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Samuel de Champlain – Wikipedia

Samuel de Champlain was a French colonist, navigator, cartographer, draftsman, soldier, explorer, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat, and chronicler.

Samuel de Champlain | Biography, Route, Accomplishments, & Facts

Samuel de Champlain, (born 1567?, Brouage, France—died December 25, 1635, Quebec, New France [now in Canada]), French explorer, acknowledged founder of the …

Samuel de Champlain – Route, Facts & Voyages – Biography

Samuel de Champlain 1604-1616 | Virtual Museum of New France

Samuel de Champlain (sometimes called Samuel Champlain in English documents) was born at Brouage, in the Saintonge province of Western France, about 1570.

Samuel de Champlain – National Park Service

Samuel de Champlain – Ages of Exploration

Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer famous for his journeys in modern day Canada. During his travels, he mapped the Atlantic coast of Canada, parts of …

Samuel de Champlain | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Biography – CHAMPLAIN, SAMUEL DE – Volume I (1000-1700)

In any case, when he began his Canadian career in 1603 Champlain was a Catholic; this is proved by the doctrine he expounded at that time to the Tadoussac …

Samuel de Champlain – Explorer | Mini Bio | BIO – YouTube

Samuel de Champlain Biography – Mr. Nussbaum

Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, France around the year 1567. He became one of the most important explorers in North American and French history and …

Empire of the Bay: Samuel de Champlain – PBS

The acknowledged founder of the city of Quebec and the first European to discover the lake that bears his name, Champlain led expeditions deep into areas that …

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Samuel de Champlain – New Advent

While still a youth Champlain accompanied his father on several voyages, and thus became familiar with the life of a mariner. When about twenty years of age he …

Samuel de Champlain – Famous French Explorer

Samuel de Champlain was born on August 13, 1574 (some historians speculate it was little earlier) at Brouage, Saintonge in France as a son of sea mariner …

Samuel de Champlain | All About Explorers

Samuel de Champlain … Samuel was an explorer who founded the Canadian city of Quebec. He helped colonize French North America, formerly called New France, and …

Samuel de Champlain: Explorers Of The World – WorldAtlas

Early 17th Century French mapmaker, sailor, academic, ambassador, soldier, writer, adventurer, & founder of Quebec City. 5. Early Life. Samuel de Champlain, who …

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