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Dick York: The Real Reason He Suddenly Left ‘Bewitched’ – Biography

Why Was Darrin Stephens Replaced on ‘Bewitched’?

Why Did Dick York Leave ‘Bewitched’? The Original Darrin’s Story

‘Bewitched:’ How The Show Took Shortcuts Changing Darrin …

Dick Sargent took up the role of Darrin Stephens after York left because Sargent was actually the second choice for the role anyway. However, according to …

The Real Reason Dick York Left ‘Bewitched’

Dick York was a smoker for much of his life. It was not unusual for him to go through three packs a day. This led to a battle with emphysema and by 1989, he was …

Dick York – Wikipedia

York’s career was hampered by a serious back injury he sustained while working on the film They Came to Cordura in 1959; although his role in …

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Tragic Story behind Dick York’s ‘Bewitched’ Exit after Season 5

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11 of the most shocking character replacements on TV – Decades

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Dick York portrayed Darrin Stephens for the first five seasons of Bewitched. He left the show in 1969 due to complications from a back injury.

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