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Joy Millward: There is no better way to describe Joy Millward than “Queen of Street Art”… Her lengthy and fruitful career in graffiti art is a testament to her dedication and skill. Millward has represented numerous politicians in his career as a lobbyist.

There is no better way to describe Joy Millward than “Queen of Street Art”… Her lengthy and fruitful career in graffiti art is a testament to her dedication and skill. Millward has represented numerous politicians in his career as a lobbyist.

She makes her home in Canningham, a small town. There, she spends a considerable amount of her earnings on food and drink. Not only does she get to enjoy the fruits of her husband’s success as an artist, but so does everyone else in their household.

It is Joy Millward’s job as a lobbyist in the UK. She founded Principal Affairs, a lobbying organisation that provides grants to nonprofits, in 2005.

Many people who follow the unknown graffiti artist Banksy assume that her husband, Robin Gunningham, is indeed Banksy, and she is married to him. Gunninham was revealed to be the street artist known as Banksy in 2008, according to an investigation carried in The Mail on Sunday.

Joy Millward: Joy Millward’s Life Story

The exact year that Joy Millward was born is a mystery, but we do know that she is in her 40s or 50s. It is Joy Millward’s job as a lobbyist in the UK.

The art world has taken notice of Joy Millward, who is known as the “Queen of Street Art,” thanks to her vibrant and controversial graffiti pieces. Millward’s birth and upbringing in the bustling English metropolis of London shaped her unique creative vision and propelled her to great heights in her profession.

Because of her multicultural neighbourhood, Millward was exposed to many different creative inspirations from an early age. The vibrant murals that adorned the city’s walls piqued her interest in art and inspired her to express herself creatively. When Millward was a teenager, she began dabbling with graffiti, leaving her mark on city walls with spray paint and stencils.

The indisputable talent of Millward immediately garnered attention, despite the many challenges and issues associated with graffiti painting. Her signature style was characterised by vivid colours and intricate patterns. Beyond its visual attractiveness, Millward’s artwork quickly gained recognition for the concepts it conveyed regarding environmental issues, social fairness, and the human experience.

Millward found that becoming politically active was appealing in addition to her creative hobbies. Seeing art as a social change agent, she used her power to advocate for legislation that promoted environmental sustainability, equality, and inclusion, and eventually became a lobbyist for politicians. She was able to inspire people to make a difference in the world through her work as both an artist and an activist.

Thanks to her groundbreaking ideas, dogged persistence, and unwavering commitment to creating art that challenges societal norms, Joy Millward is now held in high esteem. As far as street art is concerned, she is a legend. Her early life events, passion for art, and activism shaped her into a visionary artist. Many generations have been moved by her story, which highlights the power of art to change lives.

Who Is Joy Millward’s Spouse?

Banksy, whose real name is Robin Gunningham, and Joy Millward tied the knot in Sin City in 2006. Not long after their marriage, they departed from Shoreditch in East London.

Banksy is a symbol of modern art who has been the subject of heated debate. He grew up in a middle-class area and went to Bristol University.

In 1973, Robin came into this world in Bristol, the same city that has long been thought to be Banksy’s hometown. He went to a public school called Bristol Cathedral School. Robin Gunningham’s dad, Peter Gordon Gunningham, was a contract manager who retired and settled into Bristol’s Whitehall neighbourhood.

The 67-year-old Pamela Ann Dawkin-Jones was his mother and a secretary for a business director. Sarah is the name of his older sister, and they both hail from the privileged Clifton neighbourhood.

By the time Robin became nine years old, the family had moved to a larger home on the property. There he spent his formative years, which is also when he became interested in graffiti.

Mrs. Bansky and Her Husband, Mr. Millward

Discover the Husband of Joy Millward

Joy Millward: Although nobody has ever formally confirmed Banksy’s identity, some websites offer their own theories. In 2003, a writer from “The Guardian” described him as a 28-year-old white male with silver earrings and a silver teeth. It is commonly believed that Banksy began making art after being expelled from school when he was fourteen years old.

For smaller offences, he may have served prison time as well. One reason for Banksy’s choice for anonymity is the fact that graffiti is frequently illegal. His family moved from Bristol to London in the year 2000, yet he spent his childhood there.

That Banksy is actually Robin Cunningham is the most popular theory. The 2008 recognition of Robin as Banksy came about. Yates, England is the place of his birth on July 28, 1973. Many of Robin’s former classmates have come forward to support these claims, and geographic profiling has shown that the famous works of Banksy appear to coincide with Cunningham’s travels.

Famous Drum and Bass DJ Goldie has called Banksy “Rob” on one occasion. Several additional theories concerning the true identity of Banksy persist despite all of this. Robert Del Naja of the trip-hop group Massive Attack is believed by some to be his real name.

They say Del Naja is Banksy’s “close friend” because he used to be a graffiti artist before he started the band. Jamie Hewlett, the best-selling artist of “Tank Girl” comics, is mistaken by some for him. By 2020, Twitter users were beginning to wonder if “Art Attack” anchor Neil Buchanan was actually Banksy.

Whatever his true identity may be, Banksy began his career in graffiti in the early 1990s, when he collaborated with fellow artists such as Inkie, Nick Walker, and 3D, and used a freehand approach at first. But by the year 2000, he had shifted to stencilling. Using this technique, both the time required to “tag” a wall and the likelihood of being caught by the authorities were decreased.

His fame in Bristol and London skyrocketed once he made this adjustment. His earliest wall painting, “The Mild Mild West,” depicted a teddy bear hurling a Molotov cocktail at three law enforcement officials.

Joy Millward: Joyce Millward’s Husband’s Notable Works

Exhibits of Banksy’s artwork began popping up around the turn of the century. “Turf War” took place in a London warehouse after the first one took place in a cramped Los Angeles venue. During this time, he became famous for his reinterpretations of famous paintings.

For example, a floating grocery cart and rubbish were part of a reproduction of “Water Lily Pond” by Monet. In 2004 he manufactured a large quantity of fake ten pound notes featuring Princess Diana’s likeness instead of the Queen’s.

Another remarkable achievement by Banksy was to tag the Israeli West Bank wall. This place is both one of the most dangerous and well-guarded on the planet. At this point, many famous and wealthy individuals were prepared to take part.

Christina Aguilera paid twenty-five thousand pounds for the original and two reproductions. Additional pieces went for about 50,000 pounds not long after that. As the now-famous “Banksy Effect” took hold, a number of other works began to sell for more than 100,000 pounds.

In 2007, he set a new record with a work that made 288,000 pounds. Louisiana was the site of Banksy’s 2008 debut exhibition following Hurricane Katrina.

In 2009, a feud broke out between Banksy and King Robbo, a famous graffiti artist from London. Next to Robbo’s wall painting—the first graffiti in London—is the British Transport Police Headquarters.

Banksy damaged most of this artwork in 2009, so Robbo went back and fixed it. The argument persisted until Robbo started destroying further artwork by Banksy in several locations. The “Graffiti Wars” documentary filmed on television focused on the fighting.

A second critically acclaimed documentary on Banksy, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” came out in 2010. Sales of Banksy’s artwork continued to bring in hundreds of thousands of pounds for the artist. In 2013, he set up a pop-up shop selling one-of-a-kind, autographed paintings for $60 each.

It took a long time for people to really grasp that the pop-up was being run by a senior citizen and that the artwork was authentic. In 2015, Banksy debuted “Dismaland,” a parody of Disneyland. In 2018, one of his pieces had a sale price of over one million pounds.


Becoming known as the “Queen of Street Art” is a testament to Joy Millward’s remarkable talent, unwavering dedication, and originality. London, her birthplace, is known for its vibrant street art scene, which ignited her passion for graffiti and self-expression at an early age.

Provocative and forceful, Millward’s artwork is known for its intricate themes and vibrant colours. It quickly gained the attention of art enthusiasts and activists alike. Her skill in conveying powerful themes about social justice, environmental issues, and the human experience through her artwork has solidified her position as a major player in the art world.
As a leader in the street art movement, Millward has inspired a new generation to challenge norms and see the power of art to make a difference via her unique perspective and unwavering commitment to using art as a force for positive change.


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