6 Steps to Give Her a Squirting Orgasm

Many women squirt during orgasm. Even though it is not shown in pornography, squirting can be a real turn-on.

Make sure to have lots of lube – water-based is best. Also, spruce up your place and create an atmosphere that will help her relax and let go. She will need to know that you are ok with whatever comes out!

Touch Her Clitoris

The first step to squirting is finding the G-spot, which feels like a mound of spongy tissue on the front of the vagina. It can be found by penetrating the vagina with one or two (lubricated) fingers and applying consistent pressure. “You can also stimulate it with a sex toy, such as a rabbit or butterfly vibrator specifically designed for G-spot stimulation or a clit-sucking wand,” says sex therapist Moushumi Ghose, LMFT.

Once you find the G-spot, you can try various positions during penetration, increasing your chances of hitting it. For example, a reverse cowgirl position will give you the best chance of stimulating the G-spot and clit simultaneously, giving her a squirting orgasm. It’s also worth trying a doggy style on your partner’s hands and knees, which gives you more access to the vulva. Ensure you have a lot of lube on hand and are ready to get wet.

Massage Her Clitoris

During oral sex, use your index finger and thumb to massage the clitoris and clitoral area. This will stimulate the clitoris and help her get to a point where she starts to squirt.

It’s important to remember that squirting isn’t the same for every woman. Some women may never squirt, and that’s fine! It’s still a very enjoyable sensation and all about what feels good.

Squirting is a very intense orgasm that can be triggered in many ways. It can be a gush, or it could be a trickle. It comes from the Skene’s glands, and some people mistakenly assume it’s urine (it’s not). The fluid emitted during this orgasm is a compound called a prostatic-specific antigen. The clitoris is involved in almost all orgasms and plays an especially large role in squirting. This is why it’s so important to stimulate the clitoris.

Apply Pressure

Whether you’re a vanilla lover or a kink queen, you have probably heard about squirting. Also known as female ejaculation, it involves the expulsion of fluid during G-spot stimulation in people with vulvas/vaginas. But how does it happen? Is it real or just a myth perpetuated by porn stars who fill their vaginas with water?

According to Fox, it takes a lot of foreplay to get someone to the point where they squirt. Stimulate the clit with your mouth, fingers or a sex toy. Find the g-spot (a spongy indent on the front of the vagina) and apply pressure to it. You can also use a vibrator to stimulate the area even more, she says. And although many people think penetrative sex is the best way to induce squirting, it’s not always necessary or effective. Besides, it’s not as pleasurable for everyone.

Push Her

Once your girl is in a state of mind where she wants to give you squirting orgasms (and this is the key; it must be her desire), it’s time to start stimulating her erogenous zones. This is a crucial step in getting her to squirt and is best done with some foreplay – tease, caress, talk dirty and use this as your chance to build up the pressure in your hands and on her body to make her tingle.

Put some lube on her clitoris and inside her pussy (called the G-spot) and begin to massage, massage and stimulate this area. The key is using your fingers, palm, and a toy (if you have one) to increase the pressure and sensation. This is a process that most women take a long time to get through, and they need your unconditional love and support to work through it.

Vacuum Her Clitoris

When someone expels clear liquid during pleasure, squirting has long baffled sex experts. It’s similar to female ejaculation in that it involves a watery fluid, but researchers believe the liquid comes from the bladder rather than the vagina, as it does during orgasm. Many squirt people say they feel warm between their legs before the release and feel like they’re about to pee.

While some people think squirting is the Loch Ness of female sexuality, it’s very real and common, just not as widely known. “Squirting is a gush of milky, white, or gray fluid that comes from the clitoris and urethral sponge/cumulus/female prostate,” explains sexologist and Lovers sexual wellness brand expert Marla Renee Stewart. The gush of fluid may be more explosive than the trickle in some porn, but it aligns with orgasm and is usually pleasurable.

Pull Her

Women have a lot of fears about squirting. They think that it’s peeing, but that’s not true. It’s a clear fluid that comes out during or just before orgasm. It’s not the same as vaginal lubrication, but it is much thicker and has a sweet taste.

It’s important to remember that overcoming her fears takes time and lots of love. It also helps to clean up your space and set the mood with music, candles and scents.

When she’s ready, gently place your finger into her clitoris. Caress her clitoris and talk dirty to her. Then, slowly move your finger up her clitoral ridge toward her sphincter. Once you reach the G-spot, please give her a little massage and then tease her clitoris. It will take some work, but it’s worth it for the pleasure you’ll both experience. Make sure to have plenty of good lube because it will be messy.