SetSail Raises $26M in Series A Funding

SetSail Raises $26M in Series A Funding

SetSail 26m series, an AI-powered platform with a San Mateo, California, basis that blends behavioural science and analytics to increase revenue per sales agent, has raised $26M in Series A funding.

Wing Venture Capital, Team8 Capital, and Operator Collective, who are already investors, also took part in the round, which brought the total fundraising to date to $37M. The round was led by Insight Partners.

The funds will be used by the business to expand its product, marketing, and customer success teams.

SetSail, a company that employs AI to find the buying signals required to finish deals, was founded in 2018 by former Google machine learning experts and is run by CEO Haggai Levi. The platform then transforms these signals into suggestions for sales representatives, offering micro-prizes (such as monetary rewards and recognitions) for choosing the optimal course of action and forming positive selling habits.

As a part of its signal-based selling platform, SetSail offers the following three products:

SetSail Collect, a platform that combines all sales data from many sources into an unified perspective;

SetSail Discover is an AI engine that enables laser-focused selling on deals that matter and has more than 370 prescriptive buying signals; and

SetSail Accelerate employs real-time micro-incentives to reward salespeople for the proper activities throughout the customer engagement and boost sales motivation.

At the moment, more than 5,000 sales representatives across organisations including Cisco, Dropbox, and Pendo use SetSail.

Sales teams are seeing a 15-20% improvement in their sales associates’ productivity after implementing SetSail in only a few weeks. Sales managers view this new technology as a game-changing approach to increase team engagement and productivity.