Pooh Shiesty faces life imprisonment

The Memphis rapper , whose bail was revoked earlier in June, recently rephrased a request to delay his trial. The author of “Should’ve ducked” will remain in custody, with the trial scheduled to begin October 25, 2021. Shiesty, 21, faces charges for an October 9, 2020 shooting of two men in Bay Harbor Islands, in Florida. Apparently, as part of a deal gone awry, Shiesty and his co-defendants, Bobby Brown and Jayden Darosa, set up a meet-up to buy cannabis and high-end sneakers.

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According to police reports, Pooh Shiesty and Brown shot the two men in the buttocks and hip. They left the scene in a McLaren which was caught on video, which then went viral. Williams rented the bright green McLaren to one of its alleged victims, identified in court documents as “Victim 1″. Apparently Shiesty ” intended to negotiate an extension of the rental of his vehicle as part of their transaction . ” The victims of the shooting survived with injuries.

FBI and Miami-Dade Police Department detectives investigating the October 2020 robbery linked Williams to the shooting via the serial number on a $ 100 bill he left behind. The “Back In Blood” rapper previously posted photos of the exact bill on his Instagram account a few days before filming. Essentially, social media was helping federal authorities to build their case.

The indictment charges Williams, Brown and Darosa with one count of conspiring to possess firearms for a felony of violence, conspiracy to commit robbery under the Hobbs Act, d ” have committed a robbery and used a firearm to commit a crime.

Each count carries a maximum penalty of 20 years if found guilty. He therefore risks life imprisonment.

Pooh Shiesty signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 label in early 2021, Gucci has yet to comment on the new move.