How to Curate the Perfect Coffee House Music Playlist

How to Curate the Perfect Coffee House Music Playlist

Music can be a powerful tool to promote your cafe and boost customer experience. The right songs can make customers smile as they sip their lattes and munch on their delicious baked goods.

Remember that the vibe of your coffee shop can change throughout the day, so be sure to create different playlists for each time of the day.


The music you choose sends subtle signals about the vibe your cafe has. It can communicate whether you are a place to relax and read a book or if you have more of an upbeat and lively vibe. Choosing the right music can help you achieve your goals, such as encouraging customers to spend more time at your cafe and buy more products.

Various studies have found that different music genres and tempos can influence customers’ moods and decisions. For example, slow instrumental music can evoke a feeling of comfort and relaxation, encouraging customers to stay longer in your coffee shop. However, fast-paced music can make your guests want to leave more quickly.

Some of the best coffee house music playlists include songs that are easy to listen to and familiar, such as soft pop or rock. Some of these playlists also include covers or remixes of popular songs, which can create a unique sound unavailable in the original version. For example, the song “Breakfast” by Extra Chill features a beat that was made from tapping on a cup of coffee.

Other coffee house music playlists focus on folk modern, jazz, neo-soul, classical, and electronica-chillwave styles of music. Creating your coffee shop music playlist is a great way to promote independent artists and support them while fostering a comfortable environment for your customers. You can also run a social media campaign asking customers to message you directly with suggestions for songs they want to hear in your coffee shop. This approach will save you time and ensure your playlist is always up-to-date.


The music you choose to play in your cafe can significantly impact the mood of customers. You can select upbeat or soothing music depending on the atmosphere you want to create. Upbeat music can help boost customer energy and increase sales. However, it’s important to remember that positive music can also make people feel stressed.

The right music can enhance your coffee shop’s ambiance while boosting business and creating a unique customer experience. The most important thing is to understand your brand and your target audience and then find a style of music that complements them.

Many types of music can fit the upbeat coffee house vibe, including jazz, indie, and world music. You can also try playing classical music to add an elegant and sophisticated feel to your cafe.

If you’re an independent artist, using a streaming service to promote your music is an excellent way to reach a wider audience. You can even directly reach out to playlist curators and pitch your song to them. Remember that they are often inundated with submissions, so it might take some time to hear back from them. However, if you’re persistent, they might spotlight your music. Just be sure to follow their guidelines for submissions.


Many people go to coffee shops in the mornings to kickstart their day. They don’t need a rock song with a pounding beat to energize them. Instead, they want a calm, soothing soundtrack that sets the right tone for their morning.

Acoustic or instrumental music is perfect for this type of setting because it’s soft and doesn’t distract your customers from studying, working, or conversing. You can play relaxing jazz or lounge music that creates a relaxed atmosphere, or you can also try playing classical music.

Some studies have found that relaxing or mellow music can boost your productivity. This is because music has a direct effect on our ability to concentrate.

Various studies have found that music’s tempo, volume, genre and valence can affect our moods and behavior. For example, one study showed that slow music caused people to spend more money in a coffee shop, while fast music prompted them to leave more quickly.

You can use a music service to curate your playlists for your coffee shop. However, you must know copyright rules for using music in business environments. You could face serious legal consequences if you don’t comply with the rules. A music licensing company can provide you with a licensed soundtrack that ensures you don’t break the law.


To create a cozy customer environment, soothing music can set the perfect atmosphere. Manageable songs will let your customers focus on their work and conversations. Moreover, soft music can help your customers feel relaxed and calm, enhancing their coffee experience.

You can use different genres of music to achieve your desired ambiance, including instrumental and classical songs. However, it would help if you avoided loud and fast-paced songs, as they can make your customers feel rushed or stressed. Moreover, you can play world music to give your cafe a unique and exotic sound.

Another option is to use jazz music to create a sophisticated atmosphere. This type of music is relaxing and uplifting at the same time, and it can inspire your customers to spend more time at your cafe.

If you’re targeting a younger demographic, try playing free-spirited boho songs to help them relax and enjoy their coffee. For example, you can play music by artists like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros that appeal to a young audience. Or, you can play laidback indie pop songs to give your cafe a cozy and welcoming vibe. These songs are easy to listen to and inspire customers to return to your cafe for more coffee and good conversations.