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Juan Ponce de Le�n – Wikipedia

He was born in Santervás de Campos, Valladolid, Spain in 1474. Though little is known about his family, he was of noble birth and served in the Spanish military …

Ponce de Leon: Florida & Fountain of Youth – HISTORY

Juan Ponce de Le�n – Encyclopedia Britannica

Juan Ponce de Le�n – World History Encyclopedia

Ponce De Leon Never Searched for the Fountain of Youth | History

Half a millennium ago, in 1513, the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León departed Puerto Rico for the verdant island of “Bimini”—an uncharted land in what is …

Juan Ponce de Leon – Facts, Route & Death – Biography

Juan Ponce de Leon – Ages of Exploration

Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who traveled around Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and Florida. He is credited with establishing a European settlement in …

Ponce de Le�n : Florida’s First Spanish Explorer

Juan Ponce de León was the first Spanish explorer to arrive in Florida. Early Spanish explorers were known as conquistadors (kahn-KEYS-ta-dawrz) or “conquerors.

Ponce de Leon | St. Augustine & Ponte Vedra, FL

In 1493, as a young man, Ponce de León was aboard one of the fleets of Spanish ships in what became known as Christopher Columbus’ second voyage. The expedition …

Biography: Juan Ponce de Leon for KIds – Ducksters

Juan Ponce de Leon · Occupation: Explorer · Born: c. 1474 in Santervas de Campos, Castile (Spain) · Died: July 1521 in Havana, Cuba · Best known for: Exploring …

Juan Ponce de Le�n – New World Encyclopedia

Juan Ponce de León (c. 1460 – July 1521) was a Spanish conquistador who became the first known European to discover Florida after establishing the first …

Juan Ponce de Leon – YouTube

Juan Ponce de Leon – Spanish Explorer – Legends of America

A Spanish explorer and soldier, Juan Ponce de Leon was the first European to set foot in Florida. He also established the oldest European settlement in …

Juan Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth Part 1

One of the sailors who sailed with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World was a man named Juan Ponce De Leon. This voyage would change …

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Ponce de Leon – New Advent

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