bernie Madoff and all about the difficulties and risks are taken by the  Markopolos through which Exchange Commission and securities take action against him. While reading this book I was so amazed and annoyed for Markopolos. You should watch this movie how hard it is for the companies to take benefits of lazy money. Heads off to Markopolos, what a great book and a movie it is with a great work of cast acting which make it remarkable.

10. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Stock Market True Story

This is another masterpiece of stock market movies and number 10 in list of 30 Best Stock Market Movies Of All Time. This movie breaks the records of award-winning. This movie wins 5 Oscar awards nominations and 38 other awards. This movie is based on a book and movie name is same as the book name. This movie is full of entertainment and also directed very well. I must say this movie is really a Hollywood masterpiece and great achievement. Dicaprio charismatically played with the character but still, there are some points where we can see flaws which could be overcome. The actual book and audiobook is much batter as there is no shortage of time. The book provides more details and the mental issues in a brief way issues such as alcohol-related challenges and drugs by the Jordan Belfort. Throughout the way of the “street” to on the way to “a Wall Street hotshot” with his empty life, personal jets and mansions.

11. Rogue Trader (1999) Stock Trading True Story

This movie is based on the Nick Leeson Book “Rogue Trader”, this story is all about a bank how he takes risks for the big investments which are taking by the star firm. What are the risks are taken for the big investments what are the advantages and disadvantages of risks and for the big achievements? This movie shows how governance is facing risk management before and after and even still they are facing how hard it is for them and also banks. It is all about how strong your mental health should be for facing all these issues it is not an easy task.

12. Too Big to Fail (2011) Finance Documentary

This movie wins 5 awards and more than 3 Golden Globe Nominations. Although, the U.S. financial system is at the top of the world.This film is based on a book which is same as movie name. This movie is all about government and Wall Street how they work to regulate it. this movie point out the major cause of fall big companies as such still there is not any rule or precautions which will helpful for them to grow not to fall. This movie might make you amazed but not shocked.

13. Freakonomics (2010) Finance Documentary

This movie was nominated in the Warsaw International Film Festival. This is such a fascinating filmed or documentary all about human nature. it is all about how the world is linked with us what are the actually causes. This movie is based on a book if you are interested in the stock market then you should not miss this movie. Sometimes it may feel you dry but still, it will show you a different way to see the world and economics after that your views about world and economics changed because you know the debt of all these things.

14. Floored (2009) Stock Trading Documentary

This movie is directed by James Allen Smith, this movie is classic cauterization this is all about the Chicago Board of Options exchange floor. It tells how alpha male traders make things happen how things are now and how these were. This movie is a very good collaboration with technology and the stock market. How things become easy and faster, what are the changing technology brings? Although technology changes many things but still physical money transfer exists from hand to hand counter to counter on the floor.

15. Wall Street Warriors (2006) Wall Street Documentary

This movie is based on the mental health change by the financial circumstances. Wall Street always comes with great things. In this movie, it represents a human how its mental health in stress when there is up and downs in the job. A person who has plan invests make strategies for his survival to secure his future. In this movie there is a great lesson for everyone not to trust anyone else except you. In the end, you are the only one to whom you can trust and only you are who is since with yourself at the end it’s all about you.

16. Banking On Bitcoin (2017) Finance documentary

This is a documentary film based on Bitcoin and banking. This movie is all about how Bitcoin came into being and it is all about technology which makes it Block Chain.Banking on Bitcoin is a documentary film highlighting the birth of Bitcoin and the underlying technology that drives it, the BlockChain. If there is anybody who is confused by the technology, who wants to learn how things work. So this movie will help you a lot. There are interesting and informative interview in this movie with Block Chain and Bitcoin in the documentary. There are hundreds of fans of Bitcoin who love digital crunchy and loved to do trade online by this. But the reality is Bitcoin in 2018 many persons lost their money who invest in Bitcoin which is quite a big amount. This is a big loss in 2018 you may learn more about it in this movie.

17. Margin Call (2011) Stock Market Fiction

This movie got 8 awards and 1 Oscar nomination. This movie is all about the crisis of 2008 what happens at that time. What are the major causes and its circumstances? This movie is about 24 hours how situation changes and what are the risks and challenges are being faced at that time. This movie I must say like a roller coaster which will ride you.

18. Boiler Room (2000) Stock Market Fiction

This movie nominated more than 9 times and wins 1 award. This movie is all about Pump and Dump of scheme operators. An amazing movie which tells all the challenges we are still facing even these days. This is about how it would be if you got too much money if you caught by these things what will happen too much money is also a problem. Money itself is a curse if somebody got by money how hard it is for him to get rid of it.

19. Wall Street (1987) – Stock Market Fiction

This is such a mind-blowing movie which wins one Oscar and 9 other awards also. I can bet you must watch this movie already if not then you should. This movie is about 80s stock market. What kind of stock market it was. This movie is about “Gordon Gekko”Which every trader isknown about it. “Greed is good” is the thing which makes everything possible to get higher and countless money.

20. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) — Finance Fiction

This movie got 5 awards and one time nominated for the Oscar. in this its number 20 of 30 Best Stock Market Movies Of All Time. This movie cast is outclassed which make this movie masterpiece like Alec Baldwin, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey and Al Pacino. This is an amazing movie to watch even this world is full of tensions, depression and anxiety. Story of this movie is about phone marketing or you may say telemarketing. This is one of the toughest jobs on the earth where words are the only key which you can use 99 % chances of your loss but only a 1 % chance you can win. Such a classic movie it is.

21. Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps (2011) Stock Market Fiction

This movie won one award and one time nominated for Golden Globe. this movie is about a person Gekko who come out from the prison and have some plans to get success but the thing is not on his side he tried his best even for gain what he plans or dreaming about he has to left his family. Life is not easy for everyone to get what you think is not always possible.

22. Arbitrage (2012) Finance Fiction

This movie wins 4 awards and one time nominated for Golden Globe. Richard Gere has a huge fan following there are few persons who not like him. This movie is focus on a fund manager, who tries to get more, and try his best to overcome his misdeeds, which he has done in the past. Actually he commits a crime which is usually in Hollywood style he tries everything to demolish his past to secure his future. Let’s watch this movie and find out how much he is able to overcome this.

23. Trading places

this is such a good movie all about how many persons work hard to get success in a comedy mode but 15 minutes of the movie is very important which make anybody rethink once again. There are many factors which place work like backbone and help out others to establish. This movie is all about how trading companies and persons are replaced by others. How things are work and how they are related to each other. How things are manipulated by the others or in authority peoples. To get success is not a child play. Many things involve in any persons’ success.

24. Equity (2016)

This movie is by Meera Menon based on financial thrills. Naomi Bishop is basically a banker who’s doing the job as investors, who try best to reach on the top. She is facing many difficulties prosecutor is being watched her because he considers her corrupt. There are many situations which she facing and to prove herself not guilty she untangled a website which is linked with corruption but her activity make the situation worse for her rather than good for her. She is even betrayal by one of her colleague who tries to ruin everything and up to some extent, that person succeeds. While all these things she is losing her clients confidence which another problem for her to face.

25. The Bank Job (2008)

This movie nominated two times. This movie is all about a bank the negative point of this movie is all things are assumed in it. The story starts when a lady tells that this bank will not have any alarm in 7 days all bank persons in tension how to overcome this situation. For that they try their best to approach the safest building nearby them. They shifted all their money in that building and they try their best to make that building safe as much as they can. This is such a funny situation at that time just like Tom and Jerry cartoons. In the end, they still not able to fulfill their security challenges.

26. Casino Jack And The United States Of Money

The film is based on fraud and a massive corruption scandal. This movie is about Washington, D.C. lobbyist, the con man and businessman. Con man is Jack Abramoff who did fraud in this movie and the whole story runs round about him. There are also other persons involved with him two Bush White House officials, Bob Ney, congressional staffers and nine other lobbyists.  Abramoff was found guilty of fraud, tax evasion in 2006 and conspiracy. this is not it also meals, sports trips in return of political favors an expensive gift also.

27. Rollover (1981)

Rollover (1981)

This movie is based on economics when throughout the world face economics crash. There are two persons who have a lot of money and according to the circumstances; they feel their net worth is useless. So after that they try their best to support the economy up to some extent they are able to overcome this situation. Also they try to figure out what are the root causes of this situation at the end they find the reason and hair the workers. They try to make sure this situation not create again.

28. Dealers (1989)

This movie is about investment when they lose 1 million all the investors are into big trouble they try to figure out but still not an easy task. Even one of managing person commits his suicide in the meeting room thins thing make this situation more crucial. Then they hair Anna to overcome this situation she tries her best to make things good. up to some extent, she figures out but still, there are many complications.

29. Other People’s Money (1991)

This is an award-winning movie in our list of 30 Best Stock Market Movies Of All Time its number 29. This movie is based on a drama with the same movie name by Jerry Sterner. This is an American movie. This is an informative movie in a comedy-drama. Still, there are lots of things to learn in this movie. This movie is about a person come and meet with the managing director and tells him the weakness in the company. So he talks to her stepdaughter she talks one of his fellows they try to figure out the situation, in the end, everything in good condition and they define their shares.

30. The Associate (1996)

This is an American movie about the women empowerment. There is a woman who is working in an organization she is very hardworking and intelligent. He tries her best but one day she got promoted. In that society there is man dominating, she feels her promotion is not based on her performance but for being a woman. She thinks about it and tries to make her own tower where she can prove herself. Throughout the movie, she tries her best to slap on men’s face what is the power of women.