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Hammurabi – Wikipedia

Hammurabi ( c. … 1810 – c. … 1750 BC) was the sixth king of the First Babylonian dynasty of the Amorite tribe, reigning from c. 1792 BC to c. 1750 BC (according …

Hammurabi – World History Encyclopedia

Hammurabi (r. 1792-1750 BCE) was the sixth king of the Amorite First Dynasty of Babylon best known for his famous law code which served as the model for …

Code of Hammurabi: Laws & Facts – HISTORY

How Hammurabi Transformed Babylon Into a Powerful City-State

Hammurabi | Biography, Code, Importance, & Facts | Britannica

Hammurabi, also spelled Hammurapi, (born, Babylon [now in Iraq]—died c. 1750 bce), sixth and best-known ruler of the 1st (Amorite) dynasty of Babylon …

Hammurabi—facts and information – National Geographic

Code of Hammurabi – The Avalon Project

Sin – Babylonian Moon God. Sin-muballit – Hammurabi’s father and King of Babylon. Sippara – Mesopotamian City. Sumer – Ancient name of for the southern …

Hammurabi – Laws, Code & Facts – bio. Biography.com

Hammurabi Definition & Meaning – Dictionary.com

Cultural definitions for Hammurabi … A king of ancient Mesopotamia, known for putting the laws of his country into a formal code. The New Dictionary of Cultural …

The Code of Hammurabi – YouTube

Hammurabi of Babylon, the Master of Mesopotamia – YouTube

Law Code of Hammurabi

Code of Hammurabi · When Marduk (God of Babylon) sent me to rule the people and to bring help to the country, I established law and justice in the language of …

Hammurabi: The king who made the four quarters of the earth …

By Dr. Senta German. Created by Smarthistory. … in the Louvre and on clay tablets. We can also view this as a monument presenting Hammurabi as an exemplary king …

The Law Code Stele of King Hammurabi (video) – Khan Academy

definition of Hammurabi by The Free Dictionary

(hăm′ə-rä′bē, hä′mo͝o-) also Ham·mu·ra·pi (-bē, -pē) Died 1750 bc. Babylonian king …

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