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Thursday February 2, 1968, in Toulon. Rescue operations for the submarine La Minerve are suspended. Five days after the submersible disappeared, hope of finding survivors has vanished. “From the start of the rescue operation, we didn’t really believe in it anyway,” recalls Georges Kévorkian. At the time, this young engineer from the Directorate of Naval Construction was tasked with leading the rescue operations from Monday, January 29, two days after the last recorded communication with the submarine.

More than half a century later, Monday July 22, 2019, the submarine was found . The search for his wreck resumed Thursday, July 4 off Toulon by more than 2,000 meters deep, with advanced technological means. An Ifremer underwater research drone, capable of covering 10 km2 per day in a research area which has several hundred, had been launched, in connection with a surface oceanographic vessel, which analyzed the data reported each evening.

Will this discovery unravel the mystery surrounding the drama? How did the submarine sink? Damaged? Human errors? Technical problems ? A conjunction of the three ?. The army, which has never lifted the gray areas that surround it, will be able to give answers to families who were beginning to despair.


EAt the start of 1968, the waters of the Mediterranean were rough. The mistral blows at 100 km / h. It is under these conditions that La Minerve is preparing to carry out an exercise with an airplane. “The first to see the other has won” , explains Georges Kévorkian. The submarine dives as the Bréguet Atlantic, which took off a few minutes earlier from the naval air base of Nîmes-Garons, arrives in the area at 7.15 am. A first contact between the two devices is made four minutes later. But climatic conditions make communications difficult. At 7.45 am, the plane announces that it is giving up its last radar check, says Liberation . Ten minutes later, response from La Minerve by the voice of the second master Nicolas Migliaccio, in charge of the radio links:

I understand that you are canceling this check. Did you hear me?

This will be the last sign of the submarine’s life.

The following ? Mystery. On land and in the plane, due to the weather, we don’t really worry about this silence. La Minerve must return to port no later than Sunday, January 28, at 1 a.m. At the fateful hour, still nothing. Georges Kévorkian recounts the scene in his book, Accidents de submarine français 1945-1983 (ed. Marines): “Chief, I saw matafs [sailors] this morning … who told me that La Minerve was lost: it did not return to the base as planned ” , reports a worker.

The research officially started at 2:15 a.m. That is 18 hours and 25 minutes after the last communication from the submarine. La Minerve has around a hundred hours of oxygen, time is running out. The equipment at the time did not allow to probe the seabed very deeply. However, off Toulon, they can reach 2,000 m. It is precisely in this sector, south of Cape Sicié, that La Minerve carried out its exercise. Despite the twenty boats that came to help with the research, helicopters, planes and even Commander Cousteau’s diving saucer, the submersible remains nowhere to be found.

‘La Minerve’ probably sank 1,000 m deep. The only visible trace of the sinking was an oil stain on the surface.

The Armed Forces Information and Public Relations Service (Sirpa)
Present on the aircraft carrier Clémenceau mobilized for research, Joël Lannuzel, 30 years old at the time of the tragedy, says he “made tours and tours in the Mediterranean” . “Oil a single spot of course we never talk” , he argues. Second radio master on La Minerve from March 1962 to October 1965, he knew the building “like his pocket” . For him, only a “collision with another ship” could sink La Minerve . One hypothesis among others.


VSow could this 800 ton monster disappear without leaving the slightest trace? The vagueness remains half a century later. “For eight, ten days, we said anything and everything , remembers Thérèse Scheirmann-Descamps, widow of second master Jules Descamps. I was even asked not to read the newspapers.” We can see the blossoming of far-fetched theories like a Russian coup de force. Others are more plausible.

The most common ? A “snorkel” problem. It is in fact two tubes, one supplies air to the submarine, the other allows to reject the exhaust gases. When the building is in periscope immersion, that is to say a few meters from the surface, these pipes come out and water can enter them. Normally, a valve closes to prevent flooding. This January 27, 1968, an incident could have prevented this valve from functioning properly, La Minerve then filled and sank irreparably.

This Daphne-type submarine could dive up to 525 m. Beyond that, the hull cannot withstand the pressure. By sinking in this area off Toulon, La Minerve sank much lower and must have imploded. In his book, Georges Kévorkian mentions a “signal likely to result from the brutal crushing at a depth of 700 m of a ‘container’ containing about 600 m3 of air at atmospheric pressure” . A description that could correspond to the missing submarine. This signal was recorded by various seismological stations “at 7 hours 59 minutes and 23 seconds, to within a few seconds” . That is four minutes after the last communication from La Minerve .

This theory of the snorkel is however rejected by the writer since “a few minutes before its disappearance, it is not proven that the submarine was sailing with a snorkel” . The collision thesis, defended by Joël Lannuzel, was also considered. The area was used extensively by commercial vessels. But again, this was only one possibility among many.

Of course, we thought of a collision. But against what? Was a boat or any object found?

The Sirpa
There remains human error, which everyone refutes. All eyes turned to Commander André Fauve. Could he have initiated a too perilous maneuver, as Georges Kévorkian implies? Admiral Thierry d’Arbonneau, a young officer at the time of the accident, was one of Captain Fauve’s students. His description of a “hyper-competent” man makes this hypothesis unlikely. “He was our maneuver officer, he taught us to navigate. He had an obvious aura, he was young, calm, level-headed ” , explains the admiral. However, despite a “respected and recognized” captain , a trained crew and a vessel in good condition , La Minerve never ascended.


En sinking off Toulon, La Minerve left behind 52 bereaved families, 28 orphans and 17 widows. Martine Coustal is one of them. She was 18 at the time and was to marry Marcel Coustal, an electro-mechanic on board, a few days after the return of the submarine. Fifty years later, this woman with a singing accent from the south of France has not forgotten anything. “We always think about it, ” she breathes, ” but the most moving thing is to be at the place of the commemoration.”

On January 28, 1968, when she received a visit from her stepfather, she thought of once again approaching her next marriage. She is far from imagining the worst. She understands that day that her husband will never come back. The baby she is expecting will be an orphan. The boy will be born two months later and will be called Marcel. In tribute. She will marry posthumously on July 10, 1968 and will obtain the right to bear the name of Coustal. “The marriage was very, very difficult,” she admits. But despite the loss and the pain, Martine was never revenge.

He had chosen this life, I am for them to be left alone. Nothing will bring them back to us. You need to go forward.

Martine Coustal
Thérèse Scheirmann-Descamps, the widow of the second master Jules Descamps, she does not want to inflict new suffering on herself either. But, she hopes for answers. “We have been expecting it for fifty years , ” she says . 25 years old at the time of the tragedy, she also remembers: “On January 28, 1968, I was baking a cake for my husband whose birthday was. At 10 o’clock, I heard the sirens. At noon, we told me he would be late … I immediately understood that he would never come home. ” The following days are terrible. “I was calculating the number of hours he could live, while taking care of my children” , she slips. She also cannot help but imagine the suffering of the last moments lived on board by her husband and her companions.

For Thérèse, as for Martine, life takes over. Sometimes brutally. Their children grow up without their fathers. Absence is a heavy burden to bear. “There was great suffering, my daughter, who was going to be 3 years old when her dad died, had trouble building herself. My son also had great problems. ‘psychological support at the time ” , testifies Thèrèse Scheirmann-Descamps. For the two women, out of the question to miss the commemorations of the 50th anniversary, although it is “very painful” .

Jean-Paul Krintz, he will miss the call in Toulon. This former assistant manager on board La Minerve died a few months ago. He should have been on board the submersible on January 27, 1968. But, young married and at the end of his contract, he had been exempted from practicing. Gnawed by guilt, “he has always had a hard time forgetting all that,” admits Patrick Meulet, president of the “ruby” section of the General Association of Submariners (AGASM). In 2010, the former submariner said his discomfort in La Dépêche du Midi :

For forty years, I have remained closed. I didn’t feel out of place.

Jean-Paul Krintz
Perhaps he thought he should be with them, at the bottom of the Mediterranean, with his companions. This place that has never really been identified and that works so hard for families. “When you lose someone, you want to know where they rest,” insists Thérèse Scheirmann-Descamps.


VSworryingly years later, with improved techniques, new research could have been done, but nothing was ever done. “We could have relaunched them , protests Patrick Meulet. To say that we cannot find him is shocking, especially since we know the sector where he is supposed to be.” The president of AGASM joined the navy one year, to the day, after the drama of La Minerve and supports the families’ desire for truth. How? ‘Or’ What ? Why ? Where ? These are the questions that resonate in people’s minds. “Why such silence?” asks Thérèse Scheirmann-Descamps. Are things hidden? “How do you explain an accident when we have never found anything? ” Defended the Information and Public Relations Service of the armed forces in 2000.

The authorities could not decently repeat ‘we don’t know anything’ forever. What would it have served? But they didn’t try to hide anything.

Eighteen years later, the rhetoric has not changed. Captain Bertrand Dumoulin, spokesperson for the French Navy, confirms that “the causes of the accident have never been elucidated” .

“The Eurydice was indeed found when we went down to 1000 m” , contests Patrick Meulet. He knows what he is talking about. Patrick Meulet was on board the submersible, another Daphne-type submarine, three months before its sinking on March 4, 1970. Before sinking in the Mediterranean, the Eurydice had also served for the national homage paid to the crew of La Minerve by General De Gaulle, February 8, 1968.

By embarking on board for a dive, despite its size – 1m96 – and its overweight, the President of the Republic had greeted these “volunteers who had accepted the sacrifice in advance and who had made a pact with danger” . “The general liked the strength of the symbol , recalls Admiral Thierry d’Arbonneau. He wanted to prove that the nation was united in this tragedy and to show the confidence he had in the submarines and their crews.” This “pact with danger” , recalled by De Gaulle, is one of the reasons why no legal action has been taken by the families: “Never in our life, we would have done that!” Says Thérèse Scheirmann -Some camps. Out of respect for the function and commitment of submariners. ”

The Eurydice and La Minerve , two “Daphne”, were the prestige of the French navy – and there could have been a third drama but the Flore avoided the sinking on February 19, 1971 (the snorkel had been clearly implicated and improvements were made in the wake to avoid new accidents). Between 1965 and 1975, around ten Daphne-type submersibles were sold to South Africa, Pakistan and Spain. Did economic interests dictate the army’s silence? “Clearly, no! Replied Bertrand Dumoulin. If the cause of the accident were known, it would have been absurd not to communicate it to our foreign partners.”

“I blame the staff. They were able to hide something, we do not know why” , does not budge Patrick Meulet. He, like the families of the missing, cling to this fiftieth anniversary of the tragedy. After this date, the secrecy surrounding La Minerve should be lifted. Thérèse Scheirmann-Descamps is impatiently awaiting this.

Twenty years after the tragedy, we were told to wait. At thirty and forty too. There are limits, it’s starting to do well.

She hopes. For her. For his children. Without really believing it. Patrick Meulet, either, is not convinced that all the light will be shed on the drama. Because the army could very well keep silent about possible answers. And justify once again its nickname “Grande Muette”. Patrick Meulet sighs: “We hope that after fifty years, we will succeed in making her speak.”


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Clash of Clans Mod APK v13.576.7 | Download Latest Version




Clash of Clans Mod APK v13.576.7 Download

In on the internet stores, there are numerous games available to bet totally free. However none of them shows us exactly how to methods in the long term. The game we are going to discuss is influenced by old times.

When kings and also their nations use them. Kings need to produce their city, and also they have to take care of their villagers. King needs to construct his Kingdom himself without any help. Mining, farming, gathering are considerable resources that a king have to focus on to feed his Kingdom.

Supercell studios carried out all these points right into a mobile phone video game and also brought to life Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans, also known as COC, is a really critical video game. Although the look of this game might look juvenile, the mind and persistence needed to play this game resemble a real king.

Just like old times, players need to construct their clans; they need to create a different structure for different uses and facilities. Gamers can update their statistics by executing tasks given up the video game. Start constructing your Kingdom from the little village as well as transform it right into a heaven.

Today there are millions of gamers playing this video game. With every brand-new upgrade, a brand-new attribute is included in the game. Yet this game is difficult to overcome this video game. Nonetheless, most of the players intend to ace the game. Well, we have actually discovered a means which will lead you to ace the game. Please check out ahead to recognize more.


Name                             Clash of Clans

Compatible                    4.1+

Most Recent Version     13.576.7.

Developer                     Supercell.

Price                              Free.

Size                               148.97 MB.

MOD                              Yes.

Category                        Strategy.


Clash of Clans APK

This video game created by Supercell studios is both regarding dishonesty and also friendship between two kingdoms. You’ll require to produce your soldiers for the safety of your Kingdom’s boundary. When you start the video game, you need to build every little thing like mines which will certainly provide the Kingdom essential sources like gold, stones, and so on. The farm has to be created to offer food to citizens of the village.

As you gradually create these requirements. You’ll require to upgrade your castle frequently. Castle wall surfaces, mines, ranches, barracks and so on are things which have to be updated to a specific level; to upgrade Royal residence of the Kingdom. When you are ready with enough resources and also troops in your hand, this is the moment for expansion of your power; assault your neighboring castles as well as take their sources to make your Kingdom rich and rich.

While levelling up your statistics, you will certainly discover different beasts. It would aid if you likewise had buddies that will sustain you when another one attacks your Kingdom. To maintain your Kingdom risk-free either sign up with an alliance or produce one. Additionally, you will need to utilize your distinct dragon to become powerful.

As well as do not forget to upgrade your watchtower as this will certainly signal you if your adversary Kingdom is involving assault you. At last, the only thing for which this game revolves around is the maximum degree of the city center. Upgrade your town hall to its maximum level.

Attributes of Clash of Clans Mod APK

Distinct Magical Powers

While battling with various other kingdoms, you will certainly march with your troops in the direction of opponent Fort. Your soldiers will have different kinds of capacities and enchanting powers. It’s up to you that just how do you use your army to demolish the enemy realm. As we said earlier, this is a method game, so the much more strategic you more are the chances of your winning. The most effective means to develop soldiers is by combining various powers with different units. King whose troops are much more imaginative as well as active will win the war. There will certainly be devices you can make use of like Seige machine, bomb shooter and so on will certainly make more devastation. Dealing even more damages will assist you in levelling up quicker.

New Events And Also Challenges

When you constantly focus on one point in the video game. It sooner or later ends up being boring. So to provide gamers even more interest while playing the game. Supercell studios regularly create new events and also challenges where players can take pleasure in something brand-new. All the events are time-limited, so when the moment of an event finishes the incentives for involvement in the event is additionally dispersed. As for the challenges, they likewise obtain regularly upgraded. All this creates a brand-new stimulate of difficult competition in players. Occasions and difficulties are likewise the primary factor behind dependency of Clash Of Clans.

Graphics Top Quality

There are lots of rivals of Clash of Clans in the marketplace, yet any rival never offered it’s customers graphics high quality like COC. Clash of Clans gives great high-quality graphics. However, the game provides HD graphics in addition to that the packing rate of the whole video game screen is fast also, which gives a possibility to players having a poor internet connection to appreciate the video game smoothly.

With this mod apk, you’ll have the ability to do anything you want to perform in the game. Gamers will certainly be offered unlimited coins and also rubies. For healing soldiers, unlimited potions are offered too. As for resources they are additionally offered in boundless amount so that you can construct any building with no interruptions. Overall, this is a God mod apk which gives players every leisure they desire.

Download Clash of Clans Mod APK v13.576.7 Latest Version 2020

  1. First of all download Clash of Clans( COC) Mod APK v13.576.7 from below web link provided.
  2. Now uninstall original version, if you installed.
  3. Now install COC Mod APK which you have actually downloaded.
  4. Open the app as well as login with your account.
  5. That’s it you have actually successfully installed Clash of clans mod APK hacked variation in your device.
  6. Now appreciate Unlimited Cash in your account using Clash of Clans Hacked Variation apk.
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ApunKaGames Illegal Download Games For Free




We don’t Market any sort of illegal download of games in addition to such websites should only be made use of proper caution. This article doesn’t encourage or advocate this site or any other banned sites to install and set up movie game in any fashion. This brief article has only been composed for the consciousness of people relevant to the bad and excellent sequences brought on by taking advantage of these illegal web sites.

We don’t Try to violate any laws and solitude policies. We don’t assist or market pirated substance at all. Piracy is a act of criminal action and we believe it a serious offence. We aim to inform individuals about this issue and leave them on to take charge.

The Positive effects of movie games are many, from memory in addition to analytical to improved mood and additionally social skills. Even though people who don’t play computer game might state they make you careless, hurt your brain or ruin your social life, video games have a great deal of cognitive, physical and social advantages. The subsequent time somebody tells you that you play a lot of video games, you could resort to the record of 10 motives video games are good for your brain.

Numerous Children enjoy playing video games. It’s one of one of the very fun and appealing childhood tasks. Children will do anything to acquire, comprising giving their heads a laborious exercise.

This Strenuous psychological exercise involves understanding a excellent deal of cognitive together with engine requirements. As gamers collaborate with all the intellectual in addition to electrical motor skills required to win a match, their brains adapt to the anxiety by studying, along with by expanding, according to a number of studies.

This is Particularly real for shot video games, that can be often violent, the authors found. A 2013 meta-analysis found that playing video games enhanced a gamer’s ability to consider things in 3 dimensions both in addition to academic training classes created to boost these very same skills, according to the study.

Playing Video games has been a fascinating and best method to create on your personal unwind. At lots of the countries, games are an essential part of their own culture. Computer gaming enables you to enhance your psychological and physical capacities. There are tons of sites in addition to some other resources to download and set up and play a lot of games nevertheless right here in apunkagames they have over a massive assortment of activity to indie movie games easily available for their own individuals.

Attributes Of Apunkagames

They’ve Over 10,000 games easily available for gambling fans. For each and every game, we provide all of the information of interest to the size of the movie game, speech, publication year, instructions to play in addition to the sport record which you can download and set up completely free! Although, Apunkagames hasn’t linked to the purchase or sale of video games yet only supplies a internet link of distinct systems that are tackling digital goods.

This Site has a whole lot of functions which make it the very best video games install internet site throughout the internet. Some of them include a superb choice of games, a wide variety of measurement of documents, easy access to dialog boards for downloads, fantastic ad positioning on the web site for its own users, and multiple net connections of external systems. It’s possible to also download and set up igi game for free on this website in 2020

Even though Looking for a sport download alternative, it’s extremely important to have a peek at which kind of video games can be found. As you’re here, think about different sorts of video games which are supplied, such as action, technique in addition to travel and so forth. Apunkagames includes a fantastic assortment of notable prepared its users. Gamers delight in having the ability to play games whenever they would like to and for so long as they want to. This is the top games website now in 2020.

We’ve Got a Lot of high excellent video games carries a whole assortment of instructions to select from. While trying to find a video game downloading website, it’s quite important to be certain that the online site should be somewhat easy to find when you’re trying to get games to obtain. Here we make it more complex for the player to find the matches they want to download to save their time.

In most of The internet websites, you’ve got to pay monthly charges to play download and put in a video game. Nevertheless, This is an entirely free source to download and set up games and additionally you might not have to cover to download and set up from any type of internet website. It provides a variety of excellent ready downloads, and so that participant is not tired. In addition, we supply intriguing new classes as well as discussion boards. These can increase the gaming experience for each participant.

The Collection of movie games include numerous categories which range from Game, Multiplayer, First-person shot card games, card games. This website also has prepared relatives. The movie games are easily offered in many different sizes and choice to download and set up for COMPUTER video games. The vast majority of the computer gaming community remains depending on the COMPUTER community, thus, this is an excellent method for folks to get download links for brand new and old video games also and keep themselves within an immersive computer gaming experience.

This perfect Gush website for computer games provides various video games to download and set up for different genres such as action, challenge, arcade games for kids, automobile racing and sports video games. Right here with this perfect computer video games online website in 2020our sport hunt feature allows you to find the best video game you are searching to download and set up finest action computer games. We similarly offer our people to access pc games for free and request any kind of matches depending on their need to download.

This Very Best Site for shooting games has turned into a depended upon place to download and set up video games. Our purpose is to become one of the greatest free games downloading service supplier online. Below we simply provide complimentary full version video games which are lawfully easily available online.

A Lot of Players are still not conscious of how the most effective free games aren’t completely free since there is to the home to play with them. Many are paying movie games can be bought as complete versions at a minimal price. Yet here you may download and set up and play with any type of computer game totally free accountable for cost. These games are generally challenging in character, and they use lots of chances to learn the fundamentals of the matches. You are able to also use this apunkagames website for GTA 5 to get in 2020.

All these Free games are easily available for the notebook as well as the desktop and supply a fantastic deal of choice concerning trouble. The majority of these video games are extremely simple to handle, however some have some regulations that are tough in addition to characteristics that gamers will need to get over. Playing with these video games is quite straightforward.

You Need to get a mouse, a mouse key-board, and a graphics card to perform with these free PC games. On the other hand, the top free COMPUTER games are often played with a sound card in addition to a fantastic pair of sound speakers. Likewise, you will need to get a stable internet connection to perform with these COMPUTER games. All these free PC video games require no download, also because they may run without problems on machines with chips that are idle. Yet, a few games will need you to download them to perform them. This is our overall apunka video games review in addition to manual for you.

So if You are tired of looking for free games? We provide reliable premium PC games for our gambling users. Our purpose is to see that each of our video game downloads are 100% completely free and risk-free from various ailments to get rid of security problems in your PC.

The very Best free video game would be the games which you can play in your own computer system without having to spend a penny. You are able to play with them as long as you need, as well because possible simply experiment with different video game genres.

Ideal free Video games allow players to start with a little area, which will be excellent for people that are looking for some new inspiration within their own free video games. But the best complimentary COMPUTER video games to provide players a superb barrier, and they affect them to proceed and control new issues.

This is a Pirated video games website completely free games. Because of this, under the observation of anti-piracy businesses. The domain supplied above can get blocked everywhere. However, to make sure there’s not any limit to people home entertainment, there are a few different working domains used by the website which enables the consumers to set up computer games for free in addition to they may use any sort of one of these sites as apunkagames distinct in 2020. The listing of newest domain names for the site includes:.

You will find Many websites which ask that you spend to get a sport to download and install nonetheless we Won’t bother you to cover any sort of solitary penny. This site lets you Play with all the matches you need totally free. Why most likely to the store and also Pay $30 or $50 for a video game as soon as you’re able to take a break at the home in addition to kick Back to love all of your gaming needs. The internet links Have to Be validated As utilizing such download links can cause the disease on your own systems too Which could cause high repair job costs for you.

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Rory John Gates (Bill Gates Son) Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Net Worth, and Business




Rory John Gates


Rory John Gates is an American college student best known as the only son of the richest man in the world, Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and his wife Melinda Gates. Rory has three sisters, Jennifer Katherine doors and Phoebe Adele Gates.


Roy Gates is 21 in 2020, he was born on May 23, 1999 in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. He celebrates his birthday on May 23 of each year.


Rory stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters) . It also weighs a whopping 58 kilograms (127.8).


Regarding his education, he went to Lakeside School (the institution is considered an upper class private school in Seattle), he also completed his studies at Duke University. He obtained his university degree in computer science and economics. He then went to the Fuqua School of Business, where he obtained his MBA.


It was widely speculated that Rory would enroll at the University of Chicago. Although he went to Duke University where he got his college degree in computer science and economics.


He was born to his parents, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. Born into a wealthy family, he had all the facilities that a normal person hardly has. His father and mother are both businessmen.

Importantly, her mother is the co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with her husband. His father is the main founder of Microsoft Corporation which held the title of the richest person in the world from March 2014 to July 2017.


Rory has two sisters, Jennifer Katharine Gates born April 26, 1996, and her little sister is called Phoebe Adele Gates born September 14, 2002.


Rory Gates currently lives only one life. However, we will update this section soon as we have some news about her love life.


Being the son of a billionaire, his salary is under review, but his father’s annual salary is $ 12 billion, he also makes over $ 22,831 per minute , according to Business Insider calculations.


Roy Gates (Bill Gates’ only son) has an estimated net worth of $ 20 million in 2020. Rory was born into a family of wealthy parents and despite being still a student he boasts of a net worth. high and prestigious.


Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about Rory Gates

Rory John Gates Bio and Wiki
Full Names: Rory John Gates
Popular As : Son of Bill Gates
Male gender
Profession / profession : Not known
Nationality : American
Race / Ethnicity : White
Religion : Not known
Sexual orientation: Straight
Rory John Gates Birthday
Age / How old? : 21 years old
Zodiac sign : Gemini
Date of birth : May 23, 1999
Place of birth : Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Birthday : May 23
Rory John Gates body measurements
Height / what height? : 1.72 meters
Weight : 58 kg
Eye color : Blue
Hair Color : Brown
Rory Gates family and relations
Father dad) : Bill Gates
Mother : Melinda Gates
Siblings : Jennifer Katharine Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates
Marital status : Alone
Rory Gates Net worth and salary
Net worth : $ 20 million
Salary : Under consideration
Source of income : Not known


Place of life : Medina, Washington
Cars : Lamborghini, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce


Rory Gates is still working as a student. He doesn’t have a major job to determine his career, but at the age of 10 he wrote a poem called What Is Called Diamante, which came to the attention of many people. He wrote the poem on the physics of light while on vacation in Europe with his father.

He has enormous appreciation for his talent from his model father, Bill Gates. In addition, John is still too young to start a business. For now, he is focusing on his field of study rather than his career. Well, he will definitely expand his father’s business in the near future.


Rory lives in a mansion called Xanadu 2.0 located in Washington, which is worth $ 123 million. The mansion is 66,000 square feet with a 60 foot pool and underwater music system. Plus, Rory loves cars. He has a collection of cars in front of his house. His cars include Lamborghini, Porsche Panamera, Marcedes Benz, Rolls Royce and many more.


Rory keeps spotting while traveling on her father’s planes and private jets. His father owns several planes and jets, including a Bombardier BD-700 (costs around $ 40 million), a full plane for 19 passengers, and a Boeing Business Jet costs around $ 80 million.


John’s father, Bill, donated about $ 28 billion of his money to his foundation called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The company focuses on the health care of people living in poverty. As his father said before, he will donate 95% of his wealth to the charitable trust which brings us to a whopping $ 77.3 billion.


Rory Gates lives in a house called Xanadu-2.0. The property is believed to be worth $ 123.54 million according to news from the King County Public Appraiser’s Office. In 1988, Bill Gates bought a bargain for $ 2 million. He would pay around $ 1 million in real estate costs every year.



He is the son of the richest man in the world called Bill Gates.


He is 21 years old, was born on May 23, 1999.


He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Sean Van Der Wants Age


Rory has an estimated net worth of $ 20 million from his inheritance.


He is still alive and well.


As for Rory Gates college and education, he attended Lakeside School (the institution is considered an upper-class private school in Seattle), and then obtained an MBA in computer science and economics from Duke University.




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