Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 | Release Date | Cast

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is a Japanese Anime series based on the light novel by Ao Jumonji of the very same name. It was generated by A-1 Studios and directed by Ryosuke Nakamura. The program was aired on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Nippon BS Broadcasting, and the Asahi Broadcasting Company.

The show only has had one season, with 12 episodes including in it, with its pilot airing on 11th January 2016 and the last episode airing on 28th March 2016. And Developers are most likely going to return with Grimgar of Fantasy And Ash Season 2.

Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash Story

Like the original material, this show complies with the protagonist Haruhiro in his battles to adjust to Grimgar. Upon being marooned into the strange region. Haruhiro awakened without any expertise of where he was and why he was there. In fact, he did not also have any kind of memories of that he was besides his name.

Awakening in Grimgar, Haruhiro became aware that the people around him are just as unfamiliar with their beginnings and the area. Our lead character creates an event with various other individuals he met along the road. Training and improving his skill degree, and discovering the world around him. It is not long before the group realized that the extreme world they woke up to needs them to eliminate in order to make it through.

Notable Characters of Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash Season 1

Key Characters Of Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash In Season 1.
– Haruhiro.
– Manato.
– Ranta.
– Moguzo.
– Yume.
– Shihoru.

Currently, it has been more than 3 years given that the very first season was launched. It has produced 12 episodes and an original video clip computer animation (EGG). Nevertheless, there is no clear information regarding whether fans can expect a season 2.

Since writing, there has actually been no announcement of the release date. Yet the collection was released in 2016, and as of this year, it has finished its four-year mark. So, if there are some prepare for the new season, it must be available to us in the next year. So our finest guess would be the mid-2021- to late 2021.