Social Networking Platform Soul App Attends WAIC, Displaying its NAWA Engine

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Recently, World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2022 (hereinafter referred to as WAIC) has been held in Shanghai, China, whose theme is “Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Multiverse”. Soul App a famous social networking platform attends this conference and showcases its recent technology achievement.

Having been successfully held for four years, WAIC has now grown into a transformative meet for tech startups, AI industry players and scale-up businesses to study more about the AI ecosystem and showcase their new innovations.

Based on the interest graph, Soul App provides a social networking platform for Gen Z. This app was first launched in 2016 and has gradually developed into a social playground where young generations prefer to gather and connect. At the start of 2021, this platform envisioned creating a social metaverse and devoted itself to the establishment of a worldwide metaverse portal.

Currently, Soul App serves as a pressure-free, inclusive social playground. Users of Soul App are shielded from the mounting strain that typically results from a convoluted web of social ties in the real world. Some users consider it to be a secure, anonymous “tree hollow” where they can freely express themselves. Besides, Soul App users have the freedom to create, share, and connect.

Soul App’s latest technology innovations include its Lingxi recommendation system and NAWA engine. The former is a sophisticated recommendation engine built on Soul App’s user portrait. Using strong algorithms to identify users’ preferences and features, this recommendation system enhances user consumption and interactive experiences, and supports users in establishing social relationships with high efficiency and quality.

The various scenarios on Soul App breed massive volumes of user behaviors. By integrating the user portrait system of various scenarios, the Lingxi recommendation system eliminates the issue of isolated information.

Soul App’s self-developed NAWA Engine is a result of its in-house imaging and graphics rendering technology and creative artistic design capabilities. Rendering, AI and picture signal processing are all magically incorporated within one SDK. A corresponding editor is created concurrently for customized manufacturing.

NAWA has led the market in areas like technical R&D and art design, particularly in the ability to create 3D avatars. Expression recognition provided by NAWA is robust and effective. It supports multiple points of the face identification, covering every tiny detail of your face. Meanwhile, NAWA can generate thousands of unique expressions based on its 56 core expressions. For instance, the identification of the lips and eyes has more than 20 dimensions of expression variation.

Technology innovations breed user growth and loyalty. More than 59% of Soul App users are thought to be very active on this platform. They log for at least 15 days per month. More than 9.3 million users are enjoying their distinctive social experiences there.

Currently, Soul App’s metaverse layout focuses on three primary areas. It first aids users in creating virtual avatars based on 3D technology. When users register for this platform, they can craft their personal avatars, which marks the birth of their virtual identity and lays a basis for their future metaverse exploration.

Second, by leveraging the platform’s AI and data analysis technology, Soul App continuously enhances information identification and user marking features to enable users to find like-minded partners who hold the same views and interests.

Every Soul App user is required to attend a quiz during the registration process. Later Soul App will generate the interest graph based on their results and carry them to the planet they belong to. Then Soul App properly suggests to each user with selected content and other individuals who have similar personalities, hobbies, and interests thanks to advanced AI and machine learning technology.

Third, Soul App is still researching and developing cloud virtualization technologies in order to enhance users’ interactive experience. Soul App is always in pursuit of technological innovation and function optimization. It aims to bring users more surprises.

Today, Soul App users can already create avatars freely and enjoy virtual but authentic immersive social interaction and experience. Industry insiders believe the day they can truly experience the final form of social metaverse is in the near future.

Analyzing Soul App’s success, we can easily find that technological innovation serves as a stepping stone for its rapid development. Science helps humans break cognition limitations and technology makes everything possible. WAIC provides a platform for enterprises and scholars to communicate their recent achievements and reshape the future with advanced technology. Soul App, as a vanguard in social metaverse, will continue taking advantage of AI technology and exploring the next chapter of metaverse.