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Plato – Wikipedia

Plato was a Greek philosopher born in Athens during the Classical period in Ancient Greece. He founded the Platonist school of thought and the Academy, …

Plato – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Plato | Life, Philosophy, & Works – Encyclopedia Britannica

Plato, (born 428/427 bce, Athens, Greece—died 348/347, Athens), ancient Greek philosopher, student of Socrates (c. 470–399 bce), teacher of Aristotle (384–322 …

Plato | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Plato is one of the world’s best known and most widely read and studied philosophers. He was the student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle, …


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Plato – World History Encyclopedia

Plato (l. 428/427 – 348/347 BCE) is the pre-eminent Greek philosopher, known for his Dialogues and for founding his Academy in Athens, …

Plato – Life, Philosophy & Quotes – HISTORY

Plato – Games & Group Chats – Apps on Google Play

You just found Plato! We’re the best place for you to chat & play over 45 games with friends or someone new. Lots of people near you use Plato to find fun …

Plato Quotes – BrainyQuote

Enjoy the best Plato Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Plato, Greek Philosopher, Born 427 BC. Share with your friends.

PHILOSOPHY – Plato – YouTube

Plato – Quotes, Life & Philosophy – Biography

Plato Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

An ancient Greek philosopher, often considered the most important figure in Western philosophy. Plato was a student of Socrates and later became the teacher of …

Plato (427 BC – 347 BC) – Biography

Plato is one of the most important Greek philosophers. He founded the Academy in Athens. His works on philosophy, politics and mathematics were very influential …

Plato – Engineering and Product Leadership Mentorship

Plato, the first mentorship program to help engineering and product managers grow as leaders.

Plato on the Metaphysical Foundation of Meaning and Truth | Reviews

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