Nuria Roca needs to conquer the world

The television presenter Nuria Roca has a hashtag that never fails and she surely uses it on her Instagram feed for this reason: #I hope you serve the information. More subtle and innovative than the hackneyed “You are asking me a lot”, the talk show host from El Hormiguero reveals her look before anyone asks her where this or that is from because she knows in the end she would have to do it anyway. Thank you Nuria.

Last night she played a television talk show on the Pablo Motos program with her husband Juan del Val, Tamara Falcó and Cristina Pardo and for the occasion she chose the look that we would all wear from Monday to Sunday because, like the hashtag, it is unbeatable: jeans, shirt and surely comfortable high-heeled ankle boots or sneakers.

What was Nuria Roca wearing last night to conquer the world? Only two garments, but so universal and powerful that they did not require anything else:

1. A white shirt from Uterqüe with a V-neck and XL lapels. From this collection (sold out on the web) or from any previous one, as they have been a trend for several years, it is naive, romantic due to its mini-frills and trend. The sleeves with volume on the shoulder are always a hit and of course how good it looks with jeans…

2. Levi’s jeans , high-waisted and flared or straight. Light in color, they could undoubtedly be a pair of Ribcage , the model that suits him best and whose button even exceeds the navel line. Basic in appearance, they are irresistible, as they are the perfect wild card every time we think we are out of look. Pairing them with a white poplin shirt is always a 10.

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