8 Big Milestones in Relationships and How to Celebrate Them

Relationship Milestones

Relationship milestones are a big deal; they’re either stepping stones to marriage or important life events in and of themselves. So it’s important to anticipate eight of the biggest milestones in relationships and plan out ways to celebrate them – that way, you can enjoy your romantic journey with your significant other or future spouse in the best way possible.

One Month

At the one-month mark, you and your significant other have probably discovered that you’re getting more comfortable with each other. While it might not feel like there’s a lot to celebrate here, going on a special date night or giving your significant other a gift can go a long way in the relationship. This is also an opportunity to show how well you know the other person if you’ve bonded deeply and quickly over the last 30 days.

Six Months

At the six-month mark, your relationship has officially passed into the “serious” territory! By this point, you and your significant other know that you’re going to at least try to be in it for the long haul and are relatively compatible.

The six-month milestone is a great opportunity to take a trip together or consider introducing each other to friends and family members. You can, and possibly should, also celebrate this major milestone with ideas like:

  • Going to dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • Experiencing a new activity together, like hiking

Taking a Trip Together

The first time you take a trip with your significant other is a milestone to memorialize! Whether you take a trip to visit your parents or decide to go to a vacation destination, you should celebrate your first trip by choosing the destination together, visiting some cool sights, and taking lots of pictures.

Meeting the Parents

Sooner or later, your parents will want to meet the person you’ve been spending so much time with. This is also a major relationship milestones – at the very least, it signals that you are serious about where the relationship is headed.

When you meet your significant other’s parents, or vice versa, you might celebrate by hosting dinner at someone’s house or  getting them a nice present.

Moving in Together

There’s perhaps no other relationship milestone more important than moving in together, aside from actually getting married. These days, many young couples “test” marriage in some sense by moving in together before tying the knot.

Moving in together can be loads of fun, and there are lots of ways to celebrate it. For example:

  • Cook dinner together, especially if you haven’t done it before!
  • Choose furniture together if you are moving into brand a new space.
  • Consider adopting a pet, especially if you both like the same type of animal.

If you’re feeling motivated, consider looking at engagement rings for an upcoming milestone.

One Year

At one year of any relationship, it’s time to start thinking about big steps, like marriage. Of course, there’s no saying you have to get married right away, nor do you need to start looking at engagement rings right this second.

More importantly, the one-year anniversary deserves a celebration of its own. Take your significant other out to dinner or plan a vacation experience. Remember, you only get one chance to experience your first anniversary with your partner!

Two Years

The two-year anniversary can also be significant, especially since it’s when many expect to start settling down or making major decisions. You might consider celebrating your two-year anniversary with a proposal!

Alternatively, consider taking a luxurious trip, like visiting an island resort or somewhere abroad. At this point, you should know exactly what your significant other likes, so plan a trip or celebration that takes their preferences into account and that you will both find magical when you look back on it years later

Engagement and the Future

Most long-term relationships eventually end in engagement. Engagements are celebratory affairs in and of themselves – plan an engagement party with friends and family members or decide to take an early honeymoon vacation to celebrate your love with your future spouse.

The right engagement ring, of course, sets the tone for the entire marriage to come! To that end, you should browse through engagement rings extensively before finding the right ring for your future spouse. If you aren’t sure what type of engagement rings they like, take them shopping with you – some of the best engagement rings are those chosen by couples rather than just one half of a pair.


As you can see, there are several major milestones to look forward to in your relationship, plus many different ways to celebrate them. Keep these ideas in mind, and your relationship will develop passionately for years to come!