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Amaia Aberasturi: “As a child I was ashamed to even ask for a glass of water”

In this blog we have wrote biography of Amaia Aberasturi who is an Spanish Actress . Currently living in Madrid Spain . Her age in now 24 Years . We have added her personal and occupational details of Amaia . So to read more please scroll down your screen below.  

 Full Name    Amaia Aberasturi Franco
 Birth Date 

 Age (as in 2022) 

 28 April 1997

25 Years

 Birth Place  Artea, Spain




Not Known

Not Known

 Education Qualification  Didn’t

 Father name 

 Mother name 


Not Known

Not Known


 Marital status


 Not Married


Not Known





Not Known

Not Known


Height (approximately)

Weight (approximately)

Hair (Colour)

Eye (Colour)


 5 Feet 6 Inches

55 Kilograms









 Not Known

Not Known

Didn’t Know

Didn’t Know

 Living Place/ Residence


 Madrid, Spain


 Profession/Occupation   Actress

Instagram Account

Facebook Account



 Not Known

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Amaia Aberasturi Personal Life and Career

You will see the Goya like everyone else, online. But she aspires to get one. The best actress for her role as a witch, sorry, as a free girl and with much honor, in Akelarre.

She could have been a child prodigy. The typical boring girl that, for a time, you see ad nauseam in movies, series and advertisements until random events of life, of the physical or of the industry, were never heard of again. Unless you’re Ana Belén, with a pristine career, or, at the craziest extreme, Drew Barrymore, and you’ve drunk Tennessee and La Rioja before becoming a successful businesswoman. Amaia Aberasturino.

She made a movie because she wanted to dance and act… but she lived in her town, in the Basque Country, and the thing about going back and forth to Madrid, well, boy, no. Her parents opted for her to study and that when the girl was an adult, she decided. But the acting bug must be like a drought, very persistent, and when he decided to study education, he decided to combine it with acting as well. Two Plan A’s in case the other Plan A didn’t work out. No B. Because nothing ambitious. Maybe that’s why everything flows. And it flows so lightly that, while still studying for a degree, she shot Akelarre and, in the midst of a pandemic, it has been a success and, now, she is a Goya candidate for best female performance.

The same girl who didn’t dare ask for a glass of water in a bar because she was embarrassed… Because Amaia was precocious in acting, yes, but without pretensions. And everything is so natural in this achievement of things that she is Basque and the role for which she aspires to the Goya is in Basque. Because now, things related to the industry, globalization, platforms, everything is possible when it was super difficult before and a small film in a non- mainstream language can become a worldwide revelation and suddenly gain millions of followers in Turkey or Italy because you hit it there. Let them tell La casa de papel, right? Don’t even tell Amaia this. You notice how he gets overwhelmed, how he gets overwhelmed, how, suddenly, he says, hey,step by step , that, after all, she is in her town and she still has to lie in bed and think , is this really happening to me?