Fintech DailyPay Is Now Considered a Unicorn

Fintech DailyPay Is Now Considered a Unicorn

Fintech DailyPay, a company that develops software that gives employees flexibility over when they get paid, earns $175 million in a Series D round and $325 million in debt financing, according to a source (Luisa Beltran/Online). Barron’s

DailyPay, a company that develops software that gives employees flexibility over when they get paid, earns $175 million in a Series D round and $325 million

A fintech company called DailyPay, which enables employees to get their wages in real time, has raised $500 million in funding dailypay 175m series 325m c.

According to a release, the $500 million includes a $175 million Series D headed by Carrick Capital Partners in which previous investors like RPM Ventures took part. According to a person familiar with the situation, the round valued DailyPay at over $1 billion, elevating the fintech to unicorn status.

Workers can choose when they get paid thanks to the software company DailyPay. $175 million Series A investment and $325 million in debt are increased. The agency costs $1 billion or more as of the time of writing.

Entrepreneur Jessica Mah has experienced outstanding success with her company from its inception. It has partnered with a wide range of businesses, including Walmart, United Parcel Service, and the leading recruiting firm Adecco.

Over 100,000 people are employed by DailyPay, who will pay them nearly $500 million annually. Its main priority is to negotiate better pay arrangements with large businesses.

According to Jessica Mah, CEO of DailyPay, the company is creating a new generation of professionals and giving them the tools to control their financial future. Over 200,000 employees are being linked up with their companies, and we are building a platform that enables both parties to make better financial decisions.

In its May 2017 financing round, the agency raised $71M. This time, it has gone beyond $200M. To finance its boom, it raised a substantial amount of money in December 2017.

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