Queen Victoria Bio

Short history of Empress (1819 –1901)

Queen Victoria was born twenty four could 1819. Aged eighteen she became Queen of nice United Kingdom and he or she went on to rule for sixty three years – at the time – she was the longest-serving Monarch in Europe. She dominated through a amount of British imperialism with nation Empire increasing and he or she became Emperor of Republic of India. She came to stand for AN era of social political theory and economic growth.
She was the granddaughter of George III, and her father, Edward was fourth in line to the throne. However, her father’s three brothers all died without leaving any living relatives. She was crowned Queen on 20 June 1837 and ruled until her death 63 years later in 1901.

Early life

Her childhood till the age of eighteen was closeted and thoroughly controlled by her mother and her assistant John Conroy. Her mother, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld unbroken Victoria terribly shut and allowed her very little real-life expertise. She was noted with a strict set of rules and laws referred to as the ‘Kensington System’. Victoria represented her childhood as “rather melancholy.” In 1830 her grandparent George III died. He was succeeded by King King of Great Britain, however in 1837, he additionally passed on to the great beyond, that means the crown passed onto Victoria WHO was aged solely eighteen, and somewhat unprepared for the role.

One of her 1st choices was to chop free from her mother and gain a lot of independence from the dominant atmosphere she had been noted in. She additionally took her new duties terribly seriously. On her ascendence to the throne, she said:

“Since it’s happy Providence to position Maine during this station, I shall do my utmost to fulfil my duty towards my country; i’m terribly young and maybe in several, tho’ not altogether things, inexperienced, however i’m certain that only a few have a lot of real smart can and a lot of real need to try and do what’s match and right than I actually have.” Queen Victoria, Extract from the Queen’s Journal, Tuesday, twentieth Gregorian calendar month 1837.


After her investiture, Victoria met several potential suitors from Royal homes across Europe. She fell gaga with blue blood Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in Federal Republic of Germany. there have been married in 1840. Victoria and blue blood Albert had a awfully shut, intimate relationship and she or he represented the intensity of feelings towards her beloved husband. She wrote in her diary shortly when their wedding.

“MY love love pricey Albert … his excessive love & fondness gave Maine feelings of heavenly love & happiness I ne’er may have hoped to own felt before!”

– Queen Victoria.

In the same year as her wedding, Victoria gave birth to her 1st kid – a girl named Victoria. they’d 9 kids in total. She found maternity and accouchement troublesome and once exclaimed. “An ugly baby could be a terribly nasty object – and therefore the prettiest is frightful.”

Queen Victoria and Nineteenth-Century

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The nineteenth Century was a time of new growth for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in term of each business and Empire. though her quality ebbed and flowed throughout her reign, towards the tip of her crown, she had become an emblem of British imperialism and pride.

The Victorian amount additionally witnessed nice advances in science and technology. It became referred to as the steam age, sanctioning individuals to simply travel throughout the united kingdom and therefore the World.

Queen Victoria was emblematic of this era. She was associate warm supporter of a people Empire. She celebrated at Lord Kitchener’s ending within the Sudan; she supported British involvement within the warfare. She was additionally happy to command over the growth of a people Empire, that was to stretch across the world. In 1877 Victoria was created Empress of Republic of India, in an exceedingly move instigated by the imperialist statesman. Famously, at the tip of the Victorian amount, individuals may say ‘the sun ne’er assail a people Empire.’

Queen Victoria was conservative in her politics and social views. She opposed women’s rights and was socially conservative. This crystal rectifier to associate unfortunate episode. once she saw a servant WHO perceived to be pregnant, Victoria claimed she was having associate affair. The Queen truly created her take a take a look at to prove she was a virgin. The take a look at was positive and therefore the growth in her abdomen was truly a style of cancer; a number of months later the servant died, and Victoria suffered a decline in her quality as a results of this episode.

In the early a part of her reign, she became a detailed friend and intimate of the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne. She spent several hours reprimand him and relied on his political recommendation. Lord Melbourne was a Whig, with conservative attitudes. He tried to protect Victoria from the acute economic condition that was endemic in components of the united kingdom.

Queen Victoria was additionally extremely dedicated to her husband, blue blood Albert; along they’d 9 kids. once blue blood Albert died in 1861, at the age of forty one, Victoria went into deep mourning and struggled to beat this loss. She became reclusive and was reluctant to look publicly. Parliament and Disraeli had to use all their persuasive power to urge her to open parliament in 1866 and 1867. Her concealment from the general public crystal rectifier to a decline in quality. However, by the tip of her reign, her quality was rehabilitated. This was partially because of the increase of nice United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because the leading state of the age.

For varied reasons, many makes an attempt were created on the lifetime of Victoria. These were largely between 1840 and 1882. She was invariably uninjured, however her lionhearted perspective helped to delight her to the general public.

Personality of Queen of England

Queen Victoria was palmy in depiction a public image of AN upstage Queen World Health Organization embodied the virtues of British Empire. In person, far from the general public glare, she was famous to be a mixture of honesty, plain-speaking however conjointly vulnerable to emotional outbursts and quite obstinate. “Great events build ME quiet and calm; it’s solely trifles that irritate my nerves.”

– Queen of England

Despite her social political orientation, she was dependent on her husband and greatly enjoyed disbursal time in shut proximity. However, even their relationship may be punctuated with loud, emotional arguments. Despite perceptions of her being dry and high, members of the unit explicit she might have a good sense of humor and laugh hilariously.
The death of her husband in 1861 was a large blow and she was deeply affected with grief. She wore black and mourned for many years. Her grief was therefore intense, it affected the state. She struggled to beat the grief and Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel’s early death light-emitting diode to an additional worsening of relationships together with her initial son Edward VII – whom Victoria blessed for his pleasure seeker mode inflicting stress for his father Albert.
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