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Who Was Dr. Daniel Hale Williams? – Jackson State University

1. The first African American cardiologist who performed the first successful open heart surgery ; 2. Founded the first interracial hospital, Provident Hospital …

Daniel Hale Williams – Facts, Family & Life – bio. Biography

Daniel Hale Williams – Wikipedia

Daniel Hale Williams (January 18, 1856 – August 4, 1931) was an American general surgeon, who in 1893 performed what is referred to as “the first successful …

Daniel Hale Williams and the First Successful Heart Surgery

The son of a barber, Daniel Hale Williams founded the first black-owned hospital in America, and performed the world’s first successful heart surgery, in 1893.

Daniel Hale Williams | Biography & Facts – Encyclopedia Britannica

Daniel Hale Williams, (born January 18, 1858, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died August 4, 1931, Idlewild, Michigan), American physician and founder of …

[PDF] Daniel Hale Williams, MD: “A Moses in the profession”

2017 by the American College of Surgeons. All rights reserved. 10987654321. Daniel Hale Williams (1856–1931) was the most prominent African-American surgeon.

History- Dr. Daniel Hale Williams – Provident Foundation

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (1856-1931) the founder of Provident Hospital was born in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. His father was a barber who was deeply …

The legacy of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a heart surgery pioneer

Daniel Hale Williams (1856-1931) • – Blackpast

Celebrating Black History Month: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

Daniel Hale Williams – Shared Discovery Curriculum

Daniel Hale Williams (Jan. 18, 1856 – Aug. 4, 1931), an African-American surgeon and hospital founder, was born in Holliday, Pa., and went to school there …

Daniel Hale Williams Society: Diversity & Inclusion

Daniel Hale Williams, MD, was Feinberg’s first African-American graduate and faculty member, and one of the most noteworthy physicians of the 20th century. He …

Rock County Wisconsin – Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

Daniel Hale Williams was born in 1858 to a free black family in Hollidaysburg, PA, the fifth of seven children. His father died of tuberculosis when he was …

Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine

Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine. … The staff at Williams Prep would like to congratulate the following new LSC Members: Edwina Davis …

Daniel Hale Williams: Black History Moment – YouTube

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