7 Key Details Regarding the Charmed Reboot

7 Key Details Regarding the Charmed Reboot

A new version of the supernatural soap Charmed series revolves around a trio of magical sisters who learn numerous ways of harnessing their powers. Potential newcomers and fans of the original series can now enjoy the scenes from the Charmed reboot. Below is a list of crucial details about the Charmed reboot.

1.      What’s Staying?

Creators of the new Charmed series including Brad Kern indicate that the show will still have the Book of Shadows, the encyclopedia of the sisters’ witchcraft. There are also guardians in human form and dangerous demons possessing jet-black eyes. The show’s creators say that the series still believes in the love story between the trio and the Power of Three between the three sisters.

2.      The Sisters Grew Up Separately

The original series starts with Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano), who returns to her family for a reunion with her sisters Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Prue (Shannen Doherty). We learn from the first episode of the new Charmed series that only younger sisters Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Mel (Melonie Diaz) grew up together. Big sister Macy, who plays the character Madeleine Mantock appears later on in the series. Creators also say that the girls have different fathers, and that comes to play later on in the storytelling.

3.      Exploration of Numerous Different Cultures

Creators of the new Charmed series say that the racial identities revolving around the characters will factor into the storyline. It makes sense due to interracial marriage, which yields children with unique identities. The middle sister, Melonie Diaz, who plays the character Mel, is Puerto Rican. The show’s writers are fascinated by exploring the Spanish witchcraft practice, and this is evident due to the presence of a Latino witch in the play.

4.      Absence of Rhyming Couplets

The first sisters vanquish demons with the help of spells that involve rhyming couplets. You can think of them as creative plays based on the classic double, toil, and trouble. The Charmed reboot producers removed this bit as they felt it was overly indicative of the previous show. Also, the creators say it’s hard to maintain this pattern if different cultures and languages are to be involved.

5.      Whitelighter Presence

Rupert Evans plays the role of Whitelighter Harry Greenwood in the Charmed Reboot. The character loves wearing cardigans and is involved less in the love interest revolving around the three sisters. The Whitelighter role unfolds later on in the series, and fans of the series love the character as well.

6.      The Love Interests

The notion that the sisters don’t date isn’t true. Nico is the detective who courts Mel, while the character Brian, Maggie’s holdover hookup from high school, gets played by Charlie Gillespie. Macy on her part gets flirty with a scientist, Ser’Darius Blain, who plays the character Galvin. The Charmed reboot has numerous delicious possibilities for demon-witch romance.

7.      A New Way of Orbing

The original sisters from the Charmed series could teleport. The teleportation is possible due to magical light balls referred to as orbs. The new Charmed series executive director says that the three sisters have the power of teleporting, but it doesn’t involve actual orbs.

According to the lead actresses, the Charmed reboot replicates the original tension between introducing demon-of-the-week characters and solving an ongoing mystery. The new series employs serial storytelling approaches with season-length puzzles and episodic structures.