Top 30 Netflix Comedy Shows To Watch

Netflix is one of the top trending American media service provider as well as a production company which was founded in 1997 and has its head-quarter in Los Angeles. The primary business of this company is commission-based streaming service by many tv movies, series, shows, theatres acted in this production house. All of these are offered on it by online streaming. It has millions of subscribers throughout the world, making it one of the top service provider company. Following are described Top 30 Best Netflix Comedy Shows to Watch.

Here is a list of top trending comedy shows that are gaining worldwide fame and attraction throughout the world and attracting millions of subscribers towards Netflix. You all must have a look at these to convert your boring day into joyous and entertaining ones.

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a very famous Netflix comedy series that is based on American police procedural fun. This series is created by Michael Schur as well as Dan Goor. The theme of the story revolves around an immature rather very talented NYPD detective named Jake Peralta, in Brooklyn’s fictional 99th Precinct. The basic humor of this series was in the confliction of Jake Peralta with the new commanding officer who was the very stern and serious captain named Raymond Holt. This comedy series was highly acclaimed for its cast by critics and also won many prestigious awards including Emmy awards, Golden Globe awards, and many others for being the best musical and comedy series. You must watch this award-winning comedy series.

  1. Arrested Development (2003)

Arrested development is another famous comedy Netflix series which is based on Mitchell Hurwitz’s sly and is her self-aware family sitcom. It is a very funny series and makes everyone laugh out louder. 3 seasons of this series have been rolled out establishing a freewheeling comic sensibility in people watching it. You would enjoy watching it and will have a sensibility of development in yourself.

  1. Big Mouth (2017)

Big mouth is a very interesting recent animated comedy series, popular on Netflix due to it’s themed cartoon point of view of going in the past. In this series, the creator of this series Nick Kroll along with his friends goes into the adolescent tween’s times of his life through an animated time machine. They together revive their life and enjoy all the joyous moments of their adult life. It is very famous among all Netflix’s mature toons. Watch it must, to revive your life too by imagining your memories.

  1. Billy On The Street (2011-present)

Billy on the street is based on games and game shows. It is specifically for those people who assume that games are a waste of time and stupidity. In this series, frenetic Billy Eichner mixed unsuspecting strangers as well as celebrity guests to create a fast-paced and addictive show that takes a broad takedown by doubling celebrity culture writing greater. It depicts wild one-off games and their importance, so you must watch it.

  1. BoJack Horseman (2014)

It is another animated Netflix series that emphasizes fighting with failure, depression and lonely behavior with many jokes and gags to make your mood lighter and happier. BoJack luckily lands his acting gig dream and gets his dream girlfriend, but unfortunately, life hits him hard again and again with hardships and cruel circumstances. In such circumstances, BoJack makes us laugh keeping aside all his difficulties.

  1. Chewing Gum (2015-2017)

Chewing gum is a very wild and vibrant hilarious comedy tv series which is written by Michaela Coel and follows Tracey which is a 24 years old naive virgin. I this series, Tracey lays to his dismay of her hyper-religious boyfriend and family. 2 short-lived seasons of this series have passed out. In both of them, in London Tracey bumbles around ridiculously around her small town, but in the end, she encounters very painful and awkward situations. This series is worth watching for millennial having bright eyes, who doesn’t get afraid of clumsiest moments.

  1. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (2012)

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is written by a famous comedian, who took his talent of expressive comedy in an eponymous way to Netflix and there also met Kate Mckinnon as well as Dave Chappelle. This series is based upon the antiquated crassness of insanely expensive cars brought from flaunting wealth which makes the show extremely funny, without being captured in any serious traps.

  1. Comedy Bang! Bang! (2012-2016)

This comedy series is written by Scott Aukerman and at first, it aired on the podcast. After getting success it appeared on television screens and got tv treatment. It includes famous comedians Andy Daly and Sarah Silverman. Both of them hit Aukerman’s couch along with special guests. This is based on improving magic as well as participating in off wall bits in the best way.

  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015-2019)

This series is quite a revolutionary one dictating the ways women treat each other as well as themselves, featuring a most diverse cast of comedians on Tv. This series is very sharp yet based upon subtle commentary. From the famous heroine Rebecca’s past traumas as well as compulsive behavior, CXG draws its rom-com antics and makes this series one of the best ones. For sure, it was a down-spiral but psychosis depicted in this have been very entertaining. You would never have seen such a psychosis.

  1. Documentary Now! (2015)

SNL vets Bill Hader and Fred Armisen made a tv series of documentary film-making by making fun of its self- seriousness. This tv series included everything from Nanook revisited. This series later became a parody of a famous Eagle’s documentary which was very funny itself in the past. This series is a combination of very less imitation and more memorable doc, so you much watch it.

  1. Friends (1994-2004)

This has been a very long-running and classical sitcom of olden times, but it never became old due to its outstanding sense of humor. This show is based upon comfort and familiarity among friends with the best cast’s chemistry and perfect timing shots along with eye-rolling laughter. Whenever you feel that you are lonely and have no real friend, you must watch it to have a good companion sensation.

  1. The Good Place (2016-2019)

This Netflix series is a sneaky after lie comedy series written by Mike Schur, in which cretin Eleanor who is a deceased of Kristen bells, erroneously was given a breth in the afterworld Heaven -Square. She was sent to a bad place by his friendly neighbor named Michael. She was forcefully taught good manners by her soulmate “Chidi”. But soon she realizes that the so-called Good place was a very complex place to live in. however, when you will watch it, you will feel it like tv heaven.

  1. GLOW (2017)

Glow is a Netflix tv series based on professional wrestling funnily. In this series, Darren Aronofsky who was a famous wrestler got inspired by the 80’s wrestling by a real-life woman while watching a wrestling’s promotion. He takes a sunnier approach later on. Alison Brie acts as a villain in it. Among pop culture, it is a very famous show that depicts fake sports in a very real way, so you must watch it.

  1. Grace And Frankie (2015)

This tv series is written by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris. It is based upon 2 septuagenarian friends, who express their love to each other and marry after being separating from each of their husbands. Both of them despite having children, marry secretly and give them a huge surprise. In this series, the writer hits the time won cliché that with growing age, everyone gets older.

  1. I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson (2019)

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson written by SNL akum Tim Robinson could be regarded as till now Netflix’s most successful comedy sketch series which displays both some recognizable faces as well as give chance to the upcoming faces in the field of acting. It can be said that this show is a featured sketch of short and hilarious series, which will leave you in tears and uncomfortable with both wither its magician suck tricks or best baby contests.

  1. Lady Dynamite (2016-2017)

This comedy show is a semi-autobiography of Maria Bamford which is dependent on a surreal spin and mental illness of her. This series became the sleeper hit for Netflix in Hollywood. Its executive producers were both Mitch Hurwitz as well as Pam Bardy. This comedy series include wordplay, sight gags as well as mockery of Los Angeles idiocy glore. Apart from that, t includes several comedy world cameos that may be either genuine self-introspection or extended fantasy sequences. Some of its episodes may be out of your mind but it will hook you with itself once you start watching it.

  1. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (2017) And The Gauntlet(2018)

This comedy series revolves around Nerdy Jonah Ray who gets locked in a spaceship and discovering it. This comedy series is written by Crow and Tom Servo, while produced by Joel Hodgson, who is a half-assed blockbuster with relentless force as well as new incarnation at late night schlock with pelts jokes. The specialty of this comedy show is that it features musicality of jokes with sounds that punctuate every bit of dead air in a spaceship as well as godforsaken movie choices. All the characters played their job very well. Think if you get stuck in a spaceship, what have u done? So, you much watch this series to discover and handle such a circumstance.


  1. New Girl (2011-2018)

This comedy series is something about buddies and roommates of an apartment full of bros. in this series, a freshly dumped elementary school teacher who is named Jess Day visits the homes of several men who do minimum functions of their apartments and lives. This comedy series is a sequential setup for the ridiculous mess around, burgeoning relationships as well as clashing personalities. The cast of this show is very hysterical and hilarious, that will keep you intrigued about Winston’s galactic sex portrait painted closet. There are deep bonding and chemistry among all the characters, who back and forth take you back to apartment 4D as the show goes on. You much watch it, as you will find it very interesting.

  1. The Office (2005-2013)

This comedy series is a 9 season long American adaptation that happens at the paper company of Dunder Mifflin. This series revolves around the humdrum employees of an office who know well that how to spend their time in office in a hilarious and good way despite wasting it in inappropriate behavior. All the characters involved in it has something to make us laugh out at them louder. They use to pull pranks on each other and conflict with each other’s thoughts in a funny way. This show also became a launch to the pinnacle career of Steve Carell who was playing the role of loveable idiot boss as Michael Scott. Their clashing personalities and humor make that ordinary workplace a comedy gold office.

  1. Parks And Recreation (2009-2015)

This comedy series written by Michael Shur and Greg Daniels converts a simple workplace to an extremely unsuspecting place by humor. This series was led by Amy Poehler as an extremely devoted public servant. This series included many incredible characters in a government office working together. Some of which include

  • libertarian boss Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman)
  • man-child shoeshiner Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt)
  • cynical intern April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza)
  • he glamorous Donna Meagle (Retta)
  • fuckin’ Jerry (Jim O’Heir)

and many more. All of them together put ridiculous bullshit. This show depicts their love with each other as well as with their town. It will touch your heart and make you overwhelmed so you must watch it.

  1. Portlandia (2011-2018)

This show is one of the IFC’s hit shows which made its way on Netflix in the year 2018 and still running at a good pace. There are many great things in it including

  • the bookstore
  • the goths
  • the Mayor
  • the spot-on sendup of hipster culture

and most importantly, the inimitable Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Shed a single tear by getting a bird tattoo, while watching it.

  1. Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2019)

This comedy series written by Victor Fresco leads a typical suburban family to an undead twist. Unlike many other shows which include the struggle to fight zombies or monsters, Santa Clarita Diet is a very funny show that revolves around the struggle against overeating and dieting. It is a typical sitcom in which Drew Barrymore was depicted as a flesh-hungering monster while Timothy Olyphant which was her husband was a tireless zombie-pleaser. Both of them try to placate Santa Clarita in a little shop of Horrors like fashion. This show is not for weak-stomached people, however, you much watch it as you are not the one.

  1. Schitt’s Creek (2015)

This comedy series is a genius flexing of Catherine O’Hara who played a role as Moira Rose in it exposing her full range of abilities with comedic genius flexing. The story of it is based on a wealthy rose family who buys and give a small Canadian town to their son in the early ’90s and then adjust their lives to live in it by struggling hard their royal lifestyles. Their grown-up children were David and Alexis., who share a room in a motel to adjust together. This comedy series is full of its cast’s whip-smart comedy instincts. And this is the perfect show which doubles the roast of an extremely wealthy family humorously.

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015-2019)

This comedy series is produced by Robert Carlock who takes people n the adventures of a girl that is freed from captivating fro 15 years by a doomsday cult leader. This play revolves around Ellie Kemper who plays the role of freed kidnapping victim and leads to a Big Apple without knowing how to live in a modern world. Luckily she meets a penny-pinching Titus, who was looking for a roommate desperately, takes her in and trains her the art of modern life livings. This series includes both drops of cynicism as well as a goofy sense of humor, so it will take you 3 binges to catch all the silly jokes of it.

  1. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp/10 Years Later (2015 & 2017)

This Netflix’s comedy series is based upon a willingness to poke fun at the very nature of sequel driven repetitive boom tv and series as experiences of same characters in the past decade. Amy Poehler, A-lister, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Rudd give extraordinary performances as the new faces of industry Jordan Peele and John Slattery. This show will never make you realize that you are watching and participating in a cynical nostalgia play.

  1. Master of None

Master of none, is a very famous tv series based on Dev who is a millennial whose life navigates around New York, to get a chance to start his career with a jump. This series comprises of extraordinary humor, heart, and charm due to which it achieved 3 Emmy as well as Golden Globe awards and many other nominations. These funny series include many subjects in it like subjects of religion, immigration, sexism as well as humor in a very compelling way. Besides romance and culture, it also has a soft touch of amazing soundtrack along with remarkable performances of all characters. You much watch this award-winning Netflix show because it will truly evoke you to be a better person, by enjoying the little joys of life as a precious treasure.

  1. One Day At A Time

One day time is a remake of a past sitcom of the ’70s, which revolved around a Cuban American family. the basic character of this show is a single mom who handles PTSD, her kids as well as her Cuban mother together living in a single space very manageably. Despite the humor, it also has a touch of different issues of society including mental illness, sexism, immigration, and racism. This series takes on a classical family sitcom formula fitting relatively in modern times, so you must watch it due to its touching nature and refreshing family relations.

  1. Dear White People

This Netflix comedy series is based upon a group of black students and their discrimination criticism in a predominantly white school. There they face social injustice. As there are many students in a school, so the general character changes every episode. All the episodes take place on the campus of a white school and show campus life and educational disturbances of many students. It is a very funny comedy series that will make you laugh as well as also ponder upon little discrimination in our society.

  1. Orange Is The New Black

It has been a very trending comedy show on Netflix due to its talented ensemble cast as well as wonderful scriptwriting. It revolves around a character named Piper, who was sentenced in her 30’s to 15 months. in Litchfield Penitentiary which was a minimum-security women’s federal prison. As the show goes on the basic focus shifts from Piper to Litchfield Penitentiary highlighting its important aspects as well as putting a spotlight on its security systems. Overall, this humorous show is a balanced mixture of grit and dark humor, making the audience having a look of life in the prison.

  1. Love

This has been another most popular Netflix comedy show which was based upon unconventional rom-com relations very down to earth and humble. This series covers many topics including dating, exploring female and male characters and their perspectives as well as opinions on romantic relationships. The main characters of this series were Gus and Mickey which played the roles of heartbroken characters. In a very serious relationship, both of them are shown very reluctant in terms of intimacy, love, relationships and many more. Both of them make an unlikely pair, due to which they can’t live together happily with opposite minds and perspectives. It has nothing close to sappy, instead of a very sweet comedy. You much watch t and find out that with whom your perspective of romantic relationship matches, wither with Gus or with Mickey and why?