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Jackie Robinson – There is no other athlete more associated with the term “breaking the color barrier” than Jackie Robinson, who became the first Black player …

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The first known black to play pro football was Charles Follis with the Shelby Athletic Club in 1902. When Follis retired from pro football in 1906, he was …

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Black History Month | Influential African American Athletes

Jackie Robinson – In April of 1947, Robinson made his debut as a Dodger. He became the very first African American baseball player.

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In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the color line to become the first black player in major league baseball. A lot of people are familiar with the old Negro Baseball …

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Breaking the Color Line: 1940 to 1946 | Articles and Essays

In 1942, Rickey joined the Dodgers and quietly began plans to bring black players to the team. The first black baseball player to cross the “color line” …

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He was also the MLB’s first official Rookie of the Year, and the first baseball player, black or white, to be on a US postage stamp. Jackie Robinson changed the …

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