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Who Was Hitler’s Mother? – Biography

Klara Hitler – Wikipedia

Klara Hitler (née Pölzl; 12 August 1860 – 21 December 1907) was the mother of Adolf Hitler, dictator of Nazi Germany.

Hitler’s mother was ‘the only person he genuinely loved.’ Cancer …

Who Were Adolf Hitler’s Parents? – History of Yesterday

Klara Hitler: The Sad Life And Death Of Adolf Hitler’s Mother

Klara Hitler – Spartacus Educational

Hitler’s mother, Klara, died on 21 December 1907. Adolf was eighteen. He would not allow the neighbours to come in and remove the body, and he sat for hours and …

Rise of Hitler: Hitler’s Mother Dies – The History Place

Adolf Hitler sobbed when the doctor told him she was gravely ill and needed immediate surgery. A few days later, Klara Hitler, 46, was operated on and had one …

Adolf Hitler’s mother, Klara, shown in new light by cache of his …

Study Suggests Adolf Hitler Had Jewish and African Ancestors

‘Mother’s death fuelled Hitler’s hatred for Jews’ – Times of India

Why Did Adolf Hitler Hate the Jews? – International March of the Living

‘Was Hitler Jewish?’ – The Hitler Conspiracies

Adolf Hitler: Was Hitler Jewish?

Frank said Hitler showed him a letter from a nephew who threatened to reveal he had Jewish blood. Frank wrote that he found evidence that Hitler’s grandfather …

The Dark Truth Behind The Woman Who Raised Hitler – YouTube

Did Adolf Hitler Have an Oedipus Complex? – Vanity Fair

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