30 Most Beautiful Birds in The World

Mother Nature has given us loads of fascinating and excellent plant and animal species. Although we don’t see and use them every day, each of them performs a vital role in our lives. Not solely do they keep the balance in the ecosystem, they additionally make the world a beautiful area to stay in. Among all the residing species, the birds are listed among the Most Beautiful Birds in The World. Regardless if it is their colors that make them so adorable.

List of Top 30 Most Beautiful Birds In The World

Birds are vertebrate animals adapted for flight. Many can also run, jump, swim, and dive. Some, like penguins, have lost the potential to fly however retained their wings. Birds are observed international and in all habitats. The greatest is the nine-foot-tall ostrich. The smallest is the two-inch-long bee hummingbird. Everything about the anatomy of a bird reflects its potential to fly. The wings, for example, are formed to create lift. The main edge is thicker than the again edge, and they are blanketed in feathers that slender to a point. Airplane wings are modeled after fowl wings.

  1. Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant is positioned the number one in the list of the top 30 most beautiful birds of the world. Their famous features include the red-colored crown tip as well as great colored plumage. Their throats are rusty tans while their underparts are bright red. Their upper back portion is attractively green colored. If we talk about their body structure, they have long pale-colored tail along with dark red colored broad shoulders. Gender wise male Golden Pheasant is more colorful and larger than female ones, because of a central tail feather present on their body which has to stick black colored spots on it. On the other hand, the female Golden Pheasant has dull-colored plumage. Both of them make their home in woodlands and dense forests of Central China and Western areas. They usually eat berries, insects and seeds as food.

  1. Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw is another very astonishing birds, which are given 2nd position in the list of top 30 most beautiful birds in the world. This is the largest species of macaw family. They commonly reside in the south and central America. Their astonishing features include blue back, colorful bright red plumage, long yellow colored wings with green edges, upper white and black tips as well as the strong curved beak. They are regarded to be very speedy, long-living, fast-flying, beautiful voiced and strongest beaked birds throughout the world.

  1. Flamingo

Flamingo comes on the 3rd position in the top 30 list of most beautiful birds in the world. their outstanding features which make them come on 3rd position include stunning red- purple-colored plumage, long lean neck, and downward bent long beaks. Except for Antarctica throughout the world, there are 6 different species of Flamingo varying in their color and features. They have long legs which make them stand in watery areas and have long beaks to catch, eat and swallow small fishes as food.

  1. Peacock

Among the most beautiful birds on this planet, the most astonishing birds are the peacock which is ranked the 4th position in terms of beauty throughout the world. peacock is the male birds and peahen are the female ones. Both of them are from the peafowl family. they have 3 different species named Indian, Green and Congo peafowl. Their most remarkable feature is their astonish and eye-catching bright colorful tail of 5 feet length, which makes them the largest flying bird in the world. Female peahen love to dance and attract peacocks for mating.

  1. Toucan

Toucan is the fifth most beautiful birds on the world, whose name has been driven from a Portuguese word “Tupi Tucana”. They are famous for their large colorful bills and short but strong legs. They belong to the Toucan family and have 4 different kinds of species all over the world. Their toes are in pairs, among the first and fourth ones are folded backward. They have very attractive white patches and black yellow crimson. Because of their heavyweight beak, they are very poor flyers.

  1. Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin rank on 6th position in the world for their beauty. These are regarded as small sea birds which are also known as “Sea Parrots” and are found in the United States and Eastern Canada. They have penguins like coloration with different shades. Most of Atlantic Puffin spend most of their lives in the seas and oceans. They are good divers, fliers and breeders. Usually, they eat and hunt eels, hakes, capelins and small fish.

  1. Blue Jay Bird

Blue Jay Bird is the 7th most beautiful birds on the Earth. They are pretty blue colored intelligent birds having blue, black and white plumage. They usually use to copy the voices of other birds for annoying purposes. They are mostly found in central and eastern North America.

  1. Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing is ranked in the 8th position among the most beautiful birds in the world. they are also called songbirds for their sweet voices. The remarkable features of these birds include pretty crested head, medium size, brownish grey colored wings with yellow-colored edges as well as black-masked faces. They build their nests on trees and usually eat insects and berries as food. Most of them live in Canada, Alaska Eurasia as well as in North America.

  1. Wood Duck

Wood Duck is on number 9 being the most beautiful waterfowl on the planet earth. Their attractive features include metallic purplish-green colored crown and head, white belly, blue-black wings, dark red chest as well as narrow white strips on their bodies. Female ones are not as colorful as males. They usually reside by making nests in tree holes and streams as well as wooden swamps of North America.

  1. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw is the 10th most beautiful bird in the world having a size of 100 cm. They are the largest family among all parrot species of the world. they are also called “Blue Macaw”, because of their cobalt-blue plumage with a long beautiful tail. Around their eyes, they have yellow colored rings. They also have a very sweet voice and use to copy other voices.

  1. Green Wing Macaw Parrot

Green Wing Macaw Parrot is given the 11th position among the most beautiful birds on this planet. They were native to many tropical lowland forests of south and central America. Today these Green Wing Macaw Parrot could be found anywhere all around the world from their captive breeding. These bright birds have red-colored feathers on the head, green-colored feathers on their shoulders and wings while light blue colored tail feathers.

  1. Stork Billed Kingfisher

Stork-billed Kingfisher is a very cute small blue colored bird that is ranked on the 12th position among beautiful birds on the Earth, having more than 100 different kinds of species that are subdivided into 3 subfamilies. Their astonishing features include broadbills, big bodies along with large heads, pointed beaks, 4.5 inches length, blue colored beautiful plumage and feathers of a variety of colors. They are aquatic birds and as the name suggests they hunt and eat small fishes.

  1. Rainbow Lorikeet

The rainbow lorikeet is one of the most remarkable and astonishing birds throughout the world. It is most commonly found in Austria, Australia, and the United States. They are famous because of their bright eyes with a very colorful body. They are also called as “Colorful parrots”, which are nor threatened not protected. But their population is decreasing with time because they are used as pet trade in foreign countries. They are pretty rich in colors, thus named as Rainbow parrots. They are also kept as pets in many houses.

  1. Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole is said to be Maryland’s official state bird which is listed among the most beautiful birds all around the world. they usually inhabit the eastern United States as well as Southeastern areas. Male Baltimore Oriole is more colorful and pretty than females ones. Their outstanding features include brownish-olive plumage, orange-golden underparts as well as patchy shoulders which make them very much attractive. They have a black colored head because of their black colored feathers and wings. They usually feed upon common soil creatures including insects and caterpillars as well as get supplemented by berries and fruits.

  1. Quetzal

Quetzal is the other most astonishing and colorful birds that are present in the top list of most beautiful birds around the world. they usually reside in the tropical areas as well as mountains of Central America. They usually feed on fruits, insects, and lizards. It gets its featuring name because of its “large brilliant tail feather”. They are said to be endangered species because they are hunted by human beings for their astonishing feathers. Now just 50,000 Quetzals are leftover leading them towards extinction.

  1. Painted Bunting

Bunting is often described as the most beautiful birds all around the world. they belong to the cardinal family named Cardinalidae. They are native to the northern areas of America. They are famous because of their bright-colored plumage which comes in the 2nd years of their lives of male Painted Bunting birds. They usually feed upon creeping ground insects as well as grass seeds. They have a habit of visiting spider webs to pick up their eggs and eat them.

  1. Hoopoe

are one of the beautiful birds all around the world which are famous for its wonderful feather arrangements on their head. They belong to the family of Upipidae. Unfortunately, they are the only members left of this family. Their most remarkable feature is that their head resembles the crown shape. They are most commonly found across Asia, Europe as well as Africa. They usually feed on insects, plant seeds, small reptiles and berries.

  1. Bali Bird of Paradise

of the strangest birds found all around the globe is Bird of Paradise. They are stunning birds that reside in deep forests of Indonesia where they are hard to find and capture. They belong to the family of Paradisaeidae. Out of 3 dozen species of this family, this Bird of Paradise family is the most appealing and valuable. They usually feed on fruits, insects, frogs, reptiles and nesting birds.

  1. Broad Billed Hummingbird

Hummingbird is said to be very sweet-voiced and beautiful birds all around the world. They are medium-sized hummingbirds that commonly reside in North America. Their size is just 9-10cmm long and weighs approximately 3-4 grams. Their astonishing features include metallic-green breast and upperparts, white undertail areas, dark-colored slightly forked tail, a very slender and straight bill as well as a red-colored beak with a black tip. The female Broad-billed Hummingbirds are less colorful than the male ones. They feed on nectar and insects with their long extendable tongues.

  1. Northern Cardinal

cardinal is very fascinating birds all around the world. They are also called songbirds. They usually reside in North American regions and backyards of its in the entire range. Their appealing features include fiery red feathers, short thick orange-red colored beak, bright red crest. The cardinal’s throats and face are regarded as black masks and their arms are bright red. They have fewer feathers on their crest in comparison to their back long tails. They use their crest by standing or lying down for the sake of communication.

  1. Nicobar Pigeon 

Nicobar pigeon is the beautiful kinds of birds found on this planet. They are named because of the islands they inhabit which include Palau, Solomon as well as Andaman Nicobar Islands. They are very closely related to all other species living on these islands especially extinct dodo bird species. They are listed among the most beautiful birds on this planet because of its are luminosity and colors. They usually feed on seeds, insects and small fruits.

  1. Mandarin Duck 

Mandarin duck is one of the most beautiful waterfowl on the planet earth, which is most commonly found in eastern parts of China, Russia, and Japan. They are said too brightly colored pheasants. They usually reside along the rivers and lakes in the forests and shrubs. Like a peacock, they are very colorful species due to which they are also drawn in Japanese and Chinese cultures. Female Mandarin duck is less colorful and pretty than male ones.

  1. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria crowned pigeon is also said to be one of the most beautiful birds among all birds in the world. These pigeons originate from low swamps of northern New Guinea. Despite being views these birds in sanctuary captivity, these beautiful birds are declining day by day from this world due to the loss of their habitat. Unfortunately, they are widely hunted for their valuable feathers and meat and also sold illegally. Today it is an endangered species that is listed in the red list of IUCN. Their reproduction is very low as their females just one egg at a time. They look spectacular because of their blue, purple and lilac feathers which make these birds very exquisite.

  1. Gouldian Finch 

Gouldian finch is very small finches which originated from Northern Austria, Kimberley area, Western Australia as well as northwest Queensland. Just like rainbow finches, they have a variety of distinguishing colors of their bodies. They wander here and there in search of food and water in a small area of around 40 kilometers square. They are also very closely related to sparrows and birds of India.

  1. Bluebird Of Paradise

The bluebirds of paradise are very beautiful birds that are named so because of their beauty that comes from paradise. The outstanding features of these majestic birds include the blue tail, white ringed eyes, black colored head, back, and chest as well as bluish ivorybill. They have two very long flanking tail feathers along with reddish-brown flank feathers. During their mating season, they usually do a “courtship dance” with which they attract their opposite sex members towards themselves to mate. There this attracting dance is very similar to that of peacocks.

  1. Splendid Fairy Wren

Splendid fairy-wren is also said to be one of the most beautiful birds on the planet Earth. These are the small birds which are the main cause of undergrowth in western and central Australia. Male and female Splendid fairy-wrens have almost similar appearance with slight a difference that females are light grey, dusky, and violet throughout the year while the male has a blue color tip on their wings just during the breeding season. They both are very prompt and fleeting birds. They are also famous for their high-pitched chirping voice while they are standing still at a place.

  1. Marvelous Spatuletail

Marvelous spatuletail is included in the list of most beautiful birds on Earth because of their shimmering and dazzling multi-colored feathers. One of their remarkable features is that their wings flap very ghastly, much more than a human eye can even count. They are most commonly found in north-western Peru within a limited range in some areas. They belong to the family of hummingbirds. Some of the beautiful ad attractive features that make them look splendid to include bronze-green wings and back, blue-violet chest, long black tail, separated buff breast as well as the spectacled turquoise collar.

  1. Gurney’s Pitta

Gurney’s pitta is no doubt an exceptionally beautiful bird found all over the world. most commonly they are found in Khao Nor Chuchi, Myanmar and Thailand. Their habitat is lowland rainforests. Unfortunately, they are becoming endangered day by day because they are being killed by human beings for their palm oil industry. They usually feed on slugs, insects, and worms of soil. Their outstanding features include the blue and turquoise tail, brown-colored crown, yellow substrates as well as dark-colored patches. Only one in many eggs of Gurney’s pitta survive showing a very less reproduction rate.

  1. Swan

Swans are the most beautiful waterbirds found on this planet Earth belonging to the family Anatidae. Their closest family member includes ducks and geese. Today 6 different species of swans differ in their features slightly. They are considered to be the largest extant members as well as the largest flying birds of the waterfowl family. They feed on both land and water creatures. They mate their partners throughout life. Their elegance lies in the beautiful white color.

  1. Horned Sungem

Horned Sungem is found in the South African jungles. They are included in the list of top 30 most beautiful birds on Earth because of their beautiful feathers that look very alike to horns, as depicted also by their names Horned Sungem. They belong to the family of hummingbirds and have 2 beautiful shortly arranged feathers that give the illustration of horns. However, this feature is only of male Horned Sungem, while females lack these horns like feathers.